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West Dereham Parish Council

July 2013




Present:  Mrs Claire Cann – Chairman, Mrs Pam Bullas, Mr Mark Dawson, Ms Paula Kellingray_,_ Mrs Claire Page, Mrs Pam Walker.

7 members of the public

Papers presented to Councillors: Expenditure spreadsheet, Glazewing Report, Clerks’ timesheet.

1.  Election of Chairman

Claire Cann was elected as Chairman, nominated by Pam Walker, seconded by Mark Dawson, all agreed

Declaration of Office

Signed by the Chair and the Clerk.

2.  Apologies for Absence accepted from

Tom Foy, due to continued deployment in Afghanistan; it was noted that Tom will be present at the June meeting of the Parish Council

3.  Declarations of Interest

Claire Cann declared an interest in item 14.1 as the planning application relates to her property.  Pam Bullas declared an interest in item 11 as her son works for the company which has previously provided signs for the Village Hall.

4.  Election of Vice Chairmen

The two vice Chairs were re-elected: Pam Walker and Paula Kellingray_,_ proposed by Claire Page, seconded by Pam Bullas, all agreed.

6. Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 4 April 2013 were agreed as a true record with some minor amendments: page 3, line 4 addition of an ‘s’ to Road, line 7, the word ‘criteria’ changed to ‘courtesy’, 5.1 line 3 addition of an ‘s’ to Council.

7. Matters arising from previous meetings

Problems with water drainage on Bath Road had been reported by the Clerk and the works have been ordered. The Clerk was asked to check that the issue of drainage, the source of the problem was being addressed, rather than just the repair of the road.

Allotment gates the Clerk had been unsuccessful in contacting the Handyman to fit the new gates and was asked to contact him via a neighbour who saw him regularly.

Close View and The Barn vehicular access (11/00695/F): the Clerk had emailed the BC planning department and had received a telephone call from Keith Williamson who confirmed that the planning application was approved as a shared vehicular access with Close View. Both properties are served by existing access to Close View. Keith Williamson stated that he presumes that the owner will keep a legal right to access.

A discussion took place on the draft minutes being sent to Glazewing at the same time they were sent to the Village Pump, which had been agreed at Glazewing’s request at the last meeting. On reflection, the Chairman expressed concern that:

  • a company should have prior access to the draft minutes before any member of the public, since the draft minutes were sent to the Pump on the 15th of the month but the publication was not available to the public until the beginning of the following month;
  • a company should be issued the draft minutes free of charge that members of the public  can see only by paying for a copy of the Village Pump;
  • the agreed minutes were available on West Dereham Parish Council’s notice boards and also the PC’s website and could therefore be accessed easily and quickly by Glazewing should they so wish, without any inconsistency or favouritism on the part of the Parish Council concerning access to public information.

Mark Dawson suggested that an alternative could be to canvas local companies to see if they would like to receive a copy of the draft minutes. He also expressed concern that in not accommodating Glazewing and continuing to criticise them, they had indicated to him they would not be prepared to co-operate with the Parish Council. The Chairman suggested that there was no justifiable reason to make an exception for anyone, since West Dereham Parish Council’s  minutes, both draft and agreed, were available to all equally at the earliest possible opportunity.

It was agreed to put a copy of the agreed minutes up in the Village Hall. It was agreed that draft minutes should only be sent to the Village Pump. It was agreed that the minutes should say draft when they are sent to the Village Pump. It was agreed to put minutes and their distribution as an item on next month’s agenda.

Meeting adjourned 8pm - open to floor, no comments from members of the public.

Meeting reconvened 8.01pm.

8. Reports

8.1 Chairman’s Report:

  • The Council elections are taking place in the Village Hall tomorrow. It was noted that some parishioners had only received one item of correspondence from the Conservative candidate, some parishioners had received no correspondence at all and there were no reports of door to door canvassing from any candidates.

8.2 Clerk’s Report

  • The replacement rubbish bin has been ordered for the cemetery and will be on site within two weeks.
  • The Borough Council were contacted by the Clerk regarding complaints of late night noise from a generator; the BC confirmed that planning permission is not required to run a generator. If the noise is an issue the Environmental Health Department will investigate it. Individual complainants would need to contact the Borough Council directly with the relevant information who will issue log sheets for the noise to be recorded, Paula Kellingray to feedback to residents.
  • The Clerk has requested again that the BC remove their temporary road signs in Bath and Lime Kiln Roads which have been left in the Village since January.
  • The Clerk has emailed the PCSO regarding the legality of parking in passing places; as yet, no reply has been received.
  • The Clerk received a call from the BC regarding emptying the litter bin attached to the bus shelter in Church Road. They cannot empty the litter bin until a liner is placed in the bin. The Clerk was instructed to seek information on replacement litter bin alternatives; it was recognised that the Parish Council cannot afford a new bin in this financial year. Litter bin to be an item for the next agenda.
  • Rubbish dumping along Station Road has been reported to the BC; Council workers were in West Dereham last week clearing litter and the ditch in Station Road is much better. Clerk to send the Parish Council’s thanks by email.

8.3 Police Report

Paula Kellingray has heard nothing from the PCSO for a number of months and will visit the police Station.

8.4 Village Hall Report

The car park has been levelled and the sub base rolled and top dressed. Paula Kellingray thanked Ruth Marsters, Pam Bullas and Claire Cann who filled in the grant forms.

The Parish Council support for 2012 is to be spent installing blinds throughout the Village Hall. There have been regular charity fish and chip suppers which have raised just over £1200 for local charities.

There is a Sports Taster Day on 18 May at the Village Hall and the playing field at St Andrew’s Close as part of Norfolk Village Games Roadshow. It will be taking place between 11 and 3pm and all ages are welcome. Paula Kellingray confirmed that qualified instructors would be leading the sessions and stringent rules would be in place to ensure safety.

8.5 Broadband Update

Phase 1 roll out of the Better Broadband Project is still on course to take place in summer for implementation in the autumn.

8.6 Glazewing Report

Discussion took place on the misunderstanding that was apparent during last month’s pre PC meeting with Glazewing concerning screening/ planting schemes. The recently granted planning application concerns screening the works and not the line of skips clearly visible to the Village which was the scheme discussed and recorded at the 1 April 2011 meeting between Elizabeth Truss MP, the Parish Council, Glazewing and NCC planners.

The Clerk was asked to approach Elizabeth Truss’s assistant who was also at the meeting to ask Elizabeth Truss to take this forward with Glazewing and Norfolk County Council.

Meeting adjourned - open to floor

A Parishioner had telephoned Highways and reported that a post had been knocked down outside Oak Lodge in Station Road; Highways have been out and marked the spot since then nothing further has happened. Subsequently another post has been hit and is falling over. The Clerk was asked to report both incidents to Highways.

The Clerk was asked to report again the enormous pot hole at St Andrews Close. The clerk had no news and was asked to report it again.]

Meeting reconvened.

9.  Accounts

The Clerk went through the cheques to be authorized and the income.

PayeeNetVATGrossInland RevenueTOTAL
EFS Solutions












SLCC contribution divided by 6PC's (payable to Mrs Maguire)






Staff remuneration (spelling typo)





Came and Company Insurance 371.65 




Village Hall














Farm Business Payment





All Councillors agreed the payments to be made.

10. Annual Allotment Inspection

The Annual Allotment Inspection was agreed for Saturday 25 May at 9.00 am subject to Richard French being able to attend, which the Clerk would check. Paula Kellingray gave her apologies.

  1. Litter Picking and The Keep Clear Sign

The Clerk had received a response from the Borough Council with regards to litter; a ticket would be raised to clear rubbish that is in the Council’s area. The Borough Council have Community litter picking kits that can be used. They consist of:

8x Hi-viz waist coats 8x Litter picking sticks 8x Pairs of gloves Bundle of black bags (about 25) Risk Assessment Method Statement

After a discussion it was decided that litter picking is necessary and that a note would be put out with the Village leaflet drop to ask for help from Parishioners in the Village. It was suggested that refreshments could be offered after the event in the Village Hall. Two litter picking kits would be requested the Clerk was asked to check whether they would be delivered, if so, at what cost and whether the Borough Council charged for the use of the litter picking kits.

Pam Bullas did not participate in the discussion regarding a Keep Clear sign to prevent cars parking near the bus shelter at the front of the Village Hall blocking the footpath, leaving little space for pedestrians. It was noted that there is space for people to walk around the cars using the concrete pad and consideration was given as to whether a sign should be purchased as there was no guarantee that people would heed the sign. It was agreed for a note to be circulated as part of the Village leaflet drop asking people not to park there and to keep the footpath clear.

A Parishioner commented on the footpath between the Village Hall and the first planter, which is getting narrower because the bank is falling away on the path side. The Clerk was asked to contact the Drainage Board to ask them to visit the site.

A Councillor reported that tree roots are causing a problem on the footpath side of the ditch between the bus shelter and the first planter.

12. Registration with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

It was agreed that the Parish Council are duty bound to register with the ICO as part of Data Protection requirements and to pay the £35 registration fee. The Information Publication Scheme is to be discussed at the discussion group.

13. Annual review of Standing Orders and Financial Regulations

Councillors had read through the documents prior to the meeting. Both documents were reviewed last year. The Chairman asked for comments from Councillors.

Financial Regulations: it was agreed to start producing regularly a 3-year budget plan.

Financial Regulations were amended on 1 December 2011 to nominate a Councillor for finance who would meet with the Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer quarterly to inspect original bank statements and record the meeting in the Clerks’ report at the next Parish Council meeting.The new Clerk was advised of the importance of recording this quarterly meeting.

All Councillors agreed that the Financial Regulations should remain the same.

Standing Orders: the Clerk commented that the Standing Orders should have West Dereham Parish Council’s name on them and that they should have a date of review and a date to be reviewed. The Chair clarified that the amendments had been minuted previously and actioned.

All Councillors agreed that the Standing Orders should remain the same.

14. Planning Applications received for consultation.

The Chairman left the room. Mark Dawson introduced the planning application:

Single storey pitched roof extension to existing outbuildings and flat roof linked to main house with external paved area at The Old Rectory, St Andrew’s Walk, West Dereham, 13/00452/F: Support: all Councillors agreed. The Chairman re- joined Councillors.

Notice of Decision-two storey extension at 2 Abbey Cottage, Station Road, West Dereham, planning permission refused. A Councillor expressed concern that the planning permission had been refused and commented on the high standard that is required regarding domestic properties as opposed to the number of retrospective commercial applications that are granted.

15.  Correspondence

NorfolkCounty Council - A letter had been received from Highways regarding an ancient public right of way affecting a property on Willow Lane. NCC would like the Parish Council to agree to both dispensing with vehicular access while re-instating a public footpath. A discussion took place with the following comments made: Norfolk County Council is legally within its rights. There is another walkway on private land to the left of the proposed site which could continue to be used for walkers if the land owner is agreeable.

No gates/stiles are allowed to be used at the entrance to the property which NCC propose should be left open thus affecting the security of the property in question. Precedent exists within the County for existing public rights of way to be re-routed both within West Dereham and, more recently, at Anmer Hall at Sandringham. The Parishioners affected have contacted the Parish Council recently and are very concerned.

The Clerk was asked to contact the County Council and tell them that although their letter to the Parish Council was dated 18 March it was not seen by Councillors until 1 May. The Parish Council therefore needed time to consider the situation and will ensure that their response is given to the County Council as soon as possible.

2 Leaflets from Norse

Get Ready to Soar from tchc about a start up business support programme, to be displayed in the Village Hall.

Cafe Cluster event in Ranworth

Best in West Norfolk

Active Norfolk

HMRC PAYE booklet

NALC – feedback from Cafe Cluster events around Norfolk

Monthly Report from Elizabeth Truss, forthcoming surgeries, one being held in Downham Market, information is available on the website.

16. Any Further reports/items for the next agenda.

Next Agenda:

Rubbish bin at the bus shelter

Bird scarers

Review of the Parish Councils’ risk assessment

Nominate Councillor for Finance

The Clerk was asked to find out from Miss Howarth when the Cemetery Survey would be started.

The meeting was closed at 9.22pm


Meeting Closed 9.23pm

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