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Wretton Parish Council - November

January 2014




Present– Cllr David Llewellyn - Chairman, Cllr Mick Peake, Cllr Mandy Peake, Cllr L Beatty,  Cllr Martin Cann, Cllr John Reeve, Cllr J Wyett.

1.Apologies for Absence:Borough Councillor Colin Sampson
2.Declarations of Interest made:Cllrs Mick and Mandy Peake declared an interest in item 8.
3.The Minutes of the meeting held on 02/09/13 were agreed as a true record.  
4.Matters Arising from previous meetings 
  • All Saints Place
Freebridge Housing Association has removed the large clump of pampas grass which was covering the path at All Saints Place. It is now apparent the footpath which was below the pampas grass has been destroyed. Freebridge will be contacted about this.
A telephone wire is hanging low at All Saints and this will be reported to BT.
  • Rights of Way
No further correspondence has been received regarding the narrowing of Lydia’s Lane and Wiles Drove. Encroachment of the Rights of Way has been recorded and the Parish Council will continue to pursue Highways to correct the encroachments.
Discussion again took place regarding what can be done to protect the Rights of Way and whether the Parish Council should seek legal advice itself with regard to these encroachment issues.
  • Grounds Maintenance Contract
It appears the grounds maintenance contractor has now completed the agreed number of grass cuts in the parish for the year. The Parish Council will continue to monitor the grounds maintenance work undertaken in the parish during the 2014 season to ensure the contractors maintain the agreed cutting schedule.
5.5.1 Chairman’s ReportThe Chairman plans to update the website.
Some structural change will be undertaken and news items will be re-located on the site.
5.2 The Clerk’s
The Clerk has informed BT that the phone box in the village is not working.
It is hoped the phone will be repaired.
However, parishioners will be asked via the website if the phone box would be used and if there is a need for it to be kept in working order. It may be that the phone could be de-commissioned and the Parish Council would then adopt the box.
6.Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Cheques for approval of payment

SJ Scarrott (Sept./Oct)                                                     £112.48
CGM (final payment for 2013)                                       £282.50                             
K & M Lighting  (x2)                                                         £33.78
Poppy wreath                                                                  £17.00
NorfolkALC (photocopying)                                             £21.10
Financial position @ September 30th  2013
Community Account Balance          £3091.00               
Business Saver Account (1)            £687.19                           
Business Premium Account         £12272.54               
Business Saver Account (2)                £0.36 
6.1 It was agreed to purchase two flat swing seats and two cradle seats for the play area at a cost of £188.00 plus £15.00 delivery. The seats will be replaced by members of the Parish Council.
It was also agreed to purchase wood at a cost of £273.60 to repair the fencing at the play area.
6.2  Councillors were presented with an updated budget position and were reminded that the precept request will need to be agreed at the January Parish Council meeting.
7.Correspondence7.1 NorfolkCounty Council (NCC) – parish partnership Scheme 2013/14
7.2 Norfolk Association of Local Councils – Annual Report, weekly e-mail update etc. Councillors informed of upcoming events
7.3 KLWNBC Polling Districts & Polling Places Review
7.4 Mayor’s Civic Awards for Voluntary Service 2013 nominations sought
7.5 NCC Norfolk Putting people First Consultation now running
7.6 Heritage Lottery Fund – First World War Grants
8.Planning applications received for consultation:8.1 13/01449/FM Erection of 7 breeder chicken sheds to replace existing, erection of ancillary building and loading bay cover and construction of roadway Fen Drove Farm, Fen Drove, Wretton PE33 9QP
Cllrs Mick and Mandy Peake declared an interest in item 8.1 and took no part in the decision made to object to this application.
The Council expressed objection to this application due to the increased traffic movement to and from the site. There was also concern regarding the alteration to the site layout resulting in development closer to residential property.
9.Provision of a dog waste binIt was agreed a dog waste bin will be purchased and located on the Wretton side of the bridge at Fen Drove once permission has been sought from Highways.
10.Provision of a wildlife areaThe Clerk will investigate whether the ‘pond’ area on Wretton Green can be designated as a Wildlife Area and guidance will be sought regarding management of the trees on the site.
11.Adoption of the phone boxDiscussed under item 5.2.
12.Further Reports
  • It was noted light pollution from security lighting is seen as a nuisance in the parish. A reminder will be published on the website that Wretton is designated as an area of rural darkness.
  • Volunteers will form a working party to help trim Green Lane. A date was set for December 1st to undertake clearance work.
  • It was agreed in principal that Cllr Wyett will site a donated bench in the far corner of Wretton Green. This decision will be confirmed at the January meeting of the Parish Council.

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