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Wereham Parish Council- November Meeting

January 2015


Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting

11th November 2014 at 7.30pm

Wereham Village Hall


Cllr Jo Bruce                                      JB           Chair

Cllr Dave Deighton                           DD          Vice Chair

Cllr Karin Newell                KN

Cllr Brian Bruce                  BB

Cllr Roger Lankfer                             RL

Cllr Nicola Loake

Nicola Cooper                                    NC          Parish Clerk (Minutes)

Also in attendance:

Andy Wallace                                    AW         NCC Highways

Cllr Martin Storey                             MS         NCC

Members of the Public: 8

The Chair welcomed all and accepted apologies for absence from Cllr Gail Koopowitz and Cllr Colin Sampson. The Chair read an announcement regarding the allowances for members of the public to film, record, photograph or use social media to report on the meeting.
The minutes of the Wereham Parish Council Meeting held on 9th September 2014 were amended by hand to correct the title of the Wereham Village Hall Management Committee. These were then accepted as a true and accurate record.
Prop. DD, 2nd BB, All in favour.
Consider Declarations of Interest on Agenda Items and Dispensation Requests
None were declared.
Matters Arising (from the meeting held on 9th September 2014)
6.7 Clerk needs to update address on title numbers NK408732, NK127127 and NK393387.
In progress
6.13 Update AON Details re lamp posts
Completed, insured for £350 each on advice of Pearce and Kemp to cover for replacement with LED lighting.
6.15 Progress sorting through boxes of documents
In progress.
6.17 Chase Conservation Officer regarding the report on the Manor House
Conservation Officer is trying to arrange a meeting with the owner.
8.4 Arrange transfer of £300 to Village Hall Committee
Completed. Nothing further to report
12.6/7 Arrange transfer of funds from Saver to Community Account to maintain at £4,000.
Completed. Nothing further to report
9.2 Arrange spraying of play area tiles following pressure wash.
Was scheduled for w/c 22/9
10.1 Clerk to remove 9a of the Standing Orders and ask Chair to sign.
Completed. Nothing further to report
12.3 Contact CP Tree Services and appoint for Tree Works
Appointed. Planning application for tree works in a conservation area has been submitted – not circulated to Councillors for comment due to known interest.
4.0 NL to complete and return paperwork to the Clerk within 28 days of the meeting
Completed. Nothing further to report.
6.5 KN to pass Garden of Remembrance book to Clerk.
Agreed that this will be transferred over before it is needed.
9.3 KN to dispose of bins.
Completed. Nothing further to report
6.6 RL to report back to next meeting on IDB membership.
Meeting attended. Nothing to report.
9.1 Rl to speak to Chris Markwell re The Row trees.
Completed. Nothing further to report
6.18 BB To Fix Bike racks
Completed. Nothing further to report
Correspondence received (additional to that shown elsewhere on agenda) 
  • Norfolk Association of Local Councils
    • Weekly Updates (All forwarded on to Councillors)
    • Norfolk Link (available at meeting)
  • Norfolk County Council – Letter re: Norfolks Budget and Services 2015 – 18. (Circulated to Councillors)
  • Norfolk Constabulary – Notes of July meeting and notice of next SNAP meeting 7pm, Wed 19th November at All Saints Academy, Stoke Ferry. (forwarded on to Councillors)
  • Letter of thanks from Mr Graham Smith for the contact made to Royal Mail with regards to the relocated post box.
  • Letter of thanks from Wereham Village Hall Management Committee for the contribution of £300 towards the new gas heaters.
  • BCKLWN – request for entries for Mayors Design Awards.
  • Email and Poster from Mr Rye with regards to the WW1 Commemoration 8th November requesting Cllrs to attend if possible and noting the generous donation from Mr B Vince for the cleaning of the war memorial.
  • NPFA Revised Constitution.
  • Norfolk RCC – Newsletter
  • G4 Advertising (Circulated to Councillors as necessary and available from Clerk.)
JB highlighted an article in the Norfolk Link regarding the introduction of Grayling Law which is due to come into force in 2015 and reduces Health and Safety risks associated with appointing volunteers.
Village Hall
No one was present to provide an update but no issues were highlighted to the Clerk prior to the meeting.
Village Management Issues
7.1The Grounds Maintenance contract with CGM was discussed. It was agreed to continue with CGM for the 2015 season. Two areas were noted which need rectification before the final payment for this season can be released. The second cemetery hedge must be completed as soon as possible. Only 1 of the 6 bi-monthly algae sprays has been completed. Further sprays should continue through the winter season and any sprays not undertaken should be credited to the 2015 account. Both items need to be included on the 2015 schedule.
Prop  KN  2nd  RL, All in favour
  • Clerk to liaise with CGM
7.2The monthly play area inspections further identify the need for general maintenance for the play area equipment. Additionally the ‘No Entry for Dogs’ sign needs replacing. Further lack of using the dog waste bin was identified. It was also noted that the grass outside the Village Hall is getting churned up due to cars parking on the field.
Mr Chris Loake has volunteered to paint the Play Area equipment. All agreed that this offer would be gratefully accepted. It was agreed that the materials would be sourced by Mr Loake together with Cllr Loake and that they would let the Clerk know what is to be purchased and the expected cost. Clerk advised that invoices for materials should be sent to her prior to the next meeting. JB offered to purchase materials upfront for recompense at the January meeting if necessary. An upper limit of £150 was agreed for materials.
Prop DD, 2nd KN All in favour.
It was noted that the pond railings outside Chilli House have been painted by Highways.
  • Clerk to arrange new ‘no entry for dogs sign.
  • Clerk to place a reminder in G4 and on Facebook to use the dog waste bins.
  • Clerk to place a polite notice on the Village Hall noticeboard to ask people to avoid parking on the grass and area to be noted in the play area inspection checklist.
  • Mr Loake to undertake maintenance works when weather is fine and Cllr Loake to work with him to source materials for the task
  • Clerk to check with highways how much of the pond railings are scheduled to be painted.
7.3NPFA recommends wood chip (playground grade) or a grass grid for the play area flooring
  • Clerk to obtain quotes for wood chip and grass grid, including labour and disposal of materials from site, prior to the January meeting.
7.4Mole Traps were set by CGM w/c 22nd September. This was checked 1st Oct and 2 moles were caught. Two traps were broken and one missing, the remaining three were reset and a further two moles were caught with no new mole hills noted. The remaining traps were removed on 11th October after a report of a child tripping over one. There are still hills in the NW corner of the playing field.
  • Clerk to request a follow up visit from CGM. It was agreed that the £7.50 charged for the emergency removal of the mole traps should be queried as it should be within the overall initial charge for Health and Safety reasons.
7.5The Clerk advised that further to the decision made at the September meeting to use Wicksteed to undertake a play area inspection the price of an accompanied inspection is a higher price of £71+VAT (unaccompanied is £45+VAT).
It was agreed to pay the higher price for an accompanied inspection just this once.
Prop.KN   2ndJB All agreed.
Inspection to take place November 12th. BB and NL to attend.
  • BB and NL to attend Wicksteed inspection and ascertain guidance regarding how to maintain / increase the lifespan of the play area.
7.6The Clerk has received correspondence from two residents along Flegg Green expressing concerns of overuse of the road by heavy tractors and trailers, loaded articulated lorries and speeding cars. The Clerk has forwarded the emails to both the PCSO and Highways for advice. JB précised the emails to the meeting. Andy Wallace noted that any large vehicles travelling down Flegg Green join a weight restricted road at the end; this is unlawful. It was noted that there is no sign to indicate the weight restriction at the A134 end of Flegg Green. Speed calming was not recommended due to the weight restriction already in force plus the increased noise element that would arise with empty tractor trailers bumping over these.
  • Andy Wallace (present) agreed raise this with the Sugar Beet factory to highlight the issue when he meets with them next and will also arrange for a sign indicating weight restrictions to be installed at the A134 end of Flegg Green.
  • Clerk to ask residents to take note of hauliers using the road and to report these to the Sugar Beet Factory.
7.7Concerns regarding the safety of the new pedestrian A134 crossing due to a blind spot and small central island were discussed. A formal crossing is not recommended for an A road and was noted to cost around £150k. It is not a current NCC highways priority area to pursue this further but lengthening the island and installing a SAM2 using the Parish Partnership funding scheme were recommended by Andy Wallace as effective options to help minimise risk to pedestrians.
 Andy Wallace agreed to look into possibilities of lengthening the pedestrian island with the Casualty Reduction Officer and let the Clerk know of the outcome.
Clerk to contact Westcotec for a SAM2 price before January as an option for the Parish Partnership scheme.
7.8Fincham Parish Council has reported that the footpath from Gibbet Lane to Fincham Nature Reserve is impassable due to three ditches dissecting the path at the Wereham end up to Winnolds House and the remains of the Benedictine Priory. The Clerk has reported this to NCC Public Rights of Way team. The footpath will be inspected when the team is next in the area.
 RL to speak to Richard (Manager at Albanwise)RL
7.9NALC has provided the following advice for the W Boundary of Playing Field. It would be unlikely that a court would order re-instatement of the fence but there could be consideration towards an order being made to recoup money spent should the PC go ahead and repair the damage. It might be an option to see what a local solicitor might do along these lines. Possibly a letter from a solicitor requesting the repairs are undertaken by those who damaged it may help. Consideration should be given as to whether this would represent best value if there is a high risk that no money is likely to be claimed back. NALC does not handle litigation on behalf of individual parishes and therefore the PC would need to consider engaging a local solicitor.
It was agreed that the situation would be left at present.
7.10Clerk sent a letter to the Poplar Tree owners. A response was requested by end October but no response has been provided. NCC Tree Officer has inspected the trees. No immediate danger to highway use was noted but she has requested that the residents have some of the boughs pollarded.
 Andy Wallace will ask the NCC Tree Officer to monitor the Poplar Trees as an ongoing concern.AW
7.11Letter was sent via email to Manor House owner re overhanging willow tree requesting a response by end of Oct. No response has been received. NCC Highways have a price to undertake the works, hopefully prior to Christmas, and will attempt to recharge it to the owner on completion.
7.12JB met with Mr Ratsey and Andy Wallace with regards to the issues of the migrating roadside and overhanging trees along The Row. It was agreed that Highways would provide a quote for signs to be placed at the Flegg Green end of Wereham Row and near the cemetery where the speed limit finishes in The Row. Highways have plained & resurfaced Wretton Row to the left of Mr and Mrs Buntings house heading towards Wretton to return it to a safe state. The trees along The Row were cut back, those remaining belong to Highways.  Highways have not moved the verges back to the correct position It was highlighted that the branches left piled on the top of the verge present a risk of scratching passing cars and therefore vehicles are still being forced over the edge of the road. Highways will rectify this within one month. Highways has established ownership of the dyke to the right of The Row and cleared it out to get water off the road. They will write to the owner and advise that they have completed the works in this instance and advise that if they have to do this again they will recharge the owner. The gulley at the junction has been cleared. A temporary repair to the edge of the sharp corner in Wereham Row near Mr Skinners property has been carried out. A permanent repair will be undertaken but there is no date for this yet as the corner is safe at present. If it fails the work will be brought forward. Reflectors will be placed on the corner at the roadside to ensure traffic knows a sharp corner is coming up with soft verges.
Andy has also been advised that the hedge at Cavenham Road should be trimmed by the landowner. He will ask the relevant people to double check on this.
 Andy to arrange for the right hand side verge to be reinstated to its correct position
Andy to arrange clearing of branches on verge with the next month.
Andy to provide quotes for new signs.
Andy to organise for the remaining trees to be trimmed.
Andy to follow up on the reflector posts for the sharp corner near the Skinners property.
Andy to email and confirm the way forward for the hedge along Cavenham Road.
7.13Two potential projects for inclusion within the Parish Partnerships Scheme, which would provide 50% of match funding from NCC, were discussed. These were purchase of a SAM2 to help control speeding through the village, in particular along the A134 and repair of the footpath around the pond.
 Clerk to investigate costs for a SAM2 and to investigate ownership of the footpath around the pond. To email costs for a SAM2 to all when received.NC
7.14A village fireworks display is to be considered by the Village Hall Management Committee. The Parish Council is in full agreement that the agreement to, responsibility for and management of this would lie fully with the Village Hall Management Committee, not the Parish Council, as they have permission to use the field for village events.
7.15It was noted that after a meeting with Highways about a blocked gulley running under the footpath around the pond Mr Voutt cleared the blockage and installed a new pipe. Highways did not accept responsibility for the works required.
 Clerk to send letter of thanks to Janet and Ivan for clearing the gulley.NC
7.16Any maintenance items for The Rangers were requested. Councillors were reminded that no decisions can be made under Councillors concerns and agenda items for next meeting so all village maintenance requests must be raised here.
 Clerk to request clearance of pavement from Crown Gardens to electricity shop.NC
Parish Council Management Issues 
8.1/ 8.2/ 8.3The Standard Working Party Terms of Reference were discussed, agreed and signed by the Chair. The Planning Application Response Procedures were discussed, a change was proposed by DD to change the wording of bullet 4 from ‘at their earliest convenience’ to ‘by the date requested by the Clerk’. This was then agreed and will be signed by the Chair once amended. The Complaints Procedure was discussed, agreed and signed by the Chair
Prop. RL  2nd KN All in favour.
8.4The Clerk advised that she had attended the NALC Downham Market Area Meeting on 27th October. A few pointers for creating greater efficiencies were discussed. Areas noted for consideration by Wereham PC were: use of opportunities for impromptu surgeries (e.g. at Village Events) whereby Councillors are available to discuss any village issues, these were deemed to be highly effective by other Councils; and also placement of a Parish Council comments box at central places (Village Hall / Church) could be an effective way of parishioners contacting the Council.
 Nicola Loake to make comments box. Clerk to provide notice for the front and check if Church is happy to house a box.NL
8.5Any training requirements were requested. It was agreed that a group would be sent for initial Councillor training after the elections if required.
9.1Applications received and comments returned:
14/00123/TREECA , T1 Walnut Tree - Fell tree which has died and replace with a walnut sapling in similar site within Conservation Area, The Old Dairy, School Lane, Wereham, King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE33 9AW. Comments returned: No objections.
14/00132/TREECA T1 & T2 Wiilows x 2 - re-pollard. T3 Willow - Remove. T4 Rowan - Remove basal growth. T6 Laburnum - Reinspection annually. T7 Oak - Raise canopy to 2.5m over ground within Conservation Area, Village Pond, Church Road, Wereham, Norfolk. Comments returned: Parish Council directly interested.
9.2Planning Decisions received:
14/01263/F Ralmir  Flegg Green Wereham King's Lynn Norfolk PE33 9BA  - Variation of condition 2 of planning permission 13/01166/F: Construction of three dwellings with garages
Application Permitted , 15 October 2014, Delegated Decision
10.1A Precept working party was agreed prior to the January meeting.
 Dave to take a lead and arrange a date for a meeting.DD
10.2Haward Horological is booked by DD to undertake the Church Clock maintenance on 17th November. A budget of £250 was agreed.
Prop DD,  2nd KN, All in favour.
10.3No quotes have been received from Highways for discussion.
10.4Summary of Expenditure 11th November 2014
RECEIPTS FOR PERIOD 10/09/14 – 11/11/14
£3,000 transferred from Business Saver Account to Community Account
£300 transferred from Community Account to Wereham Village Hall for heaters contribution.
Balance as per cash book at 11/11/14
Business Saver £10,100.13
Community Account £2,092.82
The Accounts were accepted. Prop. DD, 2nd KN All in favour.
10.5Agree cheques to be signed and payments approved in accordance with the above apart from the CGM payment of £566.88 which will be retained until all items are carried out (see 7.1) A maximum of £566.88 at the approval of the RFO is approved on this basis.
         Prop. DD, 2nd KN All in favour.
11.0Clerk to send out action list as soon as possible.NC
12.0Councillors concerns and agenda items for next meeting –none noted. 
13.0Public comments / questions
13.1The owner of the property to the Western boundary of the Playing Field was in attendance. He gave apologies for not responding sooner and for use of the field for the concrete lorry and stated that this was out of his control. He has made repairs to the wire fence & will look to address any further issues where possible. 
13.2A thank you letter for Mr B Vince for funding the cleaning of the war memorial was suggested.
Clerk to send letter.NC
13.3Cllr Martin Storey provided updates on current Norfolk County Council schemes including the Parish Partnership Scheme. More information can be found on www.Norfolk.Gov.UK. He offered his assistance on all matters where possible.
14.0Date of next meeting – Tuesday January 13th 2015 7.30pm. 
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