River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Northwod Parish Council - October

December 2013



Present: Mrs R Crisp-Chair, Mr F. Eglington, Mr A Collins, Miss A Muir, Mr M Peake, Mr G Gillett

1 member of the public

Mrs Crisp welcomed all to the meeting.

1.  To receive and consider accepting apologies for absence: Mr A Jenkinson, Mrs S Leet, Mrs V Lynch

2.Declarations of Interest made: none

2.1 To consider dispensations: none

3. To agree the minutes of the meeting of 03/09/2013**:**

It was noted that Miss Muir sent apologies late this afternoon.

Mrs Crisp went through the minutes identifying and discussing matters arising:

  • Mr Jenkinson reported to the Clerk that he had not heard anything about the play equipment meeting which was due to take place; the clerk was asked to email the playground committee to enquire about the meeting.
  • The Clerk is attending CiLCA training and has sent the bursary form off.
  • Mrs Crisp and Mr Collins attended the pathways meeting, Mr Gillett gave his apologies for not attending.
  • Mrs Crisp reported that Highway Rangers had visited Northwold and undertaken work; but not the work the Parish Council asked for. It was noted that Highways have no money to spend on pathways; if work needs to be carried out then the Parish Council may have to undertake it. Norfolk County Council is not allowed to increase the Council Tax. The precept could be increased to undertake the work; may need to look at it in the future.

The minutes having been previously circulated were agreed with one amendment, Mr Jenkinson had attended the meeting. The minutes were signed as a true record; all Councillors agreed.

4. Matters arising from the minutes (for information only):

dealt with in item 3.

5. Reports:

5.1 Chairman’s report:

  • A letter to be sent to the Environment Agency about the Public Right of Way next to the Little River at the approach to the bridge in Inghams Lane; part of the bank has collapsed into the river making the path hazardous for people to walk on.
  • A parishioner has complained about the dog bin at Hovells Lane; there are carrier bags full of waste which make it impossible for others to use the bin; a notice to be put in Village Life. Mr Peake to ask the Borough Council if they have any suggestions.

5.2 Clerk’s report:

  • Tax Notice appeal has been sent
  • VAT claim to be sent off for £1861.11
  • Need address to write a letter about overhanging trees

Mr Jenkinson asked the Clerk to report:

  • He did not roll the field as the tractor is in pieces; he spoke to the person who offered to roll the field and clarified that he could roll it anytime.
  • He has the bin and is making a bracket so it can be fixed
  • His wife has checked for litter every Friday-one bin needs emptying which she is going to empty.
  • He needs to speak to the person about removing the soil at Whittington; Mr Peake agreed to talk to him.
  • The car parked at Methwold Road; he has talked to the occupant of the house but the car is still parked there.

6. To Consider and give an update on:

Streetlighting: most of the new streetlights are in; three lights are not fixed. There has been good feedback from parishioners; 1 or 2 have asked if the lights could be adjusted, unfortunately there are no adjustments as they are set at factory settings. A discussion took place on how many lights; they need to be counted. Mr Collins to get the code to access a reduction in maintenance costs.

Manor House: it has been compulsory purchased and is in ownership of the Borough Council but being disputed.

Play Equipment: dealt with in item 3.

Lightsource Community Benefit Payment:

The clerk read the replies to the questions:

  • The number of panels would depend on the size of the building/roof selected
  • The Parish Council will get the feeding tariff and be the owners of the installation
  • The benefits are reduced electricity costs, income and  a learning opportunity resource
  • The Parish Council should request quotes from an accredited installer
  • The Parish Council will be responsible for maintenance but can include maintenance costs in the quote for the first few years

It was noted that the Sports and social Club had not replied to the letter sent to them; the clerk to send another letter asking for a response; if the Parish Council do not hear within fourteen days then it will assume that they are not interested in the community benefit. The Village Hall Trustees would be interested; the Clerk to ask Lightsource if it is possible to split the community benefit and install solar panels to two community buildings and ask whether there is a deadline date that they have to meet. All Councillors agreed to accept the Lightsource community benefit; Mrs Crisp signed the forms, witnessed by the Clerk.

Litter Picking and Employing a Litter Picker:

A discussion took place on litter picking and the employment of a litter picker; unpaid work offenders carry out a range of work; it was agreed that Miss Muir would contact the relevant person to propose that offenders spend a day working in Northwold. It was noted that they will be supervised, all Councillors agreed.

Meeting suspended


No comments or questions received

Meeting reconvened

7. Accounts to be presented for approval of payment August 2013

The Bank Account stands at £22,278.38. The clerk presented the invoices and cheques for payment:
Accounts for Approval October 2013    
PayeeNetVATInland Revenue (Post Office)Gross
K & M Lighting  (September 13)





CGM (August)





Staff Remuneration





War Memorial





Mrs Maguire (stamps)














Mark Skinner Brandon Funeral Service




Councillors checked the invoices; all councillors approved the invoices and accounts
7.1 To Consider the Budget for 2014/15
The clerk asked Councillors if they had any specific projects or requests that would need to be included in the budget for next year, the discussion included:
  • Money for chaffer bug treatment; it had worked to some extent
  • Footpaths/damage to bank repairs; need to see if the Environment Agency will pay, they are responsible for river bank
  • The Landowners are responsible for the land behind  the river
It was noted that before we put the precept up we need to find out where we stand legally. Need to see what the response is form the letter to the Environment Agency. If a negative response is received then we may need to contact the papers, it is a serious health and safety issue.
7.2 To Receive and Consider Feedback from Mazars for the Annual Audit/Annual Return:
The clerk read through the External Auditor’s report, it included:
  • The annual return is in accordance with proper practices and no matters have come to our attention giving cause for concern.
  • Other matters which do not affect their opinion but were commented on and given advice on, was the valuation basis on the asset register and that it should remain consistent.
The asset register was discussed; the clerk was asked to put it on the next agenda.
The clerk to display sections 1, 2, 3 and the notice to inspect on the notice board; it was agree to charge £2 if members of the public wish to have a copy of the annual return.
8. Planning
Mr Peake would not be taking any part in planning discussions or decisions.

8.1 To receive any planning decisions after the agenda was produced:

13/01163/F single storey extension at Hill House 25 Methwold Road Whittington: permission granted.

13/00958/F amended proposals for conversion of barns to 2 no. dwellings at Pooley Farm 16 Thetford Road Northwold: permission granted

13/00963/LB Amended proposals for the conversion of barns to 2 no. dwellings at Pooley Farm 16 Thetford Road Northwold: grant of listed building consent.

8.2 To consider any planning applications after the agenda was produced: none received

9 To receive and Consider Correspondence:

Norfolk Putting People First consultation on 2014/15 budget and savings proposals for 2014/17; they need to make savings of £189 million over the three years. The consultation will be open form 19th September to 12th December, comments can be made online by email and in writing; they are also holding 2 events in partnership with Norfolk Association of local Councils (NALC); 22nd October in Swaffham and the 24th October in Norwich.

NALC update:

  • revised standing orders are scheduled for release on the 4th October
  • A seminar on who should care for our older people is on the 18th October in Norwich
  • The NALC AGM is on 5th October at Swanton Morley.
  • Information about Norfolk County Council budget consultation
  • NALC Autumn Seminar is on 5th November.
  • NALC Annual Report

Norfolk RCC letter asking to reconsider membership

A thank you note was received from the person who donated money for the war memorial; the unspent money was returned to the donator.

10. Any Further reports/items for the next agenda:

The clerk had written a letter to the bank asking them to change the correspondence address; it was signed by the signatories present; Mrs Crisp to get it signed by the other signatory.

The Clerk will be updating the contact details for the website.

The meeting closed 8.32pm

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