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Boughton Parish Council Meeting - December

December 2013

Boughton  Parish Council.  Meeting 1st November 19:00 Councillors are summoned to a meeting for the purposes of transacting the following business.

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes meeting 2nd August 2103

i.      AGM Minutes May 3rd 2013

  1. Matters Arising

i.      Village speed limit - see T Roberts report

ii.      LDF Planning Consultation Clarification – see F Reid report

  1. Chairman’s Report – F. Reid
  2. Report from Councillors.

i.      Signs and St Furniture                         P. A

ii.      Financial Report                                   P. Agate

iii.      Drainage                                               G. Proctor

iv.      Highways                                              T. Roberts

v.      Planning                                                D. Horkan

vi.       Playground                                          A. Beeston

vii.      Public Rights of Way                           D. Cooper

viii.      Fen Report                                           M. Pogmore

  1. Precept Budget
  2. Oxbrough Broad
  3. Correspondence – D Horkan

Meeting Closes

Open Questions

Date and time of Next Meeting 17th January 2014 – 19:00

The Public are welcome to this meeting

Date held:1st November Time: 19:00Venue:All Saints, Boughton
Dave Horkan (DHO)ClerkApologies:Tom Roberts
Frank Reid (FRE)Councillor/Chairman Andy Beeston
Mark Pogmore (MPO)Councillor  
Geoff Proctor (GPR)CouncillorChair:Frank Reid
Peter Agate (PAG)Councillor  
David Cooper (DCO)
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| | --- | --- | --- | --- | | 1. | Apologies: |   |   | |   |   |   |   | | 2. | Minutes meeting May 3rd 2013 |   |   | |   | Minutes of meeting from the August 2nd 2013 presented for agreement and signature and page initials by Chairman |   |   | |   |

  1. Minutes of AGMAugust 2nd 2013 presented for agreement and signature and page initials by Chairman

|   |   | |   |   |   |   | | 3. | Matters Arising |   |   | |   |

  1. a.      Village speed limits

See T Roberts Report |   |   | |   |   |   |   | |


  1. b.      LDF Planning consultation clarification

|   |   | |   |

See F Reid Report

|   |   | | 4. | Chairman’s Report – F. Reid |   |   | |   | Financial Officer.

Following a change in Mr Horkan’s work demands it was highlighted that he now has much less free time available to commit to Council duties. As a result of discussions Councillor Agate has kindly agreed to take over the duties of Treasurer and Responsible Financial Officer. Mr Horkan has brought the statement of accounts up to date and handed them over to Councillor Agate. I am very grateful to Mr Horkan for the work he has done on our behalf as RFO over the past two and a half years .

Also, I record my thanks to Peter for taking on these duties.

Local Development Framework.

The principals of the LDF. have been published in a final consultation document. There is in fact no change to the guide documents that were used at a number of open meetings to inform Boughton residents of the proposals and how they affect our village. That is, Boughton is classified as a hamlet, and as such deemed unsuitable for sustainable development. There are no sites for development nominated. However, any modest infill build would be considered on individual planning application. Any gaps in a row of dwellings would be considered, provided a need is identified. The consultation period has now expired, but we have made comment to Borough planning dept. Mr Horkan will comment on this in the planning item of the agenda.

Pond Edge Flora.

The contractor employed by the PCC to make safe an overhanging tree in the Churchyard very kindly agreed with Geoff to remove the Willow regrowth FOC at the pond edge opposite Hall Farmhouse.

I record Council’s thanks to Mr Robert Smith, Director. Treelink Landcare.

Christmas .

We will again try to provide Christmas trees for the Village & Church. Suggest this year that we decorate the Village tree with lights only. The tinsel and baubles tend to end up strewn across the road and ground following a windy day.

Dog Fouling.

There have been further incidents of dog fouling since the last Council meeting. Church yard and Village green. Jane Edwards our local PCSO now has authority to issue spot fines. I have held discussions with Jane and she is committed to supporting us in our desire to correct this antisocial behaviour. Jane can only issue a spot fine if she personally witnesses an offence. She can however, deliver a comment of concern if we witness it and report it to her.

|   |   | | 5. | Councillors Reports |   |   | |   | i. Signs & Street Furniture – P. Agate |   |   | |   | The final maintenance for the year has been carried out with the circular seat, village sign and village notice boards all receiving a coat of preservative. A note of thanks is due to councillor Beeston for the algae removal from the village sign.

The circular picnic table will require some more substantial maintenance next year and consideration should be given to replacement in the medium term.



| |   | ii. Financial Report – P. Agate |   |   | |   | Councillors have been circulated with the current accounts position.

Highlights in the period are the recovery of VAT on behalf of the Fen Committee up to year ending 2012-13 and the consolidation of all accounts into a single summary as requested by the auditors.  Expenditure has been incurred in respect of mower related items, and playground maintenance costs. The wishing bucket continues to raise monies with circa £40 raised so far this financial year. Both accounts have now been combined in order to comply with a request by Mazars auditors, DHO to confirm this action in email prior to 13/14 audit

PAG confirmed that the £1,000 playground reserve in the community saver account has been utilised for the maintenance, hedge cutting and safety surveys in the playground and approximately 50% remains to date for further requirements



8/11/13 | |   | iii. Drainage – G Proctor

|   |   | |   | Following T Roberts meeting with the Highways Rangers, the following items have been progressed: -

Blocked drains around the pond nr Church Farm (completed); Drainage ditches around pond need clearing (completed)

Drainage ditches in Church Road and Stoke road to be cleared (NCC have put this into their work programme)

Drains tarmacked over in Crabb Lane (completed); Ditches in Crabb Lane to be cleared (completed); Catch Pit in Crabb Lane needs improvement / repair (NCC to carry out a drain investigation – this is now in their work programme).

|   |   | |   | iv. Highways – T. Roberts (DHO in absence)

At the last PC meeting the issue of motor vehicles speeding through Boughton was raised by a parishioner. This is not a new issue and indeed a couple of years ago the village was lent some speed guns with the aim of detecting speeding motorists. If there were multiple occurrences of speeding the offenders could / would be sent advisory letters by the police. For successful prosecutions it would be necessary for the police to have detected the speeding driver.  At the last PC meeting there was a discussion on what might help in reducing speeding and I agreed to look at the possibility of a 20 MPH speed limit.

From my initial review of the papers the decision on whether or not a 20 MH limit is made in Boughton will be made by the traffic authority - in our case Norfolk CC. This will involve a full economic appraisal which is likely to require data on for instance - average motor traffic volumes; average cyclist movement; average pedestrian / walker movements; etc. Other key considerations are likely to include:-

  • the presence (or absence of) local schools; and of course current and historic accident / incident rates.
  • Almost certainly Norfolk CC would carry out a formal consultation on any proposal for a new 20 MPH speed limit. A consultation of that sort would undoubtedly give consultees the opportunity to object to such a proposal.
  • Following from this a key step before deciding whether or not we approach Norfolk CC is to get a clear understanding of parishioner’s views in respect of a lower, i.e. 20 MPH, speed limit before deciding whether we work up and make any formal approach to Norfolk CC. This is on going.
  • Public opinion regarding 20mph limit to be established.

Highway and Community ranger visit

We were advised by Norfolk CC that their Highway Ranger team would be in Boughton during the week starting 21 October 2013. The rangers carry out a number of highways related tasks and the CC asked if there was any work which we wished them to carry out. As a result of discussions with colleague councillors and others I identified a number of items of highways related work which we asked Norfolk CC to action if they could. The Highway Ranger team actioned some of the work but some still remains to be completed. The status of highways progress by NCC is detailed below, the drainage items completed are In GPR report:

  • Posts along the verge near the surgery (NCC have put this into their work programme);
  • I understand NCC will write to us shortly to confirm details.



17/11/14 | |   | v.Planning – D Horkan |   |   | |   | Planning applications received in the period included the following:-

  • T1 Pear tree - Reduce by 1/3 from the top and the outer limits within Conservation Area Appletree Cottage

|   |   | |   |

  • Removal of leylandii hedge within Conservation Area Tapestry Cottage

|   |   | |   |

  • Replacement of plastic conservatory and addition of single storey extension at rear of building and replacement of UPVC windows and traditional timber sliding sash windows at front and rear of building Hall Farmhouse

|   |   | |   | Having completed the contractual matters which have passed the Phonebox into the council’s possession, BT has removed the telephony equipment from the kiosk. Power will be maintained by BT for the foreseeable future and the light fixed which they wouldn’t agree to previous. Volunteers have come forward to maintain the kiosk and a working party will tidy up the kiosk initially prior to a more complete improvement in the spring. Consideration is being given to future use of the kiosk and a further report will follow in due course. |   |   | |   |   |   |   | |   | Vi Playground – A Beeston (Delivered by F Reid in ABE absence)

|   |   | |   | The grass cutting in the playground continues to be kept in good order by our dutiful chairman.  The condition of the equipment is being checked weekly and recorded for future reference.  The cradle of the child swing, mentioned at the last meeting, has only been delivered today, so will be fitted as soon as possible.  Several alterations have been made to the equipment to increase the use and possible safety for the children using the facilities.  Such adjustments have been duly recorded.  The next annual Professional safety audit for the playground has been arranged for early next year.

|   |   | |   | Vii – Public Rights of Way |   |   | |


7. | There is little to report, the public footpaths have been maintained in good order throughout the growing season and have been used during this period with no comments adverse or otherwise received.

Viii – Fen Report – M. Pogmore

Most of the summer visitors have now departed for warmer climes, leaving the fen to full time residents and human visitors.

Over the autumn and winter, we intend to carry out work with a number of working parties to keep on top of things and also repair seat and extend the boardwalk where necessary.

Specialist contractors will continue to remove large areas of scrub to prevent it spreading further into the main areas of reed bed.

The Environment Agency has recently carried out work to some areas of the bank adjacent  to Stringside Drain, to assist in retaining water in the fen.  This work is part of the Water Management Plan for the SSSI.

We recently met with the representatives of Baling for Biodiversity, which is an organisation specialising in cutting and baling reed and grass in wetland areas.  They should visit us later in the season to work on selected areas to enhance habitat for wildlife in certain parts of the fen.

Voting for Boughton Fen in the Lloyds Community Fund finished on 1st November.  Thank you all who voted by email, text or visiting Lloyds bank.  We are now awaiting the results to see if we have been awarded a  £3000 grant to assist us in our continuing work on the Fen.

We are now the proud owners of our own website . We will be putting more information on in the next few weeks. Thanks go to Kevin Fisher for masterminding this project.

If you would like to assist us with our efforts on the fen, please give me a call on 01366 500461, or email

Precept Budget

Following the receipt of a £40 subsidy grant toward the 12/13 precept which was passed in total to parishioners, it has been intimated that this will not be received in 13/14.

With regard to this reduction, inflationary pressures and the fact that council has maintained the current precept level of £1300 for the last 4 years, an increase of precept to £1,350 was proposed, this equates to an increase of 60p per household per annum, all agreed to set precept at £1,350.

Oxbrough Broad |   |   | |


| M Pogmore explained that the fen committee had been approached to investigate the acquisition of Oxbrough broad through a possible joint venture with the Hawk & Owl Trust, it was proposed and agreed that the fen committee set up a sub-committee to research the possibility of progression, together with all associated risk and ramifications prior to agreed progression.

Correspondence – D Horkan |


17/1/14 | |   |

  • Public health flu campaign, sent to G4 and village pump
  • NALC - south Norfolk speeding, precept setting, capping and grants, Shouldham parish council request for small toilet block design. Village hall bookings for events warn against advertising on , social media outlets.Problems have been experienced.
  • Calculation provided by Andy Beeston regarding cost of power & oil for Village Centre use discussed.  Cost approximately  £3.46/hr equating to circa £40-50 per annum. Council agreed to reimburse PCC. To cover cost of our meetings.
  • Various donations requests received Charity donation policy

To be formulated and presented for Council approval.

  • Polling district notification of review
  • Numerous changes regard account presentation for rolled up BPC and fen
  • Acceptance an inclusion of BPC planning clarification through online portal



Jan 17th | |   |   |   |   | |   |   |

|   | |   | Meeting closed |   |   | |   |   |   |   | |   | Open Questions |   |   | |   |   |   |   | |   | Date and Venue of Next Meetings: 17th January 2103 All saints Church Boughton |   |   | |   |   |   |   | |   | The Public are welcome to this meeting |   |   |

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