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Stoke Ferry PC - December Meeting

February 2015

Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in the Community Centre, All Saints Academy, at 7.30pm on Wednesday 10th December 2014

Those attending:  Cllr D Clements (Chair), Cllr P Denny, Cllr M Leamon, Cllr S Lintern (Vice-Chair),  Cllr J Stocking, Mrs J A Taylor (Clerk), seven members of the public

  1. To consider accepting apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Cllr McCarthy, Cllr Ryves and Borough Cllr Sampson.

  1. To approve the Minutes of the last Council Meeting on 12 November 2014

Proposed:  Cllr Denny.  Seconded:  Cllr Stocking.   Carried

  1. To consider Matters Arising from the Minutes

Councillor Surgeries at the Community Centre:  these will start in February on Thursdays at around 11am, dates to be advised by Cllr Clements.

Determination of ownership of land within SF:  Cllr Clements has the relevant forms, authorisation for cheque needed.

Cllr Leamon informed the meeting that the public pathway near the moorings was blocked by a gate and an overgrown bush.  Cllr Clements will investigate.

State of Furlong Road:  a complaint has gone to Highways.

Brambles at Village Hall:  Cllr Clements will get the address of the owner.

Furlong Road/Drove:  Cllr Clements will follow up again, as NCC insists their signs are correct.

Defibrillator:  Cllr Stocking informed the meeting that she will purchase one privately and make it available.

Liner for the waste bin on The Hill:  Cllr Stocking confirmed that Borough Council has said they cannot empty the liner provided.  She proposed that Bonnetts should remove the bin for use outside their shop, with no charge for the liner.  It was proposed that a new bin be bought for The Hill – Clerk to check prices.

Cllr Leamon suggested that Borough Council be asked to donate a new bin at the site of the approved development in Buckenham Drive.  Cllr Leamon proposed; Cllr Denny seconded;  Carried.  Clerk to write a letter to BC.

  1. To record Declarations of Interest

Cllr Clements declared her interest in the SF Car Scheme; Cllrs Leamon and Lintern declared their interest as members of the Playing Field Committee.

  1. To consider requests for donations

Council had received requests for donations from Norfolk Age UK and Norfolk Accident Rescue Service.  It was decided not to make donations to either.

  1. Speeding in the village – NCC Delivering Highway Improvements

Mobile speed signs:  concerns were raised about the cost; who would be responsible for moving and charging the signs; and if the sign were shared with other villages, who would be responsible for coordinating the allocation of time between villages.  It was also noted that the sign alone would not catch individuals speeding.  It was proposed that a mobile speed sign should not be bought for the village:  Cllr Denny proposed; Cllr Stocking seconded; vote was four for the proposal, 1 against; Carried.

  1. Quotes for grass-cutting/grounds maintenance

Playing Field:  of the three quotes received, two could be considered from a purely financial perspective, those from CGM and DJG.  Both cost and quality of service were discussed, and it was suggested that a fixed affordable sum be put into the Budget now which could be donated to the Playing Field Trust for the grass-cutting, and in the meantime, meetings be set with both parties to discuss what type of service they could provide within that budget.

Cllr Clements will arrange the necessary meetings.

Cemetery:  the two quotes from CGM and DJG were considered, and it was proposed again that a fixed affordable sum be put in the Budget, and discussions take place with both parties.  It was noted that a break clause, dependent on quality of service, was essential.  It was agreed that the cost of maintaining a wild flower meadow was too high, so was excluded as an option.  Cllr Leamon proposed; Cllr Denny seconded; Carried.

Garden area:  the CGM quote was accepted.

  1. To consider Budget/Precept for 2015/16

The Budget was discussed, and amendments made to the draft budget.  Mrs Mann, representing the Playing Field Trust, put forward a request for a donation of £1,300 for the public liability insurance premium for the playing field.  Cllr Stocking proposed; Cllr Denny seconded; vote two for and one against; Carried.  The final decision on the Budget and Precept will be made at the meeting on 14th January 2015.

  1. To consider Planning Application Decisions – approval of Duke’s Head, Micklefields, 11/12 Buckenham Drive Noted.
  2. To approve payments to be made

Date                      Item                                                   Chq/DD                Net       VAT        Gross

31/10/2014       Clerk's salary October                      Chq                      269.72   0.00  269.72

30/11/2014        Clerk's salary November  Chq                       303.46  0.00  303.46

30/11/2014        Glazewing, Cemetery bins            DD                           14.00  2.80  16.80

02/12/2014      Anglian Water, Cemetery,              DD                        14.88    0.00       14.88


02/12/2014  Eon: Electricity 1/11/2014-30/11/2014 DD                    31.03     1.55    32.58

05/12/2014 Westcotec, street lighting maintenance December 2014 Chq 15.44 3.09 18.53

648.53 7.44 655.97

Balances at 30/11/2014:  Business Save Account £10.544.36:  Community Account £1,504.10

Cllr  Denny proposed approval for payment, seconded by Cllr Stocking.  Carried.

  1. Correspondence received

Notification of briefing session to be held by BCKLWN regarding the Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Pre-Submission Document, on Tuesday 16 December.  Cllr Clements to attend.

Light Pollution Questionnaire from Campaign to Protect Rural England.  Clerk to complete.

Notification of visit by Highway and Community Rangers.

Two applications for co-option onto Parish Council in temporary vacancies, from Mrs Trudy Mann and Mrs Linda Scott.  First agenda item for next meeting.

Letter from Mr Bryan Seymour, confirming that he has not noted any disturbance from The Blue Bell pub.

  1. To receive further information or suggested items to be considered for the next meeting agenda (Councillors and Public)

Mr Tony Hunt outlined a request from Roger Partridge, the sports development office for West Norfolk, regarding a village liaison officer for inter-village games.  Cllr Lintern undertook to put notices in The Pump and the Playing Field Trust newsletter.

Re the new development at 11/12 Buckenham Drive, it was queried whether the existing footpath will be re-sited.  Cllr Clements will follow up with residents and BC.

Re the footpath previously mentioned as blocked from The Common to the moorings; Cllr Leamon confirmed she would investigate further.

Signs on Furlong Road/Drove:  Cllr Clements confirmed she was continuing to look into this.

  1. Date and time of next meeting: Wednesday 14 January 2015 at 7.30pm

The meeting closed at 9.20pm.

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