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Wereham Parish Council - January

March 2014


Minutes of the Ordinary Parish Council Meeting

14th January 2014 at 7.30pm

Wereham Village Hall


Cllr Jo Bruce                            JB        Chair

Cllr Dave Deighton                  DD        Vice Chair

Cllr Phillip Norris                     PN

Cllr Gail Koopowitz                 GK

Cllr Karin Newell                     KN

Cllr Brian Bruce                       BB

Cllr Roger Lankfer                   RL

Nicola Cooper                          NC        Parish Clerk (Minutes)

Also in attendance:

Cllr Colin Sampson                  CS        BCKLWN

Cllr Martin Storey                    MS       NCC

Members of the Public: 9





Welcome and Introductions






JB welcomed all and noted that her completed Declaration of Acceptance as Chairperson of Wereham Parish Council was signed and witnessed at the end of the last meeting.







Apologies for absence.






None received.






Minutes of Meeting Held on 12th November 2013






Amendment to minutes Noted that 10.3 terminology ‘mini discussion’ should read ‘Working Party’. The amended minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record.
Prop. PN, 2nd DD






Declarations of Interest on Agenda Items and Dispensation Requirements














JB declared a pecuniary interest in the companies Country Grounds Maintenance and the Landscape Group to be discussed under agenda items 7.0 and 8.0.
KN declared a pecuniary interest in any matters concerning the LDF Policy.
GK declared an interest in any decisions regarding the Village Hall due to her membership in the Village Hall Committee.
PN declared a pecuniary interest in matters concerning the LDF Policy.






Matters Arising






Matters arising not dealt with elsewhere on agenda: 
5.1.112/11-5.2 Grit bin moved back into place. Noted that bins have been refilled.
5.1.212/11-5.2 Parish Council guidance to be posted following removal of meeting notice.
5.1.312/11-9.2 NC has lodged a complaint with the officers responsible for Waste Planning at NCC regarding concerns over wood store. They are going to investigate what is in operation and will keep the Clerk updated. RL highlighted that Cllr Brian Long was the County and Borough Councillor linked to West Dereham and that he had advised speaking to the planning enforcement team at the Borough Council.
5.1.412/11-9.4 Bennett Homes consider the Springs development complete. BCKLWN require further details of outstanding issues before they can investigate further. PN to speak to Derek Lockwood and Chris Ward to confirm the issues and will send details to NC.
5.1.512/11-9.5 NC read out an email from Alan Gomm at BCKLWN regarding Communuty Infrastructure Levy. The PC will be contacted when consultation regarding the potential of a Levy in the future is underway. Noted that this is a separate issue to the LDF.
5.1.612/11-11.1 The cremations record book has not been located. NC reported that NALC advise that the only issue to creating a new record would be if any rights to placements have been already sold. KN does not think this is the case and will continue to work to record details in a new book.
5.1.712/11-11.3 Rangers plan to undertake works in Wereham on Thursday 23rd Jan. NC to put a letter through Church Road residents letterboxes to request movement of vehicles for sweeping of leaves.
5.1.812/11-11.5 NC advised that she has spoken with Eon who have advised that the Parish Council is not on a fixed rate contract and that it would not be financially advantageous to do so unless the usage is more than 20,000 kWh/pa. (note 1/4/13 – 30/11/2013 usage was 2,622.30 kWh). The current tariff is 9.2p pkWh + vat. No further action requested
5.1.912/11-12.3 Addresses for people who cleaned the memorial now received and letter to be sent.
5.1.1012/11-12.4 Highways do not own the land at Crown Gardens but do not know who does. It was resolved that NC would request a land registry search to determine this.
Prop. GK, 2nd DD All in favour
5.1.1112/11-12.5 NC advised that she has spoken with Highways who have confirmed that they are not currently planning to place any restrictions along Church Road and therefore any concerns regarding dangerous parking on the corner should be referred to the police. The PCSO for Wereham Parish has advised that if registration numbers are reported at the time of the dangerous parking that they can visit owner’s homes and advise that they park elsewhere, however they cannot enforce fines without restrictions in place.
5.1.1212/11-14.2 Changes to Standing Orders moved to March meeting due to the length of the agenda for this meeting. NC to complete action to circulate information.
5.1.13NC also noted that she has not received an invoice from or been able to contact the mole exterminator. It is uncertain whether they visited the Parish. NC to continue to chase and KN to provide alternative company details.
5.1.1410/09-12/13 KN has received a letter from Heygates confirming the agreement for Wereham Parish Council to have use of the field (copy in Clerks files).
5.1.1512/11-12.7 PN advised that the area in front of the Manor House prone to deep puddles will be dealt with as a two day job by highways mid-February. Concerns regarding the speed of vehicles leaving the manor house to be dealt with prior to the next meeting. KN noted that she has been advised by parishioners that the area around the manor house is now very slippery due to the build-up of mud. NC to advise the Rangers of this. Sunken drains being investigated by Highways.
5.1.1612/11-11.2 NC has forwarded concerns regarding the part of the road edge along the Row which is slipping into the dyke to highways. Response to be chased before next meeting. DD asked NC to note with Highways that this has been outstanding for over a year and presents a possibility for injury to the public. JB to resend map to NC.





Correspondence Received






6.1 Norfolk Age UK – Request for donations
6.2 Bennett Homes – Letter stating they are unclear on what matters are still outstanding on the site as Bennetts consider the site complete.
6.3   Norfolk Association of Local Councils
6.3.1          Norfolk Link – December 2013 Newsletter. JB noted that this discusses possible funding streams for highways improvements and suggested that ideas be discussed at the next meeting. NC to investigate prior to next meeting.
6.3.2          Weekly Updates
6.3.3          Autumn Statement 2013 Summary
6.4   Norfolk RCC
6.4.1          Information on domestic heating oil buying group – can attend meeting to provide a presentation.
6.4.2          November newsletter
6.5   Norfolk CAB – request for donations
6.6   Letter from Mr Ward asking for clarification from the PC regarding the comments submitted to the BCKLWN on the LDF Preferred Options and Detailed Policies and Site Plans. JB / DD noted that this letter stated that Mr Ward felt the response of the Parish Council to the LDF consultation was factually incorrect. NC contacted Alan Gomm at the BCKLWN to make him aware of this and advised Mr Ward to send his comments directly to the Planning department as part of the LDF consultation.
6.7   Barclays confirmation of new signatory added.
6.8   Eon querying if the Parish Council is a micro-business. NC to check with NALC on this.
6.9   CGM – letter about purchasing poppy seeds to commemorate the anniversary of WWI. No support noted.
6.10            Letter from Mr Rye detailing a Messy Church free event to be held for children to attend on Thursday 27th February at 4pm with lots of fun activities and a meal afterwards at the Village Hall. Further information can be sought from Ian and Debbie Rye on 502083
6.11            NHS West Norfolk – poster to encourage people to give up smoking.
6.12            Norfolk County Council – Gritting Routes Leaflet
6.13            Agenda for the Watlington SNAP meeting 15/1/14.
6.14            Letter regarding increased powers of PCSO’s to issue fixed penalty notices to dog owners not picking up after their dog.
6.15            G4 Diary Dates available from the Clerk.










































Grounds Maintenance Contract for 2014
























Three quotes received from Holly Landscapes, Country Grounds Maintenance and the Landscape Group.
Much discussion ensued regarding the various merits of each company against quotes received. It was noted that Holly Landscapes had undertaken the work to a high level of satisfaction during 2013 but that the quote from CGM was considerably lower.
Council voted on the appointment. (JB abstained).
Holly Landscapes: 2 votes
Country Grounds Maintenance: 4 votes
The Landscape Group: 0 votes.
All resolved that the CGM quotation should be accepted with the following clauses: to enable termination of contract with no notice if work is not to standard and as detailed in the quotation; initially the contract to be agreed for the 2014 season with an option to renew for 2015 in September 2014 at the price quoted now; chemical manufacturer details of herbicide to be requested. NC to seek advice on this from NALC. RL to keep a close eye on works. NC/JB to make initial contact.
Prop. DD, 2nd RL.

























Tree Management Plan






Three quotes were sought for this work but only one was submitted by Country Grounds Maintenance.






It was noted that the agreement did not tie the Parish Council to using CGM for actual works but a fee of £150 would be payable to CGM if they were to advise on works which the Council subsequently appointed a different contractor to undertake.









It was resolved that this agreement should be undertaken for 2014 with an option to continue at the end of the year.
Prop. GK, 2nd PN. 4 in favour, 2 against, JB abstained.






NC to check with the Arboricultural officer at BCKLWN which month is optimum for these investigations to occur.







NC to contact CGM to appoint on this basis.






Play Area Safety Inspection Results






The report received from Wicksteed was discussed. In particular:
9.1.1 An additional sign for the multi sports goal is required as per the wording in the report.
9.1.2 RL & BB volunteered to pressure wash the floor tiles.
9.1.3 Litter bins – NC was requested to get a quote for these to be reinstalled and a cost for emptying.
9.1.4 Need identified to check the field regularly for dog mess. NC was asked to include a point in the next G4 for parishioners using the field to make the Clerk aware if there are reoccurring problems.
Prop. GK, 2nd KN, All in favour.









It was noted that initial estimates from Wicksteed for the replacement of floor tiles in the play park with the two more popular flooring types range from £10k-£17k. Various merits of replacing or maintain the floor tiles were discussed. DD proposed a working party after the next meeting to discuss in greater detail. NC to contact BCLKWN to request advice on the best type of flooring and an alternative inspecting body to Wicksteed. Also to take an initial look at funding streams available for play parks.










Village Hall Update






GK provided an update. She passed on thanks from the Village Hall Committee for the signing of the Trust Deed which would be submitted to the Charity Commission for approval. Fundraising is very active and on-going. Prizes are always needed for events and donations are gratefully received. A Village Hall newsletter was produced in the Autumn and another is planned for the Spring. They also have a Facebook page. On-going event surveys will be conducted for lottery application and obtaining evidence from fitness instructors as to the unsuitability of the hall in its current state will strengthen the application. Structural inspections now need to take place every three months. A policy on safe use of the hall has been introduced for all bookings with a maximum number of people dancing of 20 and a limited area for dancing. Closure of the hall in severe weather is also advised. Repair of a beam has been authorised. NC was asked to obtain a copy of this policy to retain on file. There is also now a movement sensor light at the main entrance and non-slip rubber mat at the disabled entrance.

















Street Furniture






The installation of further dog waste bins in the village was discussed. It was resolved that two bins should be provided for in the precept and to be discussed fully at the next meeting. Positioning initially discussed for Flegg Green end of Lammas Meadow Lane and Wiggan Furrow on the bridlepath posts.
Prop. JB, 2nd GK, 5 in favour, 2 against.






DD provided an update on the Church Rd post box – it could now be up to another 6 weeks for installation. Exact location is still not known.






PN has spoken to highways about the railings scheme crossing the A134. Andy Wallace has stated that the central island is the wrong size and shape for railings to be installed and the cost to alter this would be circa £30k. It was noted that highways are satisfied that using the island is the safest way to cross the road and that the new railings guide users towards this.












Agreed cheques be signed and payments approved:
RECEIPTS FOR PERIOD 24/7/13 – 12/11/13
2/12      £0.96                BANK INTEREST
            £0.96                TOTAL RECEIPTS
EXPENDITURE FOR PERIOD 24/7/13 – 12/11/13
(1/12/13            £31.14              EON STREETLIGHTS PAID BY DD)
(1/12/13            £189.60 CLERK SALARY PAID BY DD)
(1/01/14            £32.18              EON STREETLIGHTS PAID BY DD)
(1/01/14            £189.60 CLERK SALARY PAID BY DD)
                        £442.52 TOTAL
For authorisation and payment
21/11/13   £105.00  INITIAL PARISH COUNCIL TRAINING NC/JB/BB                           
12/12/13   £63.00    SLCC: LOCAL COUNCIL ADMIN. BOOK
14/01/14   £283.55  CLERK ADDITIONAL HOURS / EXPENSES NOV & DEC 2013
14/01/14   £6.00      SIGN FOR PLAYGROUND
                 £556.55   CHEQUES TOTAL
14/01/14   £7.50        PER MONTH FOR 10 MONTHS FOR PARISH CLERK
                                  SOCIETY OF LOCAL COUNCIL CLERKS MEMBERSHIP.
Balance as per cash book at 14/01/14
Business Saver £4519.21
Community Account £2911.84
Prop KN 2nd BB All agreed.
NC noted that she has been advised that invoices as well as cheque stubs should be initialled and that random audit checks should be undertaken on the accounts quarterly by another councillor (Cllr Sampson advised later in the meeting that this must not be by a signatory on the account). Cllr to be determined at next meeting. NC to include on agenda.












































All issues reading addition of new contact details and new signatory on the account have been resolved with Barclays. No concerns necessitating changing of banks highlighted.









JB / NC advised that they have the notes from the precept training but the key point to pass across is that the Government Tax Base funding grant which provides a buffer against changes to the way Council Tax is charged by BCKLWN and subsequently the amount of precept which is received is not guaranteed to continue therefore should not be budgeted in precept forecasts for future years








DD talked the Council through the spreadsheet as developed by the precept Working Party. The precept has been set £1,000 higher this year to take into account the election expenses of 2013. This will help ensure that reserves remain should the tax base funding grant not be provided in future years.
Decision to accept spreadsheet and proceed with Precept request of £11,960 plus £870 Government Grant. Prop. JB, 2nd GK, All in favour.












Noted no objections to planning application ref: 13/01783/F change of use from A1 Post Office and shop to C3 residential at Post Office, 2 Vine House, Church Road, as submitted prior to the deadline of 31st December 2013.






Agreed that a joint response of support for the content of the Draft Sustainability Appraisal report for the Detailed Policies and Sites Plan ‘Preferred Options’ for the LDF should be submitted. NC to action.
Prop. DD, 2nd GK, 5 in favour.(2 abstained due to interest)








JB confirmed that the current method of dealing with planning applications electronically with the clerk sending the reference out by email and Cllrs providing an email response to the Clerk to coordinate and submit has been checked with NALC and they have approved that this is a good way of working. Noted that NC holds the paper plans which can be viewed if required.






Parish Plan: Moved to March meeting.






Community Speed Watch






The Parish Council has been approached by a Parishioner, Mr Loake, regarding setting up a Community Speed Watch scheme in the village. The Community Speed Watch would require 6 volunteers who would be fully trained (at no cost) in operating a speed watch scheme. The volunteers would work in two teams of three to operate a speed check as advised by the police in terms of where to stand / what to do etc. Liability insurance would be provided for this. The team would need one coordinator to be responsible for the equipment and relaying the data to the police. Mr Loake has already got four volunteers and is in liaison with the PCSO Jane Edwards to get this established.






NC was requested to mention this in the next G4 update. GK noted that Boughton are already doing this and could provide good feedback. All in favour of supporting and encouraging this.












Email management – NC to provide a digest of information at regular intervals unless urgent information arises.






Leaves and mud near pond have been cleared. Thank you to Brian Bruce and Greg Badock.






Talk with Elizabeth Truss MP; Friday January 31st at 6pm, Downham Town Hall. Two spaces booked. NC to attend.







Training: Changes to the Planning System; Monday 10th February 6-8pm at South
Lynn Community Centre, King’s Lynn. Two spaces booked. NC and JB to attend.






Wish list for the Rangers to be established and kept up to date for NC to provide prior to Rangers quarterly visits. ALL to email ideas to NC.







HR Issues






NC has template documents from NALC for the outstanding HR Staff Policies. All agreed these should be adopted. NC to action.
Prop. KN, 2nd DD, all in favour.








Councillors concerns and agenda items for next meeting






PN has contacted BT to chase up repair of the telephone box. He has a ref. no.






BB noted that the pavement along the Row outside Mr Loakes house is crumbling. NC to include on Rangers wish list.







Public Comments / Questions






Mr Barron made the Council aware that NCC currently has a consultation document open regarding proposed changes to school catchment areas affecting Wereham. This will affect applications from September 2015. It was noted that three options are proposed, in summary these are 1: Put Re-designate the parish of Wereham to the nearest school – James Bradfield CE VC Community Primary School at Stoke Ferry, 2. Re-designate the parish of Wereham to an alternative village Primary school – either to Denver CE VC Primary or Hilgay Village VC Primary the two next nearest schools, 3. Some local families have suggested that the admission rules could be changed to prioritise rural villages in the over-subscription rules for Hillcrest Primary over those living in Downham Market to ensure that village children can gain a place at their current catchment school. Consultation closes on 28th Feb. NC to write to the admissions office to express concern that this consultation has not been flagged up with the Parish Council and other residents as promised by them and request an extension to the consultation period to enable full response from the village.



















Cllr Sampson stated that he feels that NCC has underestimated the number of children in Wereham needing school places in the coming years. He also advised that the phone box in Wretton has just been reinstated and for PN to speak to them if advice is required. Also noted that Community Speed Watch schemes can be divisive as many villages have found that residents get caught out speeding. Cllr Sampson also supports the provision of extra dog waste bins as those villages with bins do seem to be kept cleaner than those without.






It was noted that names for a serving member of the Armed Forces to be asked to lay the wreath at the Remembrance Day service in 2014 are still needed. Please forward to the clerk at werehampc@gmail.com






Date of Next Meeting –Tuesday March 11th 2014.






Meeting Closed at 9.35pm.


Confirmed as a true and accurate record of the meeting:

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