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Boughton News - February

January 2014

HILDA SAVAGE 1921-2013

Just before Christmas (2013) we lost a lovely lady who was a long time resident of Boughton.

Hilda came to live in Boughton when she married Frank Savage and they took over running the Village Store and later the Post Office was added.

Hilda loved the village and was very happy here raising her family and working throughout her life until she and Frank retired.  She lost Frank about 10 years ago and the village picnic table is there in his honour.

Hilda was the sweetest lady and I enjoyed many happy hours in her company both here in Boughton and later in Ashville Care Home.  She never lost her faculties and we had great discussions about what was in the papers and what was going on in the world.  “We could put the world to rights we thought!”

I personally will miss her greatly but I have some lovely memories and although there are not many of her generation left, those that knew her will remember her fondly.

Sandy Reid

Boughton Wishing Bucket – Donation Update January 2014

So, why is it called the Boughton Wishing Bucket when it’s clearly a wishing well?

Let’s go back nearly three years to the Annual Boughton Challenge when the challenge was to do anything with a ‘bucket’ as provided by Frank & Geoff. Dave Howard decided to create a Wishing Well around his bucket and it was duly named the Boughton Wishing Bucket!

If you look carefully at the Wishing Bucket you will see that the ‘well’ is actually an orange bucket! And if you look closely you will see that you can drop in your loose change and make a wish!

Many people have already made a wish and dropped their change into the well, and since it was placed on The Green your generous donations, including some match funding, have allowed us to donate £250 to local charities. This is magnificent and something we should all be proud of.

Please continue to support this fund raising venture and perhaps suggest a charity you would like to see supported in the future. Come along to your Parish Council meetings and make your views known.

Boughton Parish Council – January 2014

Christmas in Boughton

Many thanks to all those who helped to make it a memorable Christmas in Boughton. Thanks again to Geoff Proctor for the beautiful tree in the church and to Geoff and Frank for setting it up.  Maryse and Tony decorated it with some style, I think everyone would agree, and Angela and I decorated the rest of the church with greenery, some donated by Elizabeth and Hans Hager, some from my garden and some holly with real berries from the churchyard itself.

Our Carol service was a joy to attend, with a range of readers from the village itself and almost the full choir in attendance. Fourteen people can make quite a big sound! Thanks to all those who read, to Tom for playing the organ and training the choir (we really enjoy it, Tom) and to Robin for taking the service so beautifully. I try to vary the carols for the congregation each year, and we were blessed with some fine singing. It was good to see visitors from outside the village as well, most of whom were able to join us for our village ‘party’ with food brought along by the congregation. The collection was donated to the Syrian famine relief fund.

There was a short lull before the Crib service on Christmas Eve. The donkey was called Bubbles, fetched from Litcham by Paul, accompanied by Robin. The donkey was beautiful, specially combed and brushed, and he behaved extremely well. Everyone is usually watching carefully and it wouldn’t be the same without a donkey. It was a short service, but enjoyably organised by the Rye family and Pippa. Many thanks to everyone and this collection went to Crisis at Christmas, which needs support after Christmas as well. (It was lovely to see the lanterns around the pond as we left – in my case to ring bells at another church’s carol service.)

Our Christmas Day service provided a welcome surprise; I don’t remember in previous years being asked for more wafers in the middle of the service, nor having to ask later arrivals to put out more chairs! It was lovely to have a congregation of almost fifty, singing heartily as well. Several large families helped to swell the numbers and we welcomed old friends as well. Do come again!!

Once again, thanks to all those who helped to make Boughton’s Christmas so memorable and enjoyable at church and with friends later in the day.

Pam Wakeling

Church services for February

2nd February

Beachamwell                    Holy Communion                            11 am

Wereham                            Evening Service                                6 pm

Shouldham                         Holy Communion (said)                9.45 am

Marham                               Café Church                                       10.30 -11.30

9th February

Barton Bendish Family Communion                        11 am

Boughton                             Breakfast Church                            10 am

Shouldham Thorpe          Holy Communion                             9.30 am

Fincham                                Evensong                                            6 pm

Marham                               Holy Communion                            10.30 am

16th February

Beachamwell                    Morning Prayer/Family Service 11 am

Wereham                            Holy Communion                               11 am

Shouldham                         Morning Prayer                                   9.45 am

Marham                               Morning Worship                              10.30 am

22nd February

Barton Bendish                 Evening Service                                   6 pm

Boughton                            Holy Communion                              11 am

Fincham                               Holy Communion (said)                 9.30 am

Marham                               United Holy Communion at Holy Trinity 10.30 am

Thursday Services  10 am HC followed by coffee at Fincham except for the second Thursday in the month, when it will be at Boughton


Good News

Boughton Fen Committee would like all of you for voted for us in the Lloyds Community Fund Awards.

It certainly paid dividends, as we were top of the poll with over 35% of the vote.  We have now received our cheque for £3000.00 from Lloyds Bank to help us with our fen work.

Working Parties

We will be carrying on with our working parties on the Fen on the following dates:

February 9th and 23rd,  and March 9th and 23rd.

I will remind  everyone on my email list with  nearer each date, but if anyone else would like to join us, or would like to know more about what is involved, please give me a call on 01366 500461, or email me at

We look forward to seeing you.

Mark Pogmore


Most of the summer visitors have now departed for warmer climes, leaving the fen to full time residents and human visitors.

Over the autumn and winter, we intend to carry out work with a number of working parties to keep on top of things and also repair seat and extend the boardwalk where necessary.

Specialist contractors will continue to remove large areas of scrub to prevent it spreading further into the main areas of reed bed.

The Environment Agency has recently carried out work to some areas of the bank adjacent  to Stringside Drain, to assist in retaining water in the fen.  This work is part of the Water Management Plan for the SSSI.

We recently met with the representatives of Baling for Biodiversity, which is an organisation specialising in cutting and baling reed and grass in wetland areas.  They should visit us later in the season to work on selected areas to enhance habitat for wildlife in certain parts of the fen.

Voting for Boughton Fen in the Lloyds Community Fund finished on 1st November.  Thank you all who voted by email, text or visiting Lloyds bank.  We are now awaiting the results to see if we have been awarded a  £3000  grant to assist us in our continuing work on the Fen.

We are now the proud owners of our own website . We will be putting more information on in the next few weeks. Thanks go to Kevin Fisher for masterminding this project.

If you would like to assist us with our efforts on the fen, please give me a call on 01366 500461, or email



Pilates classes in the All Saints Centre got off to a great start on Saturday mornings in January with a full complement of ten participants, put through their paces by Susan Hancock, from the Reflexology Studio in Swaffham. This discipline centres around isolating the core muscles for optimum use, then completing movements slowly and in a steady flow, using the body as a low load and relaxing the arms and legs so they act as the weight. Lateral thoracic (look it up, I did) breathing is achieved by inhaling through the nose to prepare for the movement, then breathing out through the mouth whilst moving. All this must surely mean that I will soon have a golf swing like Rory McIlroy!

Currently classes are planned to run until April: if sufficient numbers come forward, we could even run two classes a week, maybe one on another time and day. Meanwhile Saturday coffee mornings have to move! February and March will be on the 15th.

Paul Coulten

Olive Armsby

Olive Alethea Taylor was born at Ten Mile Bank on 2nd March 1913 and died on Christmas Eve, 2013.

Olive had three brothers, Stan, George and Albert and a sister, Nellie. She attended Ten Mile Bank schook where she became friends with Bert Armsby, who much later became her husband. She married Bert on February 23rd, 1935 at Ten Mile Bank Chapel, where they worshipped for a number of years. They had two sons, Raymond and Clifford, later three grandsons and much later three great-grand daughters.

Olive worked on the land for MA Rice until 1939. In October 1939 they moved to Winnold Farm, Wereham, where she also helped on the land. They farmed at Wereham until 1974 and on retirement they moved to Mill Hill Road, Boughton. Sadly, Bert died in August 1990.

Olive was a member of FinchamWI and the Wissey Ladies’ Choir. She was a devoted member of Boughton Chapel, later becoming a member of Stoke Ferry Chapel when Boughton closed.

From April 2005, no longer able to live alone, she lived some of the time at The Squares, Gibbet Lane and also at The Oaklands, Swaffham, and enjoyed going to the Swaffham Chapel. She attended the Mardlers Day Centre for many years.

With failing health, she moved into Ashville House, Downham Market where she lived very happily for two and a half years.

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