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Village Liaison Committee - Janaury

April 2015

Stoke Ferry Feed Mill


Wednesday 21st January 2015

Present:               Mr. Ray Thompson (Village Pump Editor)

Mr. Dick Jacklin (2Agriculture Stoke Ferry)

Mr. Keith White (2 Agriculture Stoke Ferry)

Mrs. Daphne Clements (Parish Council)

Mrs. Jacqueline Murfitt (KLWNBC)

  1. Apologies. Mrs. S Linton Mr. A Fitzsimons-McKellar

  1. Minutes of the previous meeting (22nd October 2014) and matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

  1. Company statement. The Company has announced that the proposed sale is no longer ongoing and that the feed mills will remain 2 Agriculture Ltd.

  1. KLWNBC The results from the air monitoring station show a reduction to levels which are perceived to be of a normal level. Mr. Thompson did note that there had been an increase in low flying aircraft and wondered if this could be a factor for the high levels in the previous period.

Mr. White informed the meeting that if the Borough Councils preferred site for the new monitoring station was still on land formerly known as Self’s field, then a  formal proposal should be made by KLWNBC so the land owners can assess the   impact.

  1. Complaints received since the last meeting. One complaint received following the previous meeting.

  1. Noise. A complaint was received via KLWNBC regards vehicle movement at the Furlong Store site. The issue appears to be related to some uneven sections of the yard. Mr. White stated that the Company will look to complete remedial work on site when weather conditions permit.

  1. Odour Dust & Particulates. No complaints

  1. Transport. Please see item 6

  1. Buildings. Nothing to report

  1. Any other Business. Mr. White reported that the installation of the new boiler chimney was completed as scheduled.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 22nd April 2015

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