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Northwood Parish Council - September

November 2013



Present: Mrs R Crisp-Chair, Mr F. Eglington, Mr A Collins, Mr A Jenkinson, Mrs S Leet, Mr M Peake, Mr G Gillett

7 members of the public

Mrs Crisp welcomed all to the meeting.

1.  To receive and consider accepting apologies for absence: none

2.Declarations of Interest made: none

2.1 To consider dispensations: none

3. To agree the minutes of the meeting of 06/08/2013**:**

Mr Peake did not send his apologies for the last meeting as there was a mix up with the paperwork, he gives his apologies now.

Mrs Crisp went through the minutes; the minutes having been previously circulated were agreed and signed as a true record.

4. Matters arising from the minutes (for information only):

Most of the items are on the agenda. The clerk has emailed about the tree survey and has not received a reply as yet.

5. Reports:

5.1 Chairman’s report

Mrs Crisp has received 2 complaints about litter/glass on the recreation ground; asking if the Parish Council can organise a litter picker. A discussion took place on the amount of litter and the difficulty in checking and emptying a bin; it was noted that there is only 1 bin; Mr Peake to find out about a commercial bin. Mr Jenkinson can check the bin on a weekly basis; Mrs Leet to supply a barrel, to be used as a second bin, as an interim measure.

It was noted that the chafer bugs are back although not as bad as before

The Sports and Social Club may have a loss of income and may have to close; Methwold Football Club has decided they will not be playing on the recreation ground, based purely on financial reasons. Councillors commented that it is sad and unfortunate but they cannot do anything about it. It was noted that all the money that had been spent on chafer bugs and the recreation ground may not be used this winter.

5.2 Clerk’s report:

The letters to Methwold Football Club and the Sports and Social Club had been sent. The clerk read out the letter from the Parishioner who had complained about CGM; they were disappointed with CGM’s response and would replace the memorial themselves. It was noted that there have been other instances, there was only one more cut and then CGM’s contract would be finished; but their work needs to be kept an eye on.

6. To Consider and give an update on:

Streetlighting: an email had been received from the lighting contractors; the work could go ahead; just need to tell them which lights do not need changing. It was asked why Whittington was not included; it was clarified that Mr Peake is the representative for Whittington. It was agreed that the light round the back of the Church, Whittington Church Lane would be changed; it was important to include Whittington. 1 opposite old Post Office is hidden by trees so will not be changed. The other lights that were not being changed could be looked at, at a later date.

Manor House- no update

Allotment Contract- current tenant has ½ an allotment; the clerk to check payment and follow up.

Play Equipment Maintenance Money- will be discussed in open forum

Lightsource Community Benefit Payment- no reply received from the Sports and Social Club, their meeting was yesterday, may still hear from them. If the Sports and Social club do not want the benefit then the Village Hall may want it. The clerk was asked to query; how many panels, benefits and who will get the feeding tariff.

Meeting suspended


A discussion took place on litter bins, Council do not empty them, 2 were emptied last week by a member of the public, 3rd one nearly full; would benefit from another bin by the play equipment. The Parish Council used to employ a litter picker but stopped due to financial constraints. It was suggested that a litter picker be employed, the clerk recommended looking at the budget first.

The chafer bugs on the recreation ground were discussed, it was noted that the Parish Council has purchased a roller which had not been used, but would be very helpful in killing the chafer bugs. It was clarified that the roller has been used but it cannot be used on hard ground. Rain is expected at the weekend; Mr Jenkinson will use the roller after the weekend. It was noted that it is not up to Mr Jenkinson to do it all the time, Mr Lavender can do it when Mr Jenkinson is not able to; Mr Jenkinson to liaise with Mr Lavender.

A member of the Playground Committee commented that the letter she received from the Parish Council was inaccurate, she was concerned by the content and felt that the letter should not have been sent.  It was clarified that the charity was set up to secure grants to use to purchase play equipment. The play equipment has always been owned by the Parish Council; it was purchased by the Parish Council by money raised by the charity; all records are with the Parish Council; insurance is the responsibility of the Parish Council. If the charity does disband, which is not decided yet, the £3,331 will go to the Parish Council to be used for maintenance and repair. They have just been approached to see if the charity can be taken over by other members, they have not yet met; a decision will be made in the next 6 weeks and they will let the Parish Council know the outcome.  It was noted that vandalism has taken place; if money is needed then it can be used, an invoice or a letter of cost needs to be provided.

Mrs Crisp clarified that the last repairs were completed free of charge; other repairs are now needed; the steps up to the play area/climbing frame are starting to rot. It was clarified that there is a fifteen year guarantee; the Playground Committee have got copies of the guarantee and the safety report. Mr Jenkinson has liaised with the company they had purchased the equipment from previously but they had not been very helpful. The Playground Committee offered to liaise with the Parish Council and meet the representative from the play equipment company to see if the work was covered by guarantee; if not then the work would be covered by the money they have. It was agreed that the Playground Committee would contact the company, arrange a site meeting, with a representative of the Committee and Mrs Crisp and Mr Jenkinson; to be arranged after 4pm, if not after 3pm.

A discussion took place on communication with the Parish Council and issues surrounding communication. The Parish Council clarified that it does all it can to keep good relationships with the Sports and Social Club. A member of the public commented that it is the Parish Council’s responsibility for the upkeep of the recreation ground. The Parish Council clarified that they have spent a lot of money and they rent the recreation ground to the Sports and Social Club.

Meeting reconvened

7. Accounts to be presented for approval of payment August 2013

  Appendix 1.
The Clerk presented the cheques and invoices for approval:
Accounts for Approval September 2013   
PayeeNetVATInland Revenue (Post Office)Gross
Eon (September 2013)





K & M Lighting  (August 13)





Northwold Car Care Scheme









Staff Remuneration










War Memorial


Tax penalty Notice


H Brett & Sons


Mrs J. Honey




Mr & Mrs Wicks




Richard King Memorials


Mr Bowers




The tax notice would be appealed so does not need to be paid.
All Councillors approved the invoices.
Councillors commented on how beautiful the War Memorial looked. Mrs Crisp thanked Mr Collins and the person who had donated the money; a letter of thanks has been sent previously. The War Memorial cost less than the £5,000 donated so a cheque for £1469 was raised to return to the donator, all Councillors agreed.
Streetlights were discussed; it was noted that a code would be issued and lighting maintenance may cost less money; this would need to be looked at.
7.1 To Consider the Revised Budget and Projected Figures
The Clerk presented the revised budget and projected figures, Councillors approved the budget.
7.2 To Consider Clerk’s Training
The Clerk advised the Parish Council on training that she would like to attend; a CiLCA course, which was the basic course for Clerks and several other workshops which included cemetery and budget; Payment for the training would be divided between the relevant Parish Councils that the Clerk works for. The clerk will also apply for a bursary of £100; Mrs Crisp signed the form. Training was approved by all Councillors, it was noted that the Clerk would need to sign an agreement which stated that if the clerk leaves within a period of time, the cost of training would need to be paid back to the Parish Council, all Councillors agreed.
8. Planning
Mr Peake would not be taking any part in planning discussions or decisions.

8.1 To receive planning decisions:

Change of use from class B1 (a)  (offices) to class C3 (dwellinghouse) at 46 High Street Northwold Thetford IP26 5NF 13/00001/CUPD- refusal

Coversion of barn to form holiday let at 23 Church Lane, Whittington King’s Lynn PE33 9TG – 13/00888/F - permission granted

8.2 To consider the following planning application:

Single storey extension at Hill House, 25 Methwold Road, Whittington (13/01163/F)- agreed, no objections

8.3 To consider any planning applications after the agenda was produced:

Amended proposals for conversion of barns to 2 no dwellings at Pooley Farm, 16 Thetford Road, Northwold - 13/00958/F – no details of amendment; Councillors to go online.

9 To receive and Consider Correspondence:

Flyer –Pathways project 18/09/13 1.30-3.30pm- The Clerk to notify Nalc, Mrs Crisp, Mr Collins and Mr Gillett will be attending.

Weekly update NALC- Green Burial Event 17/10/13, 10am-1pm, Stone Curlew Soiree 8/10/13, 7.30-9.30pm, Recycling morning at Postwick

Norfolk Link

Leaflet  about Hazardous Waste Amnesty Days, 14th/15th September - Thetford 9am-6pm.

Letter re consultation by Norfolk County Council on the 2014/15 budget and savings proposals for  2014/17.

10. Any Further reports/items for the next agenda:

Overhanging trees at West End, halfway in the road are causing a hazard; have to pull over outside Maple Leaf House and Arcadia House; the clerk to write a letter.

Methwold Road- car parked on side on the path, Mr Jenkinson to speak to owner.

Football Club agreement, goal posts do not belong to Football Club.

It was noted that nettles are left behind play area to stop children falling down the hole that is there.

Two Highway engineers surveyed the crossroad; they commented on the speed of cars and will report it.

Bench at Whittington- soil needs picking up, it is sitting on the grass; Mr Jenkinson to speak to Mr Warner.

Mrs Crisp thanked everyone for attending.

The meeting closed

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