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Les Lawrence writes to the Editor

August 2013

Dear Editor,

First the bad news, I’ve been thinking, yes I know that’s not to be encouraged but that’s life.

So what have I been thinking about? well the present, but more importantly, the future, certainly not the past that’s gone.

I have just paid my monthly newspaper bill, by cheque, but more about that method of payment later. My monthly bill is about £50 to £60 each month, my monthly Village Pump bill is 50p each month, no not £50 just 50p, which is about how much I pay for a small bar of chocolate, a packet of crisps, and so on, which I think puts in to perspective the cost of our Village Pump.

Today our Village Pump is still printed in black and white, if I were to tell you Mr Editor that I only have a black and white TV I’m sure you would arrange for some people in white coats to come and see me,.

It’s obvious what I’m leading up to, our Village Pump should be in colour, or at least part of it, of course it would cost more to produce, so what, if I can’t afford more than 50p each month what world am I living in?

That brings me back to paying bills by cheque, Yes I know what world I’m living in, yesterdays by the sound of it. Can you imagine say in 20 years time some elderly person is boring to tears a young 17 year old, saying, I use to write cheques out, can you imagine the young mans reaction.

Technology, and it’s implication, is today moving so fast I wonder if we are keeping up with it, I have a feeling we are not.

Les Lawrence


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