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Wretton PC - November Meeting

February 2015


Present– Cllr David Llewellyn - Chairman, Cllr Martin Cann, Cllr John Wyett.

County Councillor Martin Storey 4 members of the public

1. Apologies for Absence Cllr Mick Peake, Cllr Mandy Peake, Cllr Lydia Beatty, Cllr John Reeve Borough Councillor Colin Sampson

2. No Declarations of Interest made

3. The Minutes of the meeting held on 08/09/14 were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising from previous meetings

• Paper bank The overflowing paper bank by the bus shelter has finally been emptied. The bank will be monitored to see whether the extended kerbside recycling introduced by the Borough Council will result in less paper being deposited in the paper bank.

• Rights of Way Discussion has again taken place with Norfolk County Council Highways who have been asked to register the encroachment of the paths at Lydia’s Lane and Wiles Drove.

• HGV signs for Wretton Row It was hoped NCC Highways would erect “Unsuitable for Heavy Vehicles” signs at both ends of Wretton Row. However, as many such signs already exist in the parish as well as weight limits being in place which should already deter HGVs, Highways are not prepared to erect more signs. Sugar beet lorries are reported to be travelling through the parish and Wissington Sugar Factory will be notified of this in the hope that contractors will be asked to avoid the village.

• Jane Forby Charity The Jane Forby Charity Trustees are due to meet on November 17th and the use of areas of land owned by the Charity will be considered by the Trustees.

5. 5.1 Chairman’s Report • The Chairman voiced his possible interest, as a resident of Wretton Row, but reported concern regarding recent re-surfacing work undertaken along the length of Wretton Row. No notice was received regarding this work, no road closed signs were erected (the road was considered unusable by residents during the duration of the works) and the re-surfacing has resulted in widening of the road at the expense of the verges. Concern was voiced as to why money has been spent re-surfacing Wretton Row when other roads in the parish are in a much poorer state than Wretton Row was. It was also thought other roads probably experience a greater volume of traffic and as busier roads should see greater maintenance than the Row. The Clerk was asked to pass the concerns raised to the Highway Area Manager with a copy to County Councillor Martin Storey.

5.2 Clerk’s Report • The Borough Council has provided a few signs warning of the penalties faced if dog owners do not clear up after their animals. These will be erected around the parish. • Following routine risk assessment the junior swings have been removed in the play area as the supporting beam is rotten. The Clerk will investigate why no report of the Annual Play Equipment Inspection has been received.

5.3 Risk Assessment check Checks made of the Green and Play area. The fence and gates around the play area need attention and this matter will be considered at item 11. Cllr J Wyett offered to undertake necessary repair of the seat in the play area.

6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment. Cheques for approval of payment SJ Scarrott (.) £112.48 K & M Lighting (x2) £33.78 CGM –grounds maintenance £165.00 HMRC – PAYE £42.00 Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal £18.00

Financial position @ October 31st 2014 Community Account Balance £3222.67 Business Saver Account (1) £687.55 Business Premium Account £12278.78 Business Saver Account (2) £0.36

6.1 Councillors were presented with a budget update and asked to consider the budget needs for 2015 as the precept will be set at the January meeting of the Parish Council.

7. Correspondence • Mayors Design Awards 2015 • Norfolk County Council Highways Parish Partnership Scheme • Norfolk Association of Local Councils – Norfolk Link etc. • Local Councillor magazine

The Parish Council has received correspondence from residents concerned about dogs running loose and the amount of dog waste in the area of Lydias Lane. The Safer Neighbourhood Team and the Borough Council will be informed of this.

8. Planning applications received for consideration 8.1 Planning Application 14/01438/F side and rear extension to bungalow and render finish to existing at Hill Crest Farm Bungalow, Field Lane, Wretton was considered. The Parish Council chose to make no observations.

9. Adoption of BT phone box The Parish Council confirmed that if it is decided that the BT phone box in the parish is to be removed the Parish Council will attempt to adopt the box. The Parish Council would however prefer to see the box remain with a working phone and this message has been communicated both to BT and the Borough Council.

10. Maintenance of footpaths The Parish Council will consider adding the maintenance of rights of way in the parish to the grounds maintenance contract for 2015. This matter will be considered further at the January meeting when hopefully quotes for the grounds maintenance for 2015 will have been received.

11. Replacement of fencing and repair of swings at play area Two quotes have been received for replacement of the fence and gates at the play area. Both were more expensive than hoped for and thus consideration will be given to repair rather than replacement. This matter will be considered again at the January meeting of the Parish Council. The top supporting post for the swings at the play area has been removed as it was rotten. It was agreed a new post will be ordered at an estimated cost of £155 plus VAT.

12. Further Reports • It was reported that a “party” being held in the woods at Low Road recently was broken up without too much incident. • A car has crashed at the entrance to Wiles Drove which now appears to have been abandoned. Enquiries will be made as to who might remove the vehicle.

PUBLIC PARTICIPATION Norfolk County Councillor Martin Storey informed the meeting that the Borough Council can provide larger 360L recycling bins available on request. He also spoke of the NCC budget consultation now underway and the need for NCC to make financial savings once again. The cancellation of the Saddlebow incinerator has not helped NCC finances Chairman’s Signature……………………………………… Date……………

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