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Northwold Parish Council - January

March 2014



Present: Mrs R Crisp-Chair, Mr F. Eglington, Mr A Collins, Mr A. Jenkinson, Mr G Gillett, Miss A Muir, Mrs S. Leet

1 member of the public

Mrs Crisp welcomed all to the meeting and wished everyone a Happy New year.

1.  To receive and consider accepting apologies for absence:  Mr M. Peake

2. Declarations of Interest made: none

2.1 To consider dispensations: none

3. To agree the minutes of the meeting of 03/12/2013**:** The minutes were signed as a true record, all Councillors agreed.

4. Matters arising from the minutes (for information only):

A number of people witnessed an incident of a car speeding with a child in the front of the car, it was noted that people should report it if they see it.

The Playground Committee are going to get a quote from the installers of the playground; nothing has been received, Mr Jenkinson to follow up.

The climbing board is in a poor state; it has been taken down but the Council do not know who removed it.

5. Reports:

5.1 Chairman’s report: nothing to report

5.2 Clerk’s report:

  • Claire law PCSO sends her apologies, any issues let her know
  • Waiting to hear back from Lightsource about the deeds

6. To discuss, update and agree any action:

Streetlighting: The Clerk has spoken to K & M lighting about a meeting to review the contract; they will help to identify the wattage for the lights which is needed for the certificate to be issued and a reduction in costs to be received. Mr Collins will identify the lights and wattage and pass the details on to the Clerk. The Clerk to contact K & M to ask them to repair the Victorian Light before an event on Monday.

Manor House: no new information

Play Equipment: dealt with in item 4.

Lightsource Community Benefit Payment: dealt with in item 5.2

Litter Picking and Employing a Litter Picker: a short discussion took place; they will work on the common parts of the village and will start nearer the summertime.

Grass cutting: the Clerk to obtain quotes.

Paperwork from Hawkins Ryan Solicitors: one file has been returned which contains old correspondence which will be kept in Miss Muir’s deeds room.

7. Election of Vice Chairman: Mrs Crisp proposed Mr Collins, seconded by Mrs Muir, all Councillors agreed.

Meeting adjourned


Nothing to report

Meeting reconvened

8. Accounts to be presented for approval of payment January 2014

Accounts for Approval January 2014    
PayeeNetVATInland Revenue (Post Office)Gross
Anglia Water(approved in December)




CGM (November)





CGM (December)










K& M Lighting





Staff remuneration





Staff Mileage (40 miles x 40p per mile)




Stamps Mrs M Maguire




NALC Good Councillor Guides




Cricket Club section 137









Cemetery £80
VAT £1861.11
Car Scheme Invoice £154.47

All payments approved all Councillors agreed.

Christmas tree invoice £32.00 to be sent to the Clerk.

December Balance £19,975.69 plus income of £1941.00 less tonight’s invoices £1556.09 + £154.47 Current balance after cheques have been paid = £20,206.24

8.1 To receive and consider the revised budget for 2014/15:

The precept had been set previously by the Council, however new information that the Council were to receive a grant of £924.00 had been received. It was noted that there are so many financial demands on the Parish Council. Mr Collins proposed that the precept (£17,975.61)/ budget be left as set, all Councillors agreed.

9.  Planning

9.1 To receive any planning decisions: 13/01581/F Proposed single storey rear flat

roofed extension 71 High Street Northwold IP26 5N-grant of planning permission

12/00980/CU continued use of land for storage and maintenance of big tops and equipment

associated with the entertainment industry at Oak Lodge Thetford Road Northwold-grant of

planning permission.


13/01432/CU change of use of former shop and post office to form part of residential dwelling at 28 High StreetNorthwold, IP26 5LA-grant of planning permission The Clerk was asked

to query why the Parish Council had not been sent the application for consideration.

13/01398/F Variation of condition 15 of planning consent, installation and operation of solar farm and associated infrastructure at Field at OS 573940 298864 Thetford Road Northwold-grant of planning permission

9.2 To consider any planning applications: Kitchen extension at Northwold Hall, 3 Little London Road Northwold IP26 5NQ – Mrs Leet abstained as she owns land near to the property, no objections.

13/01774/F and Construction of agricultural workers dwelling at High Fen ThornhamRoad Methwold IP26 4PJ 13/01775/F: after looking at the plans Councillors agreed that the application was not in Northwold so comments are not required.

9.3 To consider any planning applications and receive any planning decisions after the agenda was produced: none

10. To receive and Consider Correspondence:

Downham Market funding event 31/01/2014; Mrs Crisp, Mrs Leet and Mr Collins to attend, Clerk is booked on.

Road Maintenance meeting at saddlebow 19th March, 2-4pm; Mrs Muir and Mr Collins to attend.

Leaflet on Downham Market Dial -A-Bus, and Feltwell Dial-A-Bus.

NALC; Norfolk Link, leaflets on staying warm and well, Get the Flu Jab, Become a School Governor and Initial Training for Clerks and Councillors.

11. Any Further reports/items for the next agenda:

To be reported: gulleys at west End, covers are blocked and flooded.

Little London, road and gulley’s are in poor condition to be referred to the Highway Rangers.

It was noted that there has been very little flooding at Riverside this year after the work that was done by the Fisheries and Environment Agency.

The meeting closed 8.20pm

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