River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter from Mrs Elmer

July 2014

Dear Sir,

I was horrified when I read Mr Ryves’ letter in the June edition of The Village Pump and even more surprised it was ever published at all.

Mr John Nicholas-Letch, to politely give him his correct name, works tirelessly for this village with absolutely no expectation of thanks of praise.

If there were more people in the world Like Mr & Mrs Nicholas-Letch the world would be a much kinder place.

I do hope an apology is imminent.

Maureen Elmer

Bradfield Place

Stoke Ferry

Mrs Elmer thank you for your letter which, as you will see, I am happy to publish.  Regrettably, as stated on page 2 of each edition, items from correspondents are not necessarily endorsed by the editorial team.  To refuse to publish items which may be contrary to other peoples’ views would be tantamount to censorship; a policy I try to avoid at all costs.


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