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Boughton Parish Council - Autumn Newsletter

December 2013

So, what have the Parish Council been up to on your behalf for the last few months?

The on-going maintenance of our lovely Village Green continues to be a focus of activity. This facility is kept in pristine condition by the voluntary action of the councillors and parishioners, and includes mowing The Green, replacing posts around The Green and on-going maintenance of the flora around the pond. As well as regular tidy ups by the Council there was some willow regrowth that we had tried to clear a year or two ago which re-appeared and the council managed to get this removed without charge by a contractor working elsewhere in the village.

The Village street scene is kept tidy by regular checks of all signage, facilities including seats and the playground equipment also. Maintenance is carried out regularly to ensure we get the best life from all the village assets. Recently we replaced a worn swing seat, added some more steps and two additional handrails to the slide to make it more user friendly for the growing number of youngsters we have in Boughton.

The Annual Boughton challenge was held in August, with the challenge being ‘bake a loaf’ there were many superb entries and this year Barton Bendish nipped in to win. There was also teddy tossing from the church tower which turned out to be very interesting with many parachuting teddies flying across the churchyard. A definite must for next year!

The Parish Council have a very good relationship with the Borough Council and Highways. There is occasional fly-tipping in the parish, but once recorded a quick phone call and the Borough clean-up team usually remove it within 24 hours. If you see any fly tipping let a parish councillor know, and we will deal with it. Similarly if there are any issues with the roads through the village, the Highway rangers are notified and any works are added to their work schedule during their quarterly visits. Again if you have any highways concerns advise a parish councillor and we will act.

We are rightfully proud of our war memorial in Boughton and following the major refurbishment last year the memorial has received an annual clean to keep it looking as it should.

The Parish now owns the former BT phone kiosk and will maintain it in good condition. Although the telephony has been taken out, BT will maintain a power supply and it is good to see the light on again. Volunteers have come forward to keep the kiosk in good order and plans are afoot to make positive use of it in the near future. More about this in a later update.

The Fen Committee is hoping to have been awarded a further grant of £3000 pounds via Lloyds Bank Community Fund. This is dependent upon votes cast for a number on community projects. We shall know by the time of the next update.

Dog fouling continues to be an irritant rather than a major problem. However our local PCSO now has the power to issue on the spot fines. Let’s all try to keep Boughton free of the anti-social behaviour.

Looking forward your Parish Council will again be providing Christmas Trees to be placed on The Green and in All Saints’ Village Centre. This at no cost to the parish and erected and maintained by volunteers. We have Boughton Village Caravan to thank for the additional lighting provided last Christmas which keeps the tree looking superb.

More next quarter!

Boughton Parish Council

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