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Letter from Joyce Hull

July 2014

Dear Sir,

I am pleased to read that Councillor Ryves read my letter in the May Pump. He will also have read that I did not say it was all councillors views, purely my own.

I moved to Stoke Ferry 20 years ago and have done my best to attend Parish Council meetings when possible since then.  I was not part of the “clique” you mention, working together and not divulging information to other members of the Council.  It so happens I was at the meeting you mentioned, concerning disrespect and did-harmony and I personally think it was deplorable the way both Councillors and members of the public treated the chair, with little or no respect.

As I mentioned before, Mr N Letch offered to help with the Village Hall in the first instance and I believe his offer was declined.  When things started to go a bit pear-shaped he offered again, this time it was accepted but once again people went and did it their own way, again not always with the best results.

I myself was on the Board of Governors at James Bradfield School for many years and in fact was the Diocese of Ely’s representative on the Governing Body and felt honoured to have been chosen to represent them.

Having spoken to a representative of the School the parents of all children attending the school were informed what was happening regarding School/Academy.  Surely they were the important people top be notified?  Also, the other houses in the village were informed by a leaflet drop.

Before we forget it was Mr N Letch that instigated finding out about the new lights in the Village.  There were quite a few meetings held (these were made public by being put on the notice board) concerning this project and several trips around the village to see which lights were “ours”; i.e. the Parish’s responsibility. Unfortunately I cannot recall seeing yourself Councillor Ryves at many of them!  The same goes for SNAP meetings, Training Sessions and the meeting on the Hill concerning building new houses which was held over 4 days.  I could go on but, I could be wrong; maybe you were there in cognito.

I do agree on one thing; the past is the past and everyone on the council should work together in harmony for the good of the villagers of Stoke Ferry.

Mrs J Hull

Ex-Stoke Ferry resident

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