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December 2014

Boughton News

Benefice Choir

This is a choir formed of interested people from the parishes in the benefice, almost all of which are represented, to sing at group services, carol services, special church events, etc. We are looking for new members who may not have formal music training but are interested in singing in a friendly group to a high standard and have the enthusiasm and commitment to keep coming back for more. It isn’t necessary to read music or to have choral experience—just enthusiasm. We meet on Thursday afternoons from 2-3 pm, mostly during term time, so school pickups and visiting grandchildren should not be a problem. If you are interested, speak to Tom Golden on 01366 500 052 or to one of the choir..

Pond Maintenance

Many thanks to Tom and Peter for organising the recent work party clearing up around the Pond edge. Thanks also to Pam for taking the photographs.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so I will just leave it at that.


On Saturday 27th September, Frank, Tom, Paul, Andy and Golly were engaged in vital village work. From time to time, the pond needs attention, as the irises and reeds which make it so attractive in summer become too vigorous and threaten to take over.  If it weren’t for the noble souls who venture into uncharted waters and bring the plants back into order, we’d lose the lovely pond at the heart of our village. There are rumours of strange water creatures lurking in the depths ( no—Frank didn’t fall in!) Whatever happened to the terrapins?

Joking apart, Frank and his mates do a great deal of hard work to keep the village looking as lovely as it does and we all appreciate it. They also have a good deal of fun!

I’m not sure how Andy managed to escape the camera!

Boughton Parish Council.

Following the resignation of Mr D.Horkan Boughton Parish Council is seeking the services of a new Clerk.

This role is non- remunerative, and being a non-resident of Boughton Parish does not preclude interest.

The role of the Clerk is to conduct the administrative business of council in accordance with instructions, and Council Standing orders.

In the case of Boughton the role entails in the order of 2- 4 hours work per week.

The Council will be looking for an enthusiastic individual with a commitment to Boughton and a shared desire to take the Council forward.

Any training required will be provided.

Please indicate interest by contacting any of the persons named below.

Frank Reid                       01366  500743

Peter Agate                     01366  500044

George Seymour

George was baptised in Boughton church on 4th September 1887. He was the youngest child of William and Sarah Anne Seymour and had two older sisters, Harriet and Louise. On 22nd November 1913, he married Ethel Carter of Wereham. In the register he was described as a labourer, resident in Boughton.

It wasn’t until Pamela Jennings pointed it out that I realised he has an official war grave headstone.

George and Ethel  had a son, William, whose baptism is also recorded for 1914. George joined the1st/4th Bn. Norfolk Regiment and saw service as a private in the Palestine campaign. He was wounded and died of his wounds at home in 1918.

That’s all I’ve been able to find out so far, but if anyone has any more information, or a photo of him, I’d be interested to hear from them.

Harvest Festival

Sandy and I had fun decorating the church for Harvest Festival – lovely arrangements by Sandy, seas of Michaelmas Daisies from my garden and beautiful  branches of gold and red crab apples! It’s  a small church, but it dresses up well.

There was a good congregation, all in good voice and we sang the traditional harvest hymns with gusto – as an organist it makes such a difference if one can actually hear which verse the congregation are singing. We didn’t have a sermon, by request, but Barbara reminded the congregation of the two charities we were supporting.

The donations of tins and packets would go to the Downham Market Foodbank and Barbara gave an example from her own experience of the value of foodbanks to everyone. She had known someone whose husband had been killed in an accident and, until her benefits were sorted out, had no money to feed her family. The foodbank had given her enough to tide her over.  The collection was to support a charity which twins toilets!!* The money would help provide adequate toilets in countries where people were forced to use unsanitary and unsafe locations, with health and safety problems.  We collected £120, which would twin us with two toilets overseas.

Carol Service

9 Lessons and Carols Tuesday 16th December

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