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Village Liaison Meeting - July

October 2013

Stoke Ferry Feed Mill


Wednesday 24th July 2013


Mrs. Daphne Clements (Parish Council)

Mr. Ray Thompson (Editor Village Pump)

Mrs. Sue Linton (Parish Council)

Mrs. Judith Taylor (Village Resident)

Mrs. Jacqueline Murfitt (KLWNBC)

MR. Dave Robson (KLWNBC)

Mr. Keith White (2 Agriculture Stoke Ferry)

Mr. Dick Jacklin (2 Agriculture Stoke Ferry)

1.  Apologies

Mr. Lionel Halls.

2.   Minutes of the previous meeting (24th April 2013) and matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

3.   Mr. Dave Robson & Mrs. Jacqueline Murfitt from Kings Lynn West Norfolk Borough Council attended the meeting.

Mr. Robson explained that they were in attendance due to a commitment that was given to the Liaison Committee that when the Borough Council ceased to be the regulatory body for the feed mill, they would continue to give updates on air quality results as obtained within the village as and when required.

Mr. Robson gave a summary of the data for a 6 year period this showed that during 2012 annual limits were exceeded. Data for 2013 January to June show results returning to levels seen prior to 2012 though these have not been ratified.

Mr. Robson explained in some detail the Councils undertaking following these results. The results show a potential breach of the national air quality standards for particulates. These results have been reported in the Air Quality Progress Report 2013 which is available on the council’s website www.west-norfolk.gov.uk. The Council will now carry out an Air quality Detailed Assessment which will investigate the causes for the monitoring results.

A new more sophisticated monitor will be purchased and sited within the village; he expects this would be completed over the next few months.

The equipment allows for a more scientific analysis to be made whilst running parallel the present screening system. The collated data will allow for a more accurate analysis to be carried out.

Mr Robson and Mr Murfitt will provide regular updates on the progress and report their findings in due course

4.  Complaints received since the last meeting.

3 complaints had been received since the previous meeting.

5.   Noise

2 complaints had been received one relating to a loud banging noise at 5.00am on the 15th June 2013. No issues were identified relating to mill production but a possibility of empty lorries moving without locking the internal compartment doors.

The company will issue drivers with an instruction to lock interior doors when traveling unloaded.

A further complaint was received on the 6th July 2013 regards noise from raw material intake. All plant was checked and found to be operating correctly.

6.  Odour Dust & Particulates

A complaint was received on 24th May 2013 via KLWNBC regarding odour, the resident stated this had occurred for a period of 14 days. All abatement systems were checked & no issues were found. During this period the mill was non operational for a period of 4 days.

7.   Transport.

No complaints received

8.  Buildings.

Members of the committee asked if the company was aware of any further developments on the proposed changes to the Dukes Head & Millers Arms, Mr. White stated that they were not aware of any.

9.  Any other Business

Mrs. Clements raised an issue regarding rats seen on Lynn Road adjacent the main entrance. Mr. White stated that the vermin control contractor would be contacted, on checking the records the contractor was on site the 9th July 2013.

The report showed that no rat activity had been noted on any of the external bait stations on that day.

They subsequently visited site on the 27th July again no evidence of rat activity.

Mrs. Linton asked if the field adjacent to the playing could be cut. Mr. White stated the company would cut the field.

No other business was noted.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 23rd October 2013

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