River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Nortwold Parish Council - August

October 2013



Present: Mrs R Crisp-Chair, Mr F. Eglington, Mr A Collins, Miss A Muir, Mr G Gillett

1 member of the public

Mrs Crisp welcomed all to the meeting.

1.  To receive and consider accepting apologies for absence: Mrs V Lynch, Mr A. Jenkinson, Mrs S. Leet

2.Declarations of Interest made: none

2.1 To consider dispensations: none

3. To agree the minutes of the meeting of 02/07/2013**:**

The minutes having been previously circulated were agreed and signed as a true record with some amendments: S. Jackson was not present, Mick Peake was present, item 5, Elizabeth Truss also attended the meeting, all Councillors agreed.

4. Matters arising from the minutes (for information only):

Highway Rangers attended Northwold on the 22nd July; however Mrs Crisp was informed that they repaired the wrong road and not the work that Mrs Crisp had sent to them previously. All other items are on the agenda.

5. Reports:

5.1 Chairman’s report

All items are on the agenda.

5.2 Clerk’s report:

SLCC have an exemplar allotment agreement which the Clerk will email to Councillors.

All other items are on the agenda.

6.  To consider appointing a new Vice Chairman:

A discussion took place, it was agreed to appoint an interim Vice Chair; Mr Eglington proposed Mr Collins, seconded by Miss Muir.

7. To Consider and give an update on:

Complaint to CGM: a letter had been received from CGM in response to The Parish Council’s letter; this had been circulated to Councillors previously; CGM stated that it was not responsible for the damage to the gravestone; Councillors noted that it could not be proved otherwise. Councillors asked the Clerk to pass CGM’s letter on to the complainant and ask CGM to be more careful. The Clerk reported that Tim Glover had asked the Clerk to meet to discuss CGM’s contract; Mr Collins offered to support the Clerk and attend the meeting with the Clerk.

Streetlighting: the Clerk read through the letter which awarded the Parish Council a grant towards the cost of 30 LED lights. It was noted that there was an extra light in Northwold and 6 lights in Whittington which were not included in the grant. Mr Collins reported that the Parish Council could get extra lights from K & M lighting which could be paid off with their monthly light bill over a period of time.

The Clerk to report a light out on the corner of High Street; South side of the High Street and Methwold Road. Mrs Crisp thanked Mr Collins for all the work he had done in getting the grant.

Recycling-bottle bank: Following on from Councillor Storey’s suggestion to contact Councillor Brian Long; Councillor Long had confirmed that all glass banks will be removed from next year; glass will be collected in the green bins. It was noted that the Business Administration Manager at kings Lynn Borough Council had said that the Sports and Social Club should have a commercial collection. Mrs Muir gave contact details of the Trade Waste & Recycling Officer to the Clerk to be passed on to the Sports and Social Club. The Clerk was instructed to put a notice in Village Life to say that all bottle banks will be withdrawn from next year and to write to the Sports and Social Club. Mrs Crisp thanked Mrs Muir for all her work, Councillors agreed that this item is now closed.

Tree safety; Mrs Crisp summarised Mrs Leets report on tree safety and the results of the survey undertaken:

  • Large Limes would benefit from dead wood removal and basal growth removal
  • Rear boundary elder and scrub removal and a fallen dead tree needs removing
  • Right hand boundary, 2 small dead trees and a large lime with basal growths need removing
  • Oak dead wood present
  • a cherry picker would make the work easier
  • Approximately 2 days work
  • Work is best carried out in Autumn

Manor House: no update

Website: The Clerk informed Councillors that Mrs Scarrott had put contact details and minutes onto the website and would then hand the website over to the Clerk. Councillors agreed to take on the website and asked the Clerk to circulate the website address.

Allotment contract; dealt with in item 5.2

Community Construction Grant; it was noted that at the last Parish Council meeting, Councillor Storey had been talking about the Partnership Fund rather than the Community Construction Grant.

Football Club Agreement: Mrs Crisp had been contacted by Methwold Football Club asking about hiring the football pitch. The Parish Council discussed the letter from Methwold Football Club, which requested clarification on several points of information. Methwold Football Club offered to pay £10 per match in the letter, however previously it had been discussed that they offered to pay £20 per match. The Parish Council agreed that it was the responsibility of the Sports and Social Club and instructed the Clerk to write to the Sports and Social Club and ask them to deal with the matter providing that the money received for football matches go towards the cost of the upkeep of the recreation ground; the Parish Council stipulated that it would be £20 per match. The Clerk to inform Methwold Football Club that their letter has been passed to the Sports and Social Club

Play Equipment-maintenance money; Mrs Crisp had been contacted by the Chairman of the group stating that they had £3331.61 in hand, however they would not be passing this on to the Parish Council. They stated that they cannot pay any money for play equipment repairs until they have evidence in the form of an invoice. They will be having a meeting and may re start the group as a playgroup. Councillors discussed that they only took over the play equipment because the group were disbanding and were assured at that time that the money would be passed onto the Parish Council to maintain and repair the play equipment; if they are not disbanding, the Parish Council will pass the equipment back to them. It was noted that the Parish Council pays to insure the equipment. Councillors would like the group to come along to a meeting to discuss it further, if they will not attend a meeting then the Council would like it noted that they need to give the Parish Council the money to repair the equipment otherwise they can take the equipment back.

A discussion took place on play equipment being damaged again; Mrs Crisp to take a photo of the damage and send to the police.

8. To Consider the Lightsource Community Benefit Payment

Lightsource were offering a community benefit payment up to £18,000 to install solar panels on a building of the Parish Councils choice. After much discussion Councillors agreed that the Sports and Social Club be approached to see if they want solar panels and the benefit of free electricity and income; the Clerk to write to the Sports and Social Club.

Meeting suspended


A member of the public commented that the Parish Council should not expect the Sports and Social Club to maintain the football pitch, it is the Parish Council’s land and they should maintain it. If a Football Club pays the Parish Council £20 per match then that should go to the Sports and Social Club for the maintenance of lines, nets and posts. The Parish Council commented that they let the land to the Sports and Social Club and it is their responsibility to maintain it. The Parish Council are not required to keep the recreation ground in a condition to play football on. The football pitch only benefits 1 or 2 people in the village, The Parish Council pay a large amount of money to maintain it; £2,000 per year to treat the chafer bugs as well as cutting the grass. The £20 for the hire of the football pitch would contribute a small amount towards the Parish Council’s costs for the recreation ground.

Mrs Crisp commented that the subject is now closed and a decision will be agreed with the Sports and Social Club and Methwold Football Club.

Meeting reconvened

9. Accounts to be presented for approval of payment August 2013

  Appendix 1.
The Clerk presented the cheques and invoices for approval:
NetVATInland Revenue (Post Office)Gross 
CGM Landscapes (30.6.13)329.2165.84 395.05 
K & M Lighting  (July 13)44.88.96 53.76 
Eon (May & June 13)252.2550.45 £302.70 
Staff Remuneration244.25 61.00305.25 
J. Breheny (benches)     
Cheque Paid out after last meeting£480    
Cemetery Income     
Mr P. R Bowers£80.00    

Streetlighting; £2,386.88 was approved and the Chairman signed the agreement, witnessed by the Clerk. All Councillors approved the payments.

The Clerk went through payments and receipts and the current balance on the internal statement. Councillors asked the Clerk to revise the budget and complete a budget projection for the end of the year.

10. Planning

10.1 To receive planning decisions:22A High Street, Northwold (13/00457/F) Norman C of E Primary school, Northwold (13/00637/F)      Brook House, Riverside, Northwold (13/00439/F): permission granted.

10.2 To consider the following planning application:

Amended proposal for the conversion of barns to 2 no, dwellings at Pooley Farm 16 Thetford Road Northwold (13/00963/LB) - no objections

10.3 To consider any planning applications after the agenda was produced-no planning applications received.

11 To receive and Consider Correspondence:

Mr Collins commented that some of the correspondence received had been out of date. The Clerk clarified that this was due to her holiday.

Letter from H. Brett & Sons seeking permission for a memorial: permission given

NALC updates

Mr Collins clarified procedures for the cemetery; if there are any permissions sought they need to be passed to Ann Howarth. Mr Collins suggested that a meeting takes place between Ann Howarth, Mr Collins and the Clerk to go through procedures with the Clerk.

12. Any Further reports/items for the next agenda:

Mr Eglington reported that the Head of Sheridan School had been promoted and was leaving; a new Headteacher will be appointed for September 2013. The school will only be a day school, they will not be taking boarders in the future.

The last drain on Little London Road is breaking up; Clerk to notify Highways.

Whittington sign has been run over; Clerk to notify Highways.

Mrs Crisp gave information on grants from Wren, Clerk to pass onto the Sports and Social Club.

Mrs Crisp thanked everyone for attending.

The meeting closed at 9.04pm

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