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Stoke Ferry Parish Council September

October 2013

Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in The Community Centre

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 11 September 2013

1. Those Attending: Cllr J Nicholas-Letch (Chairman), Cllr Mrs D Clements (Vice-Chair), Cllr Mrs M Leamon, Cllr Mrs J Hull, Cllr Mrs S Lintern, Cllr T Ryves, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), 6 Members of the Public and PC Jane Edwards.

2. To Consider Apologies for Absence: Apologies were received from Borough Councillor C Sampson and Cllr M Hand

Police Matters

PC Edwards advised that the police had been very busy in Stoke Ferry since the last meeting. There had been numerous calls including Anti Social Behaviour, car number plates being stolen, suspicious circumstances, domestic, child with paracetamol in their bag, criminal damage, highway disruption, dog running loose and two calls from the metropolitan police. Numerous calls relating to Buckenham Drive. A member of public asked what can be done about the number of car number plates being stolen, PC Edwards advised there are special screws becoming available which when removal attempted the number plate shatters, she is looking into obtaining these. Cllr Nicholas-Letch advised that the parish council were hoping to set up surgeries later in the year. There being no further police business PC Edwards was thanked for attending and left the meeting.

3. To Approve/Sign the Minutes of the Council Meeting of 14 August 2013

Cllr Mrs Clements proposed acceptance of the Minutes seconded by Cllr Mrs Hull. Unanimously Carried

4. Matters Arising:

13 Village Hall - The Clerk advised that she had written to Wells Homes again regarding the cutting back of weeds alongside the hall, but to date had not received a response.

Playing Fields - The Clerk advised she had been in contact with CGM regarding the concrete block and spraying of weeds, they will inspect and report back.

Garage Door Fairfield Road - Freebridge have placed an order for this to be closed permanently - Cllr Mrs Leamon advised that this work has now been carried out.

7(12) Garden on Lynn Road - The Clerk had asked CGM if planting additional plants in this garden would affect the maintenance contract with them, the response was it should not.

Cllr Mrs Lintern referred to Item 7(12) saying she had been given to understand that the works in this garden had been stopped. Cllr Nicholas-Letch advised he was not aware of this. He did say that proper documentation must be obtained and given to be Clerk prior to any payment being made, also Health and Safety must be taken into account when works are carried out.

Cllr Mrs Lintern referred to Item 11 asking if a letter had been forwarded to the Playing Fields Association regarding supporting their efforts to obtain funding. The Clerk advised this had been sent.

5. Declaration of Interest:

No declarations of interest given

6. To Receive from the Public Any Information or Reports to be considered for this meeting Agenda:

Cllr Mrs Hull proposed closing the meeting seconded by Cllr Mrs Clements. The meeting closed for public session.

a) Furlong Road/Furlong Drove constant noise from lorries in the early hours of the morning, mainly due to the condition of the road from Indigo Road down to The Cemetery. It was felt the road requires resurfacing, a letter will be forwarded to Highways.

b) A Grit Box requested for the cul-de-sac in Bradfield Place - this will be looked into.

c) Village Sign - this will be discussed later in the meeting.

Cllr Mrs Clements proposed closing the meeting to the public seconded by Cllr Mrs Hull. Agreed.

7. To Consider a Parish Council Website/Newsletter/SFPC Email Address:

Cllr Nicholas-Letch asked the meeting what they felt about a Parish Council Website, it would include an email address for the public to make direct contact with the parish council, would include all councillors details, simple to use and possibly modelled on the Downham Market Website, it would also satisfy the Quality Council Test. It would be purely for parish council information, what the parish council are doing and what is proposed for the future, minutes, agendas etc.

Cllr Mrs Clements proposed that Stoke Ferry Parish Council Sets Up It’s Own Website seconded by Cllr Ryves. Unanimously Agreed

Cllr Nicholas-Letch then asked if members also felt that a quarterly Newsletter should be produced to be delivered free to all households in the village. Again this would advise parishioners what the parish council has done and what projects it has for the future.

Cllr Mrs Hull proposed that a Quarterly Newsletter should be introduced seconded by Cllr Mrs Clements. 4 Votes For, 2 Abstentions. Carried

8. To Consider Remembrance Sunday Service:

Discussion took place at to what type of service was felt appropriate, either a Civil or Religious Service.

Cllr Ryves proposed a Civil Service seconded by Cllr Mrs Lintern. 2 Votes For, 3 Against, 1 Abstention. Refused

Cllr Mrs Clements proposed a Religious Service with a solemn prayer seconded by Cllr Mrs Hull. 3 Votes for, 2 Against, 1 Abstention. Carried.

9. To Consider Christmas Carols Event:

Cllr Mrs Lintern thought last years event was good and we should do something on similar lines, perhaps more Carols. Cllr Nicholas-Letch asked if everyone agreed to the same person to supply the music, this was agreed. Cllr Mrs Clements advised that her granddaughters would again like to purchase the tree which will be a “Tree of Life” again, the proceeds will be donated to local organisations. Cllr Nicholas-Letch will undertake obtaining a tree. The date to be agreed at the next meeting.

10. To Consider the Way Forward re the Preferred Options for Detailed Policies & Site Plan:

The Borough Council are consulting on preferred sites in the village, requesting comments by the public and parish council. Consideration should be given to economic development as well as housing. Stoke Ferry is classified as a Key Rural Service Centre. There will be a Public Meeting on Thursday 19 September in the Village Hall. Also Sessions on The Hill for the public to call in and look at the document concerned. Cllr Mrs Hull offered to collect people who need transport to get there. County Councillor Storey advised that perhaps a member of the Planning Department would be available to attend the meeting on the 19th to answer some questions. The Clerk will try to arrange this.

11. To Report the National Salary Awards:

The Clerk advised the meeting of the recently agreed National Salary Award agreed between the National Association of Local Councils and the Society of Local Council Clerks. The agreed increase is 1% backdated to 1 April 2013.

12. Additional Replacement Lighting in Village:

Cllr Nicholas-Letch advised the meeting that the parish council is able to fund the provision of the additional 9 lights from its resources. Since figures were circulated to the last meeting, VAT refund has been received and proceeds from a funeral, there would also be additional income during the remainder of the financial year.

Cllr Mrs Hull proposed that the parish council provide the 9 additional lights from existing funds seconded by Cllr Mrs Clements. 3 Votes for, 3 Abstentions - Carried.

15. To Consider Planning Applications

Variation or Removal of Conditions 2,5,6 and 8 attached to Planning Permission 11/01379/F - demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings and erection of new dwelling and garage at The Shambles Greatmans Way - comments deferred further information required. This application was supported by the parish council.

14. To Approve Payments to be Made;

E-on - DD - £47.52 - Lighting - August

Westcotec Ltd - £70.55 - Lighting Maintenance - August

CGM Ltd - £149.45 - Grounds Maintenance - August

Mrs C Hardy - £374.23 - Salary/Expenses for August

Anglian Water - DD - £15.23 - Cemetery Water Rates - June-Sept

Statement of Accounts as at 31 August 2013 - Balance in Bank - Community Account £595.81, Business Saver Account £14,771.73 - a total of £15,367.54.

Cllr Mrs Leamon proposed approval for payment seconded by Cllr Mrs Clements. Agreed

15. Correspondence:

Barclays Bank - approval of new signing arrangements

Email NCC acknowledging cheque for replacement lights

Email Highways Boundaries advising provision and charging for highway boundary data in future

Email Mrs Smith re fly tipping on The Common

Email Norfolk Police advising of next SNAP Meeting on Wednesday 18 September at Middleton Village Hall

Norfolk ALC - Various Seminars, Coffee Afternoons/Mornings, Training for Clerks and Councillors

West Norfolk VCA - Live Life and Live Well Planning for Future - Downham Market 26 September

16. To Receive Further Information or Suggested Items to be considered for the next meeting Agenda:

Cllr Mrs Hull proposed closing the meeting seconded by Cllr Mrs Clements. The meeting closed for public session.

a) Village Sign - Why is it to be moved to other side of road - Cllr Nicholas-Letch advised there had been no complaints about this to his knowledge until this evening. This will be placed on the Agenda for the next meeting in October. The Clerk to inspect the area and report back to the next meeting, look at the overgrown tree. Consider whether a seat could be placed in the area.

b) Tree in the garden near the bus stop dropping fruit onto the path which could be dangerous.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.00pm

17. Date and Time of Next Meeting - Wednesday 9 October 2013 at 7.00pm




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