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Northwold Parish Council 7th October 2014 at 7:30pm

December 2014

Councillors present: Cllr. R. Crisp – Chair (RC), Cllr. A. Jenkinson (AJ), Cllr. F. Eglington (FE) & Cllr. Alison Muir (AM), Cllr. Sue Leet (SL), Cllr. George Gillett (GG), Cllr. Stephen Gillett (SG) & Cllr. Mick Peake (MP).

Present: Vicky Bright – Clerk, Karen O’Kane – NCC Better Broad band & Cllr. Martin Storey – NCC.

Cllr. Crisp welcomed all to the meeting.
Better Broadband for Norfolk Presentation (Karen O’Kane – NCC)
Public Forum – LGA 1972, Section 100(1):
Four Members of the Public were present.
Mick Parfitt advised that he had removed the shrub cutting from Mr Maynard’s plot in the cemetery and moved it tot the allotment site. He advised the plot had been left in a very poor state following removal of the shrub. He also requested that something be done to tidy up the brambles at the cemetery.
Local Authority Reports:
Norfolk County Council
Cllr. Martin Storey
Cllr. Storey bought to the Parish Councils attention the Parish Partnership Scheme for 2015, which offers grant money, to be match funded by 50% for local Highways improvements. He advised bids and applications are welcome and dates are to be confirmed.
Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk
No report received.
Norfolk Constabulary - SNT
No report received and no apologies sent.
Accepted Apologies for absence - LGA 1972, Section 85(1) & (2):
Cllr. Alan Collins.
Members Declaration of Interest ( items on the agenda) – LGA 2000 Part III:
Cllr. Sue Leet declared an interest in Item 7 (ii). Cllr. Mick Peake declared an interest in Item 11.
Minutes of the last meeting held on 2nd September 2014-  LGA 1972, Schedule 12, para 41(2):
Resolved 14/10/6.01
The minutes of the last meeting held on 2nd September 2014 were adopted as a true statement and signed by the Chairman (RC).
The Clerk read out an email from CGM in response to the Parish Council’s complaints;
“With regard to the issues detailed within your email, our Operations Manager visited the sites last week and I attach photographs together with complete job tickets.  We applied the herbicide on the 2nd September but there is a small area between two graves that need further application and I have raised a job ticket for this.
With regards to the shrub pruning the operatives have noted on the job sheets and I apologise that you were not informed but it was Carole who was dealing with this, there was evidence of nests within these with pigeons sitting on therefore these were unable to be pruned August but will be attended to.
On inspection we did note that the boundary just in the gate on the left hand side of the area within the trees did require strimming and at the top, this has been missed on the last two maintenance visits from ourselves looking at the growth and I have raised tickets for this.
Unfortunately our representative is unable to attend the meeting but rest assured we shall be checking the area regularly and asking for photographic evidence after each visit.”
Councillors Jenkinson and Crisp confirmed that the Cemetery had only been cut once in September (3rd) and that the Recreation Grounds had not been cut at all. It was agreed that the Clerk should respond to CGM asking for clarification and proof that the above mentioned issues had now been resolved and to complain about the September grass cutting. It was agreed that the Clerk should withhold the payment for the September invoice until as satisfactory reply and resolution had been received from CGM.
Maintenance Works Quotes
The Clerk advised that removal of the chalk soil from the cemetery was a difficult problem to solve options included removal using a Grab Lorry, but this would be difficult to access the cemetery through the current gate, or stockpiling (for use as backfill) and then removal via trailer as needed.
The Clerk advised that Matthew Leet of Green Balance UK Ltd had suggested 2 options of having a trailer on site to be filled and removed as needed (6-8 graves), or stockpiling in the corner of the cemetery behind the shrubbery, and then bringing a trailer on site to remove the soil as needed (10-12 graves). The Clerk advised that the trailer left on site would incur an annual rental fee as well as a removal fee and had significant Health & safety risks and that option 2 would allow for more graves to be dug before removal was needed.
Resolved 14/10/7.01
It was agreed to accept Option 2 of the Green Balance UK Ltd quote (ML-06-10-14-001) for stockpiling the soil on site behind the shrubbery and having Matthew Leet remove the soil as needed. It was also agreed to accept the Green Balance UK Ltd quote (ML-06-10-14-002) to move the new heap of chalk from the gateway to the newly appointed stock pile site and to re-seed the grass area to match the surrounding area. The Clerk is to instruct The Green Balance to proceed.
The Clerk presented two quotes to carry out tree works and extension of the ashes plots in the Cemetery.
Resolved 14/10/7.02
The Council resolved to accept the quote provided by CP Tree Services for £450.00. The Clerk is to instruct CP Tree Services to proceed with the works.
Cemetery Fees Review
The Parish Council have deferred this item to the next meeting to allow further research into cemetery fees.
Highways Matters:
Parking Normandy Close
The Clerk advised that an email received from the Head Teacher, Mrs Carole Reich, following a meeting between her and PCSO Claire Law advised that it is an issue the school takes seriously and they regularly remind parents to park responsibly and indeed to walk or cycle with their child. The School has recently placed an article in their newsletter requesting thoughtful parking and staff will speak to specific parents if poor parking is noticed. The Head Teacher has agreed that they will survey the number of children who travel to and from school by car so that they will have an accurate picture of the number of vehicles needing to park to collect children. They are also planning a week when the school walks the children to the social club at the end of the day where they will be collected by their parents. They are hoping this will help parents see how easy it is to use this facility, which has been open to them for sometime.
Reports and Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Last Meeting (For Info Only):
Chairman’s Report
The Chairman advised that Whittington Christ Church Churchyard is to be closed as only reserved plots are now left. The Council agreed in principal that they would take on the responsibility of the churchyard and its maintenance, but would also like to investigate other options for maintenance of the churchyard. The Clerk is to contact BCLWN regarding them taking on the churchyard and to report back at the next meeting.
The Chairman advised that two items had been stolen from the cemetery by thieves; a bench which was installed as a memorial for the Fendick family and the water tank. It was agreed that the Clerk would report the theft to the Police and to the insurance company. Cllr. Jenkinson advised he would look at options and costs for replacing the water tank and will report at the next meeting.
The Chairman extended thanks to Mick Parfitt for his work at the cemetery.
The Chairman read out a letter received from Mr & Mrs Fendick regarding the possibility of having shades fitted to the street lights as the lights are shining into the windows of houses since the new LED lights have been installed. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact K&M Lighting to see if there are any options or solutions to this.
Clerk’s Report and Updates from previous minutes
Councillors Reports
Cllr. S. Gillett advised that there is a meeting to be held in Weeting on 3rd November to give information on AED (Defibrillator). The Clerk advised that she is still trying to organise someone to attend a Council meeting to give a talk on Defibrillators and hoped to have someone for the December meeting.
NCC Parish Partnership Scheme
The Clerk advised that a letter had been received from the County Council advising that the Parish Partnership Scheme Initiative will be repeated in the financial year 2015/16. The County Council has allocated £200,000 on a 50/50 basis to fund schemes put forward by Town and Parish Councils to deliver projects that are priorities for local communities. Proposals and bids need to be submitted by 30th January 2015.
It was agreed that the item be deferred until the next meeting to allow for ideas for proposals.
Planning Applications
14/00113/TREECA – Manor House, Northwold – Various Works to trees within the gardens. For information Only.
14/01032/F – 1b Methwold Road, Northwold – Amendments to existing Application.
Resolved 14/10/11.01
The Council resolved to offer No Objections to the amendments to the original Planning application.
Parish Council  Bank Balances and Reconciliation
The Payments and receipts from 2nd September to 6th October 2014 were scrutinised and approved. The Lloyds Treasurer account balance was confirmed as £31,002.24 as of 28th August 2014.
Resolved 14/10/12.01
That the Bank balances and reconciliation of payments & receipts be received and adopted and initialled as such by the Chairman (RC).
Cheques for signing and approval and to authorise payment of outstanding invoices
Resolved 14/10/12.02
PayeeNetVATCheque NoGross
Mazars (Audit)£200.00£40.00001899£240.00
Eon (Sept/Oct 2014)£94.35£4.72001900£99.07
Northwold Care Group (Car Scheme)£269.45£0.00001901£269.45
Norfolk Parish Training Partnership£30.00£0.00001902£30.00
Northwold Village Hall (Rent 2013-2014 & 2014-2015)£264.00£0.00001903£264.00
SALC (Payroll Service)£35.00£7.00001904£42.00
CGM (Sept 2014)£251.60£50.32001905£301.92
K&M Lighting (Oct 2014)£24.27£4.85001906£29.12
Mrs V. Bright (Mileage & expenses)£25.32£0.00001907£25.32
Income from September to October 2014
Invoices were checked, payments were approved and cheques signed by Cllr. Crisp and Cllr. Eglington, all Councillors agreed.
Audit Update
The Clerk advised that the audit had now been concluded and Notice of Conclusion had been published for the required 14 days on 29th September 2014, both in the Northwold and Whittington notice boards.
Resolved 14/10/12.03
The Parish Council resolved to accept the Audit report and certificate dated 17th September 2014 by Mazars LLP
Parish Matters:
Play Area Repairs Update
The Clerk confirmed that if the Council puts in place a contract with David George to state he is their preferred contractor and is employed by the Parish Council as and when needed, then he will be covered by the Council’s Liability Insurance for works carried out on Council assets and property. Cllr. Muir is working with the Clerk to draft a contract. The Clerk confirmed that she has provided David George with a list of repairs needed in the play area and has asked him to quote for these works to be presented to Council at the next meeting.
The Clerk was asked to chase up the transfer of the Play Area funds from the Play Area group/committee.
Street Lighting Maintenance Quotes
The Clerk confirmed that the Council is tied in with K&M Lighting contract until June 2015. The quotes received from K&M Lighting and Westcotec have been received and the Clerk is to request if the quotes can be held until June 2015.
Asset Maintenance Quote
The Clerk advised that David George, as the Council’s preferred contractor, had provided a quote for the maintenance works that is needed to re-fix the two bins on School Lane (old school wall) and High St. (Churchyard wall) and for repair of the fascias on the brick bus shelter in Whittington.
Resolved 14/10/13.01
The Parish Council agreed to accept the quote from David George for £327.00, and instructed the Clerk to instruct David George to proceed with the works.
The Clerk is to arrange access to the property behind the bus shelter to enable David George to have access to the fascia.
Items for next meeting and Date of next meeting: Confirmed as Tuesday 4th November 2014 at 7:30pm, in the Village Hall.
There being no further business the Chairman thanked everyone for their attendance and declared the meeting closed at 20:55pm
Signed:   R. Crisp, Chairman                                                                 Date: 4th November 2014
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