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Wereham Parish Council - March

May 2014


Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting

11th March 2014 at 7.45pm

Wereham Village Hall


Cllr Jo Bruce                            JB        Chair

Cllr Dave Deighton                  DD        Vice Chair

Cllr Phillip Norris                     PN

Cllr Gail Koopowitz                 GK

Cllr Karin Newell                     KN

Cllr Brian Bruce                       BB

Cllr Roger Lankfer                   RL

Nicola Cooper                          NC        Parish Clerk and RFO (Minutes)

Also in attendance:

Victoria Gray                           VG       Wereham Village Hall Committee (Chair)

John Eastgate                          JE        Wereham Village Hall Committee (Treasurer)

Cllr Martin Storey                                NCC

Members of the Public: 11



1.0Welcome and Introductions




1.1JB welcomed all and apologised for the late start in lieu of the schools catchment area consultation meeting.




2.0Apologies for absence.




2.1None received. Cllr Colin Sampson recorded apologies by email to Clerk later.




3.0Minutes of Meeting Held on 12th November 2013




3.1The minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record.
Prop. PN, 2nd GK All in favour.




4.0Declarations of Interest on Agenda Items and Dispensation Requirements




No interests were declared.
JB stated that Norfolk ALC had confirmed that her professional link to CGM does not constitute a pecuniary interest and therefore she is entitled to discuss and vote on any issues concerning CGM in future.




5.0Matters Arising Not dealt with elsewhere on agenda




5.1(14/01 5.1.10) Ownership of the path cannot be determined through Highways or Land Registry and the original developer is no longer in business. Clerk to drop a letter to neighbouring residences to flag up the issue of the deteriorating path and request any information on ownership.
Prop JB 2nd DD 6 in favour, 1 against.







5.2(14/01 5.1.6) KN confirmed that he Garden of Remembrance record is in progress.




5.3(14/01 5.1.4) PN confirmed that the outstanding issues at The Springs have been rectified.




5.4(14/01 5.1.15)
5.4.1          PN has spoken to Highways with regards to speeding vehicles leaving the manor house and they have confirmed they will put up a sign to warn pedestrians to take care.
5.4.2          PN also advised that the sunken manholes belong to BT. They have inspected the area and have communicated that there is not currently a problem.
5.4.3          With regards to the deep puddles near the Manor House Highways have found that the gulley pot in the vicinity is too small and regularly gets clogged with leaves. They will replace with a larger one to alleviate the problem.




5.514/01 5.1.3 Clerk to request an update with regards to the Wood Store at West Dereham.




6.0Correspondence Received




6.1Norfolk Association of Local Councils
6.1.1          Weekly Updates (All forwarded on to Councillors)
6.1.2          Norfolk Link




6.2Pearce Kemp – Email to advise discontinuation of 26w Sox Ballasts (which are used in Wereham Streetlights). 35w ballasts are available at present but not guaranteed supply. May need to consider quotation for replacement of lanterns head to vital or LED. Quote has been requested by Clerk. Clerk to chase and put on next agenda.







6.3BCKLWN – Email to advise of one off fund to help communities commemorate World War One.  Projects to be considered include community events and projects, refurbishment of existing war memorials and educational activities. Capital and revenue is available. Clerk to forward details to VG.







6.4Norfolk Constabulary – Notes of the Watlington SNAP meeting. Next meetings are Wed 19th March at 12.15 and 7pm, North Runcton Village Meeting Place.




6.5Wereham Village Hall Committee. Email to confirm that have paid for Indeminty Insurance with a covering level of up to £250,000. Policy documents are held by the Treasurer.




6.6Norfolk ALC – Email to advise of new website. Details of Parish Council contributed by Clerk




6.7Norfolk Community Transport Association – Notice of meeting for Parish Councils running Community Transport Schemes.




6.8Watlington Parish Council – Email invite to Basic Playground Management and Inspection Training 15th Feb.




6.9BCKLWN - Email invite to a (free) guided Gaywood River Walk on Sunday the 23rd March.  Booking is essential.




6.10 Beachamwell Walking Weekend – invite to vote on photos by 9th March (Forwarded to all Cllrs




6.11Norfolk RCC February Newsletter. (Forwarded to all Cllrs)




6.12G4 Diary Dates available from the Clerk.




7.0Village Hall




7.1An agreement is needed for the management of the land registered as NK408732 (between N. boundary of village hall and N. boundary of Play area). The Village Hall Committee cannot take on management of this area of land at present as it would alter their requirements as a charity. VG proposed a formal lease agreement as the easiest solution to cover Village Hall Committee use of the land. VG has sent a sample of a Parish Council lease agreement to the Clerk. It was resolved that the Clerk and JB would edit this to fit Wereham Parish Council and to cover Village Hall Committee use of the land.
Prop DD 2nd JB, 6 in favour, 1 against.
It was noted that the Heygates agreement with the Parish Council for the use of the playing field recognises that the field is for village use.VG raised that other Parish Councils have set up a Playing Field Trust to take on such issues.










7.2A private booking of the land in 7.1 was discussed. It was noted that the provision of this land for private use was a mistake but will be honoured in this instance. No future private use of the land will be considered. A hire agreement will be drawn up for this event and agreed with the private party. Clerk to instigate in liaison with Norfolk ALC.
Prop JB 2nd DD, 6 in  favour, 1 against.
The private party confirmed that the Play Area will still be accessible when the event is underway and agreed to designate a parking area to limit parking spread and keep it away from the football goals. They also confirmed that they have insurance in place for the event.







7.3The Village Hall Committee has requested financial assistance towards its structural re-inspection costs. It was confirmed that this was discussed within the working party when setting the precept and it was the view of all that the separation of the Village Hall and the Parish Council needs to be maintained. The Parish Council does not provide financial assistance to charities and cannot include this allowance in the precept as not all families in the village have agreed to this as part of the Village Hall survey. It was noted that the £250 held in the 2013/14 budget for a potential village hall donation had been erased as the budget was moved forward to 2014/15. VG thanked the Parish Council for their consideration and noted that 90-100% of income raised in 2013/14 had been reinvested into the hall and that is why assistance was requested. They will ask again in future if difficulties are encountered.




7.4It was confirmed that as a Village Hall Trustee GK can discuss matters regarding the village hall but cannot vote on financial decisions affecting it as she has a pecuniary interest.




7.5The Village Hall Safety Procedures are complete and have been sent to the Clerk. It was noted that Doreen Rolph is aware that the area of land mentioned in 7.1 cannot be hired out for private use.




8.0Agreement of CGM Grounds Maintenance and Tree Management Contracts




8.1The contracts were received electronically 11/03 therefore it was resolved that the Clerk would check through the documentation to ensure that all the issues raised between the Parish Council and CGM are covered and would then arrange signing.
Prop JB 2nd GK All in favour





8.2Clerk to forward details of the herbicide to be used in the play area to RL. RL to confirm if this is an appropriate product and that an acceptable frequency of spraying is suggested. The quote for the spraying of the play area will be accepted on this basis.
Prop JB, 2nd PN All in favour




8.3The map was viewed and all agreed it showed the correct area but that the cemetery path needed to be included. Clerk to update and send to CGM.
Prop JB, 2nd PN All in favour




9.0Village Management Issues




9.1The post box should be reinstated before the next meeting (6 weeks stated).




9.2With regards to the Poplar Trees safety issue along the A134. Highways are looking into this. Clerk to gain update before next meeting.





9.3The following item was not on the formal agenda and was discussed against the Clerks advice. JB raised it with all and stated that it was an additional item which she would only proceed with if all were happy that she did so. All were in agreement to discuss and vote.
It was noted that a letter has been tabled from Mr and Mrs Sharpe proposing that they would pay for the removal of the fir trees which border the cemetery and edge their property (Hide Cottage). They stated in their letter that they had discussed this with RL and that they see the trees as a cause for concern in bad weather, that they block the light and they cause a mess in windy conditions. They state that RL has intimated to them that removing the trees would cost circa £1,200. They also state that they would be willing to pay up to £1200 for this work to be done. It was resolved that the Parish Council were grateful for the offer and would support this action as an emergency item on the following conditions: that a formal quote including methods, risk assessment, insurances and a  confirmed plan of the trees in question be sought and a copy sent to the Parish Council; that there would be no additional cost to the Parish Council; that the company selected  takes all available actions to prevent any damage to the cemetery; that they check the timing of the works with the Clerk to avoid clashing with a funeral; and that all waste would be cleared away. RL offered to speak to the owners to let them know but JB advised that Clerk should send a formal letter to cover this with the above conditions.
Prop JB, 2nd KN all in favour.

























9.4Clerk to undertake application to NCC / BCKLWN to install further dog waste bins in the parish and following acceptance to order two bins to be delivered to JB residence. Positioning confirmed as Flegg Green end of Lammas Meadow Lane and at Wigan Furrow on the bridlepath posts. Quotes from Bonnets for installation to be obtained both for installing a new post and installing on the bridlepath posts – Clerk.
Prop JB 2nd GK 6 in favour, 1 against.








9.5Clerk to check with BCKLWN whether two of the existing rubbish bins can be reused in the parish with fortnightly emptying. KN to send details of the current bins to the Clerk.




9.6Manor House wall non – completion is now a Health and Safety hazard as metal ties are sticking out & could injure someone. Clerk to send a letter of concern to the Planning Enforcement Officer to chase completion.
Prop RL 2nd JB all in favour.





9.7A resident has expressed concern over the number of ducks in the village. It was confirmed that they are protected by RSPB. Concerns had also been raised with regard to antisocial behaviour from fishermen urinating in the pond. PN to investigate further. It was noted that a sign would be unlikely to stop this behaviour.







9.8A Parish Council website was discussed, It was proposed that a Facebook Page should be set up / the existing Village FB page be used to notify the parish of meetings and events and also to request input to a Parish Plan. To consider at the next meeting.




9.9The western boundary fence of the playing field was discussed. It was resolved that the Clerk should send a letter to the owners of the property discussed to state that the pre-existing boundary fence had been left in a poor state of repair when their fence was built and is unsafe for children playing on the field and to request plans for rectifying the damage. The letter should also state that the gated access to the field should only be used for maintenance purposes not for direct access to the playing field.
Prop JB 2nd GK, 5 in favour, 2 against.





9.10In discussion regarding banning dogs from the playing field it was confirmed that this was historically found to be a very unpopular decision when looked at by a working party and this is why the dog waste bin was installed. Any incidences of people not picking up after their dogs should be dealt with by the public and is not a Parish Council issue.








10.1Ref 14/00286/F Single Storey Extension to Dwelling, Mulberry Cottage, Back Lane. All Cllrs in support, no issues were raised.




10.2Ref 13/01783/F Change of use from A1 Post Office and shop to C3 Residential at Post Office, 2 Vine House. Planning permission granted.








11.1The Clerk advised that the Mole Control company had invoiced for £180 despite the agreed quote of £160. It was resolved that £160 should be paid.
Prop JB, 2nd KN All in favour.
The Clerk also advised that she had included a payment for her to attend Year End financial training. It was resolved that this should be funded.
Prop GK, 2nd Karin All in favour
All agreed that they are happy with the hours worked by the Clerk and that overtime is acceptable considering the number of actions arising from each meeting.




11.2Agreed cheques to be signed and payments were approved:
Prop JB 2nd KN All in favour.
RECEIPTS FOR PERIOD 15/1/14 – 11/03/14
11/03          £50.00     BURIAL FEES
                    £50.00     TOTAL RECEIPTS
EXPENDITURE FOR PERIOD 15/1/14 – 11/03/14
(11/02/14      £32.18       EON STREETLIGHTS PAID BY DD) (54)
(01/02/14    £189.60     CLERK JANUARY SALARY PAID BY DD)(55)
(11/03/14      £29.06       EON STREETLIGHTS PAID BY DD) (59)
(01/03/14     £189.60       CLERK FEBRUARY SALARY PAID BY DD) (57)
                      £440.44        TOTAL
For authorisation and payment
11/03/14         £9.00      SIGN FOR PLAYGROUND (56)
11/03/14                     £186.75      CLERK EXTRA HRS /EXPENSES NOV/DEC 2013 (58)                              
11/03/14     £160.00      MOLE CONTROL (60)
11/03/14                       £15.00      SLCC membership (DD starts 14/03, cheque covers
                                       two missed payments) (61)
11/03/14       £45.00       End of Year Training for Clerk
                    £415.75      CHEQUES TOTAL
Balance as per cash book at 11/03/14
Business Saver £4569.21
Community Account £2,052.65



























11.3Resolved to increase burial fees. Parishioners will have a £5 increase in burial of stillborn and of a body under 12 years and a £10 increase for the remaining categories. All additional fees for non-parishioners will be increased by £7.50. Clerk to action.
Prop DD 2nd KN All in favour.






12.0Parish Council Management Issues




12.1It was resolved that the Clerk should modernise the Standing Orders for formal agreement at the AGM in May.
Prop DD 2nd GK All in favour


12.2KN to become the internal spot check auditor.
Prop DD, 2nd JB All in favour.




12.3Staffing committee to be established and be comprised of DD / KN / RL / PN
Prop GK, 2nd BB All in favour.




12.4It was resolved that RL should be the Parish Council representative on the Internal Drainage Board.
Prop BB 2nd JB All in favour.




12.5Play area inspector to be decided upon at the May meeting.




13.0Councillors concerns and agenda items for next meeting –information only




13.1GK reminded all of the Code of Conduct and stated that any type of bullying and out of hours contact is unacceptable.




13.2DD noted that there is a new BT ‘Fibre to the Cabinet’ installed in the village and that this should increase broadband speed. 


13.3KN noted that at her annual safety inspection of the Cemetery she needs to lay down one unsafe memorial stone and will endeavour to find out if anyone in the village is responsible for this,. She also noted that the edging boards are still required. BB to look into fixing this before the May meeting, DD has spare wood for this.






13.4BB noted two streetlights requiring maintenance. To send details to the Clerk.




14.0Public Comments  / Questions




14.1Crown Gardens path was discussed. GK suggested that a management committee could be set up to maintain this right of access.




14.2Cllr Martin Storey noted that at Feltwell Parish Council the Councillors each take it in turns to undertake routine playground inspections. This was noted for the May meeting. He also advised looking at funding from NCC – Parish Partnership funding. NC to look into this. Furthermore he noted that results for a decision on the way forward for the incinerator in Kings Lynn were still pending.







15.0Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday May 13th 2014.
Annual Wereham Parish Meeting 7pm
Wereham Annual Parish Council meeting to follow.




 Meeting Closed at 9.30pm.


Confirmed as a true and accurate record of the meeting:

Chair……………………………………………………. Date……………………………………………..

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