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Northwold Parish Council April 2013

July 2013


Present: Mrs R Crisp-Chair, Mr A Collins, Mrs S Jackson, Mr A Jenkinson, Mrs S Leet, Mrs V Lynch,  Miss A Muir, 3 members of the public

1.  Apologies for absence - None

Mrs Crisp and Mrs Leet notified Councillors that they have the legs for the noticeboard.

2.  No Declarations of Interest made.

3.  The minutes of the meeting held on 05/03/2013, having been previously circulated, were agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising from previous meetings - None

5.  Reports

5.1 Chairman’s Report

  • Mrs Crisp discussed vandalism in the village and reported that coping stones had been pushed off the wall in to the garden at the village hall and asked all to be vigilant.
  • Mrs Crisp, Mr Collins and Mrs Maguire had attended a Parish Partnership meeting.
  • Highways Community Rangers are coming to Northwold the week of the 13th April, they could concentrate on Church Lane, extending the passing area and pot holes. If time allowed, they could work on the pot holes in Pinfold Lane.
  • Mr Collins would explain about Highways and Street Lighting.
  • Mr Eglington attention to flooding, there are 2 lanes impassable
  • Mr Eglington had visited SheridanSchool
  • There has been a complaint about the state of Little London Road, it was noted that it had the worst rubbish ever seen at the side of the Road. Mrs Leet discussed that she had not seen any rubbish.
  • The clerk had looked into a bottle bank and was waiting for a list of registered Merchant recyclers from the Council. The clerk was asked to arrange a bottle bank and to keep Councillors up to date via email, all Councillors agreed.

5.2 Clerk’s Report

The street light was reported

A letter of thanks was sent for the donation

A quote for grass cutting had been obtained, CGM’s quote was calculated.

The letter about parking had been sent.

5.3 Manor House Update- There has been a compulsory purchase order (CPO) which was going to go through.

6. Little London Post Box – A discussion took place on how to get the Little London Post Box back. The Post Office have said that Parishioners are to give letters to the Postman. The Clerk was asked to ascertain from the Post Office when the Post Box will be returned and recognised that planning permission may be needed for a new Post Box. All Councillors agreed.

Meeting closed at 7.48pm


A Parishioner asked whether there were minutes available for the Public. The Clerk to make sure they are available at next meeting.

A discussion took place on the new food bins for waste and how and where to purchase the roll of bags. They can be purchased from Kings Lynn Council, newspaper wrapping can be used instead of the bags. Mr Peake will suggest to the Borough Council that they have more outlets. The Clerk was asked to put it on the next agenda.

A Parishioner reported that a few people were walking dogs on the playing field and asked if an item saying that dogs were not allowed on the playing field could be put in the Parish magazine. It was noted that if a photo was provided it could lead to an instant fine.

A discussion took place on horses fouling the Cross Roads and Methwold Road. It was noted how difficult it can be to clear up after horses. The Clerk was asked to write a letter to the RidingSchool and write an article for the Parish Magazine asking people to clear up the mess and shovel it into the gutter.

Meeting reconvened 7.52pm

7. Finance - See later in the minutes, went straight to correspondence.

8. Correspondence

8.1 Norfolk RCC- the clerk to look into it.

8.2 Mazars Annual Audit

9. Planning:


9.1 Additional security fencing to match existing to encompass the new sports hall building at SheridanSchool, Thetford Road, Northwold, IP26 5LQ (13/00412/F), application supported, all Councillors agreed

9.2 Construction of one dwelling with integral garage at 22a High Street, Northwold , Norfolk IP26 5LA  13/00457/. The Council were concerned over the size of the property and car parking, application supported, all Councillors agreed.

10. Website The clerk had approached Mrs Scarrott and she was looking into it.

11. Clerks Training- A discussion took place on training for the Clerk, all Councillors agreed for the clerk to attend a CilCA course and to pay for membership of the Society of Local Council Clerks, cost to be shared with 5 other Parish councils.

12. Further reports:

12.1 Mr Collins discussed the replacement of street lights and advised the Council that Norfolk County Council were recommending LED lights and funding was available for 75% of the replacement value of the lights, leaving the Parish Council to pay 25%. A price of £6165.50 would mean the council would only pay £1541.38 Existing street lights will be banned and will cost a lot of money to dispose of and replace. The LED lights were very economical and would cost less to run and maintain. An application needs to be put in by the end of April. Getting 3 quotes was discussed, however Westcotec were the NCC’s preferred provider and NCC had already undertaken the quoting process and recommended Westcotec. Mr Collins and other Councillors would be attending a K & M presentation to see what was offered. The number of street lights was discussed. Westcotec have completed a survey and recommend 22 watt lights. Mr Collins proposed that the council should go ahead with the application for street Lights and the replacement of street lights providing the Councils’ application was successful. All Councillors agreed. The Clerk reminded Councillors that as the item is not on the agenda a decision should not be taken.

The work on the War Memorial had been delayed due to the weather, it would be started on the 15th April 2013. The Parishioner who had given the donation for the War Memorial wanted as little publicity as possible, but agreed to an article in Village Life to commemorate her husband’s past and relations.

Mr Eglngton reported on the flooding at Riverside, he had visited Colveston Manor Farm with Mrs Crisp and met with the Tenant Farmer, the flooding was caused by a number of small rills which had eroded into the bank since last June. The Environment Agency had done nothing so far, Mr Eglington has written to our MP.

Mr Eglington had visited SheridanSchool during their open day as a result of an incident on the playing field, which the Council let SheridanSchool use. Mr Eglington was impressed with the school’s displays and the work they had done for Children in Need. .A discussion took place on the purpose of the school. It was recognised that staff were trained to deal with a variety of behaviour issues and conditions and had systems for rewards and sanctions processes n place.

A Parishioner discussed their concerns regarding the incident which they were involved in on the playing field. They reported on children’s poor behaviour and the behaviour of the teachers The school had said that it would not happen again and the children would not be visiting the playing field again. Other parishioners had commented on the noise being no worse than a football match. Mrs Crisp asked everyone to move forward and recognised that the Parish Council and the Parishioners had received an apology from the school.

A discussion took place on vandalism in the village, the Parish Council felt strongly about vandalism and all were asked to report it. Mrs Crisp had notified the community Police and was told to put forward any complaints and witnesses to the vandalism.

7. The following payments were agreed:

BCKLWN Annual Play Inspection Report £72.00

Mr J. Chease £48.70

CGM Landscapes £296.17

EON £138.73

K&M Lighting Services £53.76

NALC £179.12

Staff renumeration £222.00

Sports and Social Club £350.00

St Andrews Church £200.00

Mr Jenkinson reported on vandalism on the playing field, 2 new steps are needed for the slide at a cost of £13.40 each, it was agreed for Mr Jenkinson to arrange the new steps. The climbing board will need replacing in 12 – 18 months at a cost of £280 plus VAT.

Mr Lavender would be asked to attend the next meeting to discuss the chafer bugs on the playing field.

The meeting was closed to discuss the grass cutting contract, all councillors agreed

A discussion took place on the grass cutting contract, quotes were compared. It was noted that the grass cutting should be kept to a standard and it was agreed that CGM would be given the contract for a period of a year.

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