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Stoke Ferry & District Ladies Group

February 2015

Stoke Ferry and Ladies Group

Meeting December 2014

The Christmas lunch held at the Warreners Hotel Thetford was attended by 18 members. We had an excellent meal followed by Christmas presents presented to the committee which were much appreciated and thanks were given to members by the committee.

Stoke Ferry and Ladies Group

Meeting January 2015

Minutes were signed and approved.

Apologies were received from the speaker unable to attend due to a breakdown. It is hoped to re-book him later in the year. In the absence of the speaker we held a village sign quiz representing 16 local villages which were circulated for teams to identify. To save embarrassment I won’t print the number identified by the winners but their team name ‘The Unknowns’ was appropriate as their prize was also unknown!

After refreshments the Christmas raffle was drawn with everyone receiving a prize.

Subscriptions due for 2015 were set at £10 for the year. This is good value for the 12 meetings.

The group has been running for many years, and offers a nice evening out a friendly welcoming atmosphere to anyone who would like to join us.

Annual Fee £10.

Members per evening £1 including refreshments.

Raffle .50p

Visitors per evening £2 including refreshments.

The next meeting is on the 4th February. Held at Stoke Ferry School.

Programme for 2015.

7th January 2015 Passing of the English Country House Bob Greef

1st July 2015 Life in Medieval England Mike Wabe

4th February 2015 A Kenyan Safari Allan Hale

5th August 2015 Annual Outing

4th March 2015 The Making of a Garden at Dale Farm Graham & Sally Watts

2nd September 2015  Hike Through Jordan Annette Croote

1st  April 2015 Quiz Gipsie Duncan

7th October 2015 Harvest Supper

6th May 2015 The Story of Lucilla Reeve Wartime eviction of 800 people from Norfolk battlefield area. Georgette Vale

4th November 2015 A.G.M.

3rd June 201 BBQ

2nd December 2015 Christmas Party

Should you require any other information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Janet Cooper



Tel : 01366 328666

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