River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter from Peter Agate

July 2014


I am, by nature, a fair weather cyclist. During the colder, darker months I will rarely venture beyond the confines of Boughton on my trusty 23 year old Raleigh Pioneer gentleman’s cycle. Cavenham Corner, Bell Corner and the Oxborough Road are my usual boundaries. My weekly trip to The Corner Shop in Stoke Ferry to collect the Sunday papers is done in the comfort and protection of my ‘02 Ford Fiesta, now proudly displaying 170,000 miles on the clock! (Not all done by driving to the Corner Shop I hasten to add)

Come Spring my thoughts turn to fitness and I try to ride my cycle more often, as weather permits, to try to keep the body and mind in a better condition than otherwise might be. One change to my cycling habits is the ride to the shop to collect the papers on a Sunday. The first one or two rides down the Stoke Road past the pumping station, which is a bit of a hill (for Norfolk) can be quite bracing as the wind chill cuts through your clothing! Recently I ventured out in shorts, not realising it was a cool morning, and my legs certainly got a blasting that morning! My route to the shop takes me via Bell Corner, Stoke Road, across the by-pass into Boughton Road, then into Lynn Road past The Blue Bell, Bonnetts and the church. I cross the by-pass directly as I feel at some risk cycling along it.

Now to the nub of my reason for writing to The Pump. After I have crossed the by-pass I have a short steepish walk up the embankment path the other side to access Boughton Road. In the past, especially in the Spring and Autumn when the mornings are damp, this was quite a challenge with overhanging and dripping branches partially blocking the path. Occasionally someone, me included, bent a protruding rose branch back into the bush, to prevent snagging and a soaking. However some little while ago I entered the path to be confronted with an open easily accessible way between the by-pass and Boughton Road. Someone had cleared the path and left it wide and open. Wonderful! I can now easily pass through this section of my ride without being snagged or dripped upon. So, a hearty thank you to whoever arranged and carried out this work, and long may it continue to be kept clear. It certainly makes this traveller’s journeys more pleasant. Thank you.

Peter Agate

Manor Cottage


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