River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter from Patsy White

July 2014

Dear Sir,

I would like to respond to Tom Ryves’ letter in the June magazine. First, the school had talked about becoming an academy for quite sometime, well before John Nicholas-Letch became a Governor; so this had nothing to do with John! Second, the decision to become an academy was made in consultation with all parents and those who needed to know.  This was not considered a matter that concerned the Parish Council. As you are aware, there are many things discussed in meetings that are not released for general knowledge immediately.

We have just had an Ofsted inspection and the school received a good report; well done to staff and children.

Finally, if some people think they can do a better job than the current Board of Governors, please come forward and join the Board.  If not, then please don’t “slag off” those who are helping the school.


A School Governor for over 4 years.

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