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Wretton Annual Parish Meeting 2014

July 2014



Present:               Mr. D Llewellyn (Chairman of the Parish Council), four members of the Parish Council, Cllr Mr C Sampson (Borough Councillor) and four members of the public.

  1. The Chairman welcomed those present and explained that the meeting was an opportunity for residents to raise matters. Apologies received from Cllr. J Reeve and Cllr. M Cann.

2      The minutes of the 2013 Annual Parish Meeting were signed as a true record.

3.     Matters arising from the 2013 Annual Parish Meeting:

4.    It was noted that maintenance of the footpaths has been started by the Parish Council and will continue.

Work has been undertaken to keep the bus shelter in good order but it was reported that more work is needed. The Chairman requested that members of the public report issues which may need attention around the village to the Parish Council.

5.  Chairman’s Report:

Wretton Parish Council meets on the first Monday of alternate months unless advertised differently and Councillors also get together informally to undertake maintenance inspections around the parish. This includes undertaking general risk assessment of the Green, the play area and the bus shelter. Maintenance work is also undertaken by members of the Parish Council and other volunteers and thanks were voiced to all those who give their time.

Work has been undertaken to keep Green Lane clear and thanks to assistance from Cllr. J Wyett swing seats have been replaced at the play area.

Norfolk Wildlife Trust was approached earlier in the year for advice on whether the pond area at Wretton Green should be designated as a “wildlife area”. It was suggested a survey should be undertaken to establish what wildlife is present in the pond area. However, it was decide against this due to the cost quoted but local assistance will be sought to see what might be done around the Green especially looking at future tree maintenance.

The Parish Council continues to support the Church as it is able by contributing to grounds maintenance work in the churchyard in return for use of the Church to hold Parish Council meetings. The Parish Council is keen to support the planned refurbishment of the Church as far as it is able within legal restraints.

6.  Financial Report

Copies of the Parish Council’s income and expenditure for the financial year ending March 31st 2014 and of the Parish Council bank reconciliation as of 31/03/14 were available and are filed. Councillors are presented with account summaries at all Parish Council meetings. The bank reconciliation on March 31st 2014 was £13965.75. The Council’s expenditure does not alter a great deal year to year and expenditure remains extremely close to the budgeted figure. The need to replace swing seats at the play area did incur an unexpected cost of £246 but maintenance of the play area is supported through income obtained from recycling credits through paper collected at the village paper bank. Income for recycling credits fell during 2013 but appears to have picked up again and residents are encouraged to support this initiative by depositing paper at the bank by the bus shelter.

7.    Other matters raised:

  • It was reported that the redundant sewerage treatment area at the end of All Saints is up for sale. The track leading to the site is also repoted as being within the area offered for sale and this is of concern to residents as it is used both for a turning area and for access to properties. The area is no longer used for sewerage works as residents have been connected to mains sewerage. It was queried whether the area has been decommissioned and who it is presently owned by. Cllr. Sampson suggested residents should contact the selling agent to remind them of the current access.
  • It was reported that it has been a slow year for All Saints Church but the annual car treasure hunt raised £250.
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