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Northwold Parish Council - February Meeting

April 2015

Councillors present: Cllr. R. Crisp – Chair (RC), Cllr. A. Collins (AC), Cllr. Alison Muir (AM), Cllr. George Gillett (GG), Cllr. Stephen Gillett (SG), Cllr. Mick Peake (MP) & Cllr. Adrian Jenkinson (AJ)

Present: Vicky Bright – Clerk.

Cllr. Crisp welcomed all to the meeting.
Public Forum – LGA 1972, Section 100(1):
One member of the Public was present. It was mentioned that the Right of Way Footpath at Whittington, Church Lane near the river is not being maintained and subsequently is in poor condition and impassable at times. Local residents have undertaken some works to clear the footpath; but as it is a Heritage footway going back to the 19th Century and was a well used Horse & cart track taking Barley to the Maltings, via the river; it is felt that the Parish Council should keep this footway maintained.
Cllr. Jenkinson reported that he believed CGM are contractually bound to clear this footway four times a year and he suggested he would look into this and follow up with CGM and report back at the next meeting.
Local Authority Reports:
Norfolk County Council
No representative present and no apologies or report sent.
Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk
No report from Cllr. Mick Peake.
Norfolk Constabulary – SNT
Apologies sent. The Clerk advised that she has now joined up to the Police CONNECT site for regular crime updates by email.
Crime Stats 31st December 2014 to 27th January 2015
3017/15  15/01/2015 Northwold, - Battery stolen from electric fence.
2004/15  12/01/2015 Northwold, Normandy Close – Boots stolen from outside property.
Accepted Apologies for absence - LGA 1972, Section 85(1) & (2):
Cllr. Frank Eglington and Cllr. Sue Leet.
Members Declaration of Interest ( items on the agenda) – LGA 2000 Part III:
Minutes of the last meeting held on 6th January 2015-  LGA 1972, Schedule 12, para 41(2):
Resolved 14/12/5.01
The minutes of the last meeting held on 6th January 2015 were adopted as a true statement and signed by the Chairman (RC).
Reports and Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Last Meeting (For Info Only):
Chairman’s Report
The Chairman advised that the BT Cabinet Stage 1 was now complete and had been installed in front of Mrs Griffith house. It could take up to 3 weeks to go live. The next funding round should be approved in March 2015.
Clerk’s Report and Updates from previous minutes
Precept Submission
The Precept request has been submitted to BCKLWN for £18,134.08, as approved at the December meeting.
Interim Clerk – Maternity Cover
Pauline Angus has confirmed she will provide cover. The Councillor’s have delegated certain duties/responsibilities amongst themselves to assist the Interim Clerk to keep her hours to a minimum (to be approved at Item 12 iv) on the agenda). Pauline is attending a Handover/Training session with me on 12th February 2015. I have cancelled the Standing Order with the bank for my salary and Pauline will be paid at each meeting by cheque for the hours she has worked per month, upon receipt of her timesheet and an invoice.
Street Light 19 West End
I have chased Westcotec and Roy Payne has advised that he has it tasked to install next time they are in the area, he does not have affirm date yet.
Councillor’s Reports
Highways Matters:
NCC Parish Partnership Scheme – Local Highways Improvements
Due to Highways and Cllr. Crisp being unable to arrange a suitable time to meet on site to discuss the feasibility and costs of a footpath extension at the High Street/School Lane junction, we were unable to meet the deadline for the scheme of 31st January 2015.
Little London Sign – This is on the program of works to be re-sited further into the Village in Spring 2015.
West End / Methwold Road Flooding – Andy Wallace has raised a works order to clean the drains and gullies, this should be completed within 4-6 weeks.
Highways are currently also carrying out safety signage work to enhance awareness of the junction and its dangers at the Methwold Crossroads (A134).
Fees Revision
Cllr. Collins reported that he, along with Ann Howarth had attended the Cemetery Management course on 15th January 2015. He reported that the Council appear to adhere to all legislation and procedures correctly in respect of the Cemetery procedures. However, he was made aware that legally and in respect of Health & Safety Laws we should be carrying out 6 monthly tests on headstones. Ann Howarth is currently compiling a Headstone Ledger and Cllr. Collins is going to research options/quotes for machine purchase or contractors to perform the 6 monthly tests. If a headstone is then found to be dangerous, owners will be sent a letter instructing them to repair and make safe or remove within 5 weeks. If the owners do not take action within 6 weeks, the Parish Council then has the authority to remove the headstone.
Cllr. Collins presented the Council with the revised Cemetery Fees, with an additional fee added for non-residents who have no ties or connections with Northwold of £1,000.00. This is on the guidance from the training course to try end eliminate residents of London purchasing burial plots at the Cemetery, as currently there is no longer any burial plots and land available for Cemeteries left in London.
Resolved 15/02/08.01
Cllr. Collins proposed approving the new fees, Cllr. Crisp seconded and the majority vote was for increasing the fees by 10% and adding the additional £1,000.00 fee for non-residents with no ties to Northwold.
Extension of Cremation Plots
Cllr. Collins reported that works are currently underway to extend the cremation plots and should be completed soon.
Sports & Social Club Agreement Update & Rent
Cllr. Muir reported that after review of the agreement, no major alterations were required, but that it had become apparent that the Club had not paid its annual rent of £275 for 2013 and 2014.  It was agreed that Cllr. Muir would approach the Club Chairman and have the new updated agreement signed by both parties and that she would discuss an arrangement for the next financial years rent to be paid in full, with perhaps a Standing Order to be set up for subsequent years to ensure the rent is paid on time in future. Cllr. Muir is also to discuss options for paying the back rent owed for 2014 and 2013.
Planning Applications
15/00002/F - Change of use from car sales to general retail to include refreshment facilities at Bulldog Service Station - 14 Thetford Road, Northwold.
Resolved 15/02/11.01
15/00002/F – No objections/comments submitted on 26th January 2015.
Parish Council  Bank Balances and Reconciliation
The Payments and receipts from 7th January 2015 to 2nd February 2015 were scrutinised and approved. The Lloyds Treasurer account balance was confirmed as £26,175.95 as of 21st January 2015.
Resolved 15/02/12.01
That the Bank balances and reconciliation of payments & receipts be received and adopted and initialled as such by the Chairman (RC).
Cheques for signing and approval and to authorise payment of outstanding invoices
Resolved 15/02/12.02
It was agreed to approve the payments of the following outstanding invoices and the cheques were approved and signed by Cllr. R. Crisp and Cllr. A. Collins.
K&M LightingStreet Lighting001926£87.36
Mr A CollinsReimburse Materials for Cemetery001927£64.25
Northwold Care GroupCar Scheme001928£276.96
CGMGrass Cutting001929£301.92
Mr D GeorgeAsset Repairs001930£288.00
EonStreet Lighting Electricity001931£50.35
Mrs V BrightMileage & Expenses001932£35.07
Quarterly Asset Risk Assessment Report
Cllr. Jenkinson reported that there was an extra tread on the slide at the play area that needed replacing. David George is to be asked to do this with the other play area repairs when he starts works. Cllr. Jenkinson also reported that the swings need re-painting and the swing set at Whittington needs the swing seat replacing and the rope swing removing, as this is no longer meeting Health & Safety requirements, it was agreed to ask David George to provide a quote for these works. Cllr. Jenkinson also noted that the football nets need replacing, but it was agreed to defer this until the next season. Cllr. Jenkinson advised he is going to chase up the grass cutting and the tree pruning with CGM.
Delegation of Duties & Appointment of Representatives for Clerks Maternity Cover
Resolved 15/02/12.03
The list of Councillors appointed as points of contact/representatives for ongoing projects and assets and delegation of certain duties was agreed by all and will be forwarded to all Councillor’s and the Interim Clerk for reference.
Parish Matters:
Matchfunding PCSO
The Clerk advised that for a ring fenced PCSO for 37 hours per week would cost £33,564.00 per annum with the Parish Council portion of 50%match funding being £16,782.00 per annum. Norfolk Constabulary would fund the first year in full, and the n the Council would need to precept to match fund the £16,782.00 per annum for 2016/17 financial year. The Council agreed that financially this was not viable and they would not proceed with the scheme.
Lightsource/Solar Panels Quote Update
Lightsource is arranging the payment of the £18,000 grant into our account via BACS. The quote agreement was signed and returned to Lightsource Commercial Rooftops on 20th January 2015. They are currently waiting on their Legal Team to finalise some paperwork and then will be able to provide us with a timeframe and works commencement date.
Whittington Closed Cemetery Update/Maintenance Quote
Quote from CGM received for £29.60 plus VAT per fortnightly visit and a contract amendment received to be signed should we wish to proceed. It was agreed to defer to the next meeting when hopefully the transfer of the Cemetery to the Parish Council would be complete.
The Ministry of Justice have confirmed that the Public Notices have been displayed and the consultation is now complete. They will be issuing the second stage of the process to us this week. There was a delay with this as their Office misfiled some paperwork and it got overlooked.
Defibrillator/CPAD Site Update
The Clerk presented 3 quotes for cabinets, one for a Stainless Steel option which is suitable for external installation from Community Heartbeat Trust at £945.00 plus VAT on for a Mild Steel option which is not really suitable for external installation at £580 plus VAT and one from WelMedical for an external lockable cabinet in Aluminium which is ££590 plus VAT. The aluminium cabinet from WelMedical has been approved by the Ambulance Service, Andrew Barlow.
Resolved 15/02/13.01
It was agreed to purchase the external lockable Aluminium cabinet from WelMedical. The Clerk is to confirm the order.
Resolved 15/02/13.02
It was agreed to instruct Graeme Cooper, Electrician to do the installation at a quote of £80-130, dependent on mounting position and power supply pick up. Cllr. George Gillett, Cllr. Stephen Gillett, Cllr. Alan Collins and Mike Howarth are to arrange to meet with the electrician at the hall to arrange position and installation.
Inghams Lane Ditch
The Clerk presented two quotes of £700 plus VAT and £750 plus VAT to carry out the works to clear the ditch and to shape and level the ditch and remove debris and soil from site.
Resolved 15/02/13/.03
It was agreed to accept the quote of £700 plus VAT from TJM. The Clerk and Cllr. Crisp are to instruct TJM to proceed and liaise regarding work commencement dates etc.
Cemetery Soil Removal
The Clerk advised that Ann Howarth had met Matthew Leet, The Green Balance on site to discuss removing the soil stockpile in the right hand corner of cemetery, along with trees and stumps and to clear and remove the soil deposits, roots and general debris throughout the Cemetery and to grade and re-seed areas once completed.
Resolved 15/02/13.04
It was agreed to accept Option 3 of the quote from The Green Balance to carry out all the proposed works, per the quotation of £1,090.00.
Cllr. Crisp reported that the Allotments Society had cleared the overgrown brambles which were overhanging the Cemetery.
Items for next meeting and Date of next meeting: Confirmed as Tuesday 3rd March 2015 at 7:30pm, in the Village Hall. It was agreed to move the AVM and AGM in May 2015 to Tuesday 19th May 2015 in line with legislation, per Elections May 2015.
There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and declared the meeting closed at 21:05pm
AC/ Clerk
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