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Stoke Ferry Youth Club - February

January 2014

Stoke Ferry Youth Club

Friday's 3:15pm ~ 5pm

at James Bradfield Community Centre

James Bradfield Christmas Fete.

SFYC attended the JBS Christmas Fete which was great fun!

We had 2 fun games and a BIG box of chocolate raffle.

Igloo Race:

1-11yr ~ Christopher Ostrom 20 seconds

12-15yr ~ Rune Charlesworth 11.6 seconds

16yr + ~ Jon Stannard 11.9 seconds

Snowball Throw:

1-7yr ~ Kip Charlesworth 70

8-15yr ~ Katelin Humphrey 100

16yr + ~ Dixie Cullison 140

Big Chocolate Box winner:

Neith Charlesworth

Dates for January/February

Friday 24th Jan ~ Cake Cake Cake! SFYC is 3 years old!

Friday 31st Jan ~ Snow Craft

Friday 7th Feb ~ Valentine Cards

Friday 14th Feb ~ Valentine Fun

Friday 21st Feb ~ Closed

Friday 28th Feb ~ Closed


Joshua Abbott-Smith, Finn Reeve-Butler, Mia Knapp,

Harry Anderson and Matthew Prime.

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