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Northwold Parish Council Minutes -June

August 2013



Present: Mrs R Crisp-Chair, Mrs S Jackson, Mr A Jenkinson, Mrs S Leet, Mr F. Eglington, Mr A Collins, Miss A Muir,

2 members of the public

Mrs Crisp welcomed all to the meeting

1.  To receive and consider accepting apologies for absence: Mrs V Lynch, hopes to be at the next meeting.

2. Declarations of Interest made: Mr Jenkinson, item 8 chafer bugs, son works for one of the companies.

2.1 To consider dispensations: none

3. To agree the minutes of the meeting of 7/05/2013:

The agenda said approve the minutes of April meeting when it should have been the minutes of the May meeting.

The minutes having been previously circulated they were agreed as a true record, all Councillors agreed.

4. Matters arising form the minutes (for information only):

Highway Rangers did not attend Northwold as they did not receive any information about work to be completed. Mrs Crisp was surprised as she had emailed them work to complete. The Clerk to forward the email received from Highway Rangers.

Mrs Crisp went through the minutes page by page.

The clerk explained that the cheque for CGM was written out wrongly, it had not included the VAT so another would need to be written out.

2 cheques for the Inland Revenue for the Clerks salary had been written out and signed since the last Parish Council meeting as the money needed to be paid.

Mr Eglington reported that he had spoken to the relevant people regarding the rabbits and explained that they are responsible for their plot.

The clerk reported that she had received no reply from the emails she had sent about the money for maintenance of the play equipment. The clerk was asked to write a letter and Mrs Muir would put it through the relevant person’s door.

Mr Jenkinson and Mr Collins reported that they had looked at the A134 and the lay-bys and had not seen any litter.

5. To consider the website:

The councillors have not had the opportunity to look at the website.

6.  To consider the Councillor vacancy (co-option):

The clerk explained that The Borough Council had reported that there had been no interest shown and the Parish Council would need to co-opt a Councillor. Mrs Crisp asked members of the public if they were interested . Mr Gillett expressed his interest and the Council co opted Mr Gillett on to the Parish Council, all Councillors agreed., the Clerk to email Mr Gillett the relevant forms. Another member of the public said that he would consider becoming a Councillor.

7. Reports

7.1 Chairman’s Report

CGM were unable to cut the grass at the Whittington Recreation ground as there was a horse on the site, Councillors do not know who the horse belongs to.

Mrs Crisp explained that she had received a complaint about a gravestone being damaged, the person who complained had seen the gravestone on the 26th May and it was undamaged. They provided photo’s which were taken after that date. Mr Jenkinson had visited the site and said the gravestone was weathered, however it looks like it has been hit. The gravestone has a chip and a hairline crack which Mr Jenkinson thinks the firm may say it is impossible to repair. The clerk was asked to complain to CGM, send them the photo’s and ask them to look at the gravestone. The council are holding CGM responsible.

The benches have not been put in yet, Mr Breheny would like to install them, all Councillors agreed.

Mr Collins had not heard back yet about the funding for streetlights.

The Clerk to put the review of allotment costs and allotment agreement on the next agenda.

A discussion took place on land the Parish council own and deeds. The Parish Council need someone who knows  to say that the Parish Council have owned the land for 40 years. To get it registered it will cost £50. Mr Jenkinson to look at old plans, the District Council have plans for the area.

7.2 Clerk’s Report

Collier Turf - delay in starting due to weather and a broken spreader, they will be starting work next week sometime, date to be advised. The clerk was asked to email Collier Turf and say that a date needs to be given in the next week or the Parish council will not need the work to be carried out as it will be too late.

The clerk received a letter re headstone- asking for price to renovate- after liaising with Councillors the Clerk sent a letter to say there would be no cost.

Emailed e re money for playground equipment, and had no reply, emailed her husband’s email address-no reply.

The clerk contacted Claire Law but she was unable to attend the Parish Council meeting as she will be on rest days, she emailed a crime report: Since the beginning of the year up to date 6 Crimes have been reported to the Police from Northwold.

1 Burglary non dwelling

3 Criminal Damage

1 Theft

1 Crime other.

The criminal damages are; one damage to fencing, one domestic related and one arson.

The reporting of crime doesn’t seem to correspond with what the Parish Council are being told by parishioners. We do need to have damage reported on the 101 number so that it can be investigated and hopefully find the offenders and deal appropriately.

The Clerk was asked to put a paragraph after the minutes saying people should report vandalism to the police on 101 and other problems via Fix my street. It was noted that Village Life articles need to be in by June 14th.

The clerk has reported Junction Church Lane/Hovells Lane- line markings repair to carriageway ordered

8. To consider and give an update on:

Streetlighting -  Mr Collins to check the numbers of streetlights.  When the Council are notified of the outcome of the funding application they will decide which streetlights to replace

Chafer bugs- it was noted that the EU are trying to ban the chemical used to destroy the chafer bugs, this may cause a problem as there is no replacement.

7th June Meeting with Environment Agency/Elizabeth Truss- various people will be attending who have been directly affected by the flooding.

Recycling-bottle bank- Clerk has emailed again and received no reply.


A member of the public queried whether SNAP meetings are still held at Downham Market., Councillors did not know.

Meeting re opened

9. Accounts for May to be presented for approval of payment

Appendix 1.

Accounts for Approval    
PayeeNetVATGrossInland Revenue




K & M Lighting Services




CGM Landscapes




Staff remuneration


















Cheque for CGM agreed last month, cheque written out wrongly did not include VAT
Income Cheques    
Mr Fendick


Richard King Memorials


Richard King Memorials


Total income



Payments approved, all Councillors agreed.

To consider and approve the end of year accounts 2012/2013
 The clerk went through the end of year accounts and the annual return and governance statement, invoices, cheque books, bank statements were available for Councillors to view. Accounts and annual return approved, all Councillors agreed.

10. Planning

10.1 To receive planning decisions

Proposed additional security fencing to match existing to encompass the new sports hall building at SheridanSchool, Thetford Road, Northwold, Norfolk-permission granted

10.2 To consider the following planning application:

Installation and operation of solar farm and associated infrastructure; including PV panels, mounting frames, inverters, transformers, client side substation, communications building, fence and pole mounted security camera’s at Land at reaches Farm, Thetford Road, Northwold, Norfolk. A discussion took place, 5 Councillors support, Mr Peake no comment, Mr Collins objects. Support by majority.

10.3 To consider any planning applications after the agenda was produced

A stand alone external teaching space complete with CCTV surveillance system at the

Norman C of E Primary School, School Lane Northwold Norfolk IP26 5NB (13/00637/F) - Support

11 To receive Correspondence

Mr Eglington and Mrs Crisp have been invited to Sheridan School Post 16 Unit Open Day

The Police and Crime plan for Norfolk-Clerk to forward to Councillors

NALC update-parish partnership funding, cafe events, SLCC now on Twitter

Receipt from Came and Company Insurance

Letter H Perfitt- dealt with in Clerk’s report

17. Any Further reports/items for the next agenda:

Tree safety discussed, Mrs Leet to contact

New slats for the slide, Councillors agreed to them being put on the slide.

War Memorial-It will be the end of July before it is completed.

The meeting closed at 8.50pm

Northwold Parish Council

People should report any vandalism to police on telephone number 101.People can use Fix My Street (www.fixmystreet.com) to report things which are broken, dirty, damaged or dumped and need fixing, cleaning or clearing, such as:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Dog Fouling
  • Flyposting or graffiti
  • Flytipping or litter
  • Streetcleaning, such as broken glass in a cycle lane
  • Unlit lampposts
  • Potholes
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