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Stoke Ferry Parish Council July Meeting

September 2014

Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in The Community Centre

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 9 July 2014

Those Attending:             Cllr Mrs D Clements (Chairman), Cllr Mrs S Lintern (Vice-Chairman), Cllr Mrs J Stocking, Cllr Mrs M Leamon, Cllr P Denny, Cllr L McCarthy, Cllr T Ryves, County Councillor M Storey, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk) No members of the Public.

1 To Consider Accepting Apologies for Absence: Apologies were received from Borough Councillor C Sampson

2 To Approve the Minutes of the last Council Meeting on 11 June 2014

Cllr P Denny proposed acceptance of the Minutes seconded by Cllr L McCarthy.   Carried

3 To Consider Matters Arising from the Minutes:

Item 13

Cllr Mrs Leamon referred to the two new lights which are still not working or connected to the power supply. The Clerk will contact Westcotec again.

Weeds at Bus Stop in Bridge Road reported to Highways

Weeds overgrowing footpath near village hall reported to owner of the land

Shrubs/trees overgrowing wall onto Lynn Road – owners will cut back as soon as possible

Living Accommodation at the Sea Star Fish Bar has been referred to the Housing Standards Team

The Uneven road near the Old Bull Bridge Road has been reported to Highways

British Sugar advised they have again notified their contract haulage companies to re-emphasise the post code to use to direct vehicles to their site.

Letter has been forwarded to Good Earth regarding the overgrowing shrubs onto Wretton Road.

4 To Record Declarations of Interest:

There were no declarations of interest

5 To Consider Planning Applications:

Application for the Erection of a single storey house on plot with full planning permission at 9 The Hollow – this was supported by the Parish Council

Approval of Planning Permission Off Buckenham Drive Construction of Clubhouse

6 To Approve Payments to be Made:

HMRC - £214.20 – PAYE Income Tax – Mar-June

NPTP - £5.00 – Extra Required for Training Session

James Bradfield School - £46.32 – Hire of Hall –May

CGM Ltd - £149.45 – Grounds Maintenance – June

Mrs C Hardy - £329.23 –Salary and Expenses – June

Glazewing Ltd DD - £18.80 – Collection of Waste - the Cemetery – June

E-on – DD - £32.58 – Lighting – June

Statement of Accounts as at 30 June 2014 – Balance in Bank – Community Account £511.83, Business Saver Account £19541.86 – a total of £20093.69

Cllr Mrs Leamon proposed approval for payment seconded by Cllr McCarthy – Agreed

7 Correspondence Received:

Mr John Cross acknowledging cheque towards expenses relating to Internal Audit

BCKLWN asking whether the PC has filled the two vacancies

BCKLWN – Notification of New House Name – The Old Hatchery High Street

Norfolk Police – advising date of next SNAP Meeting

NorfolkALC – Coffee and Chat at Pensthorpe Wildlife & Gardens Café Thursday 17 July

8 To Receive Further Information or suggested items to be considered for the next meeting Agenda:

Cllr Mrs Clements stated that she felt there should be a meeting in August, currently one had not been scheduled.   It was agreed by all present that there will be a meeting on Wednesday 13 August 2014.

Cllr Mrs Clements referred to the hedge adjacent to 1 Border Road which has become rather tall, this will be reported to the appropriate authority requesting it be cut back.

The Hedge along Bridge Road was again mentioned – it is not known who this actually belongs to

Cllr Denny - the Cottage near the Pizza/Fish Shop has a very dangerous drop along the kerbside. The Clerk to write to the occupiers

Cllr Denny referred to the surface of the road near the A134 Roundabout this is becoming very dangerous – this will be reported to Highways again

Cllr Ryves asked if the PC would consider twinning with another village/town in another country in the future

Cllr Ryves asked if the PC go ahead with a Defibrillator in the village perhaps an event could be arranged to cover any costs incurred.

CC Storey advised that 80% of Norfolk Schools who are doing well are now supporting those not doing so well.

Norwich Airport is now included in the Park and Ride routes from 30 June

NCC Public Health Department are supporting the Keep Well this Summer project

£30,000 is on offer to help public houses to stay open if they are prepared to run other businesses from their premises.

37 Communities received £500 to commemorate the lives lost in world war one. The Armed Forces Governing Board also donated £10,000.

The Incinerator – there is no contract in place this was cancelled, there is further information relating to this on the NCC Webstie.

NCC has now moved to a Committee System whereby everyone is more involved, good for the wards and divisions.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.05pm

9 Date and Time of Next Meeting: - Wednesday 13 August 2014 at 7.30pm


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