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Wereham Parish Council - March

May 2013


Draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 12th March 2013

at 7.30pm in Wereham village

Present: Chairman Cllr P Norris, Cllr G Key, Cllr C Humphries, Cllr J Bruce, Cllr K Newell, Cllr D Dieghton, Cllr G Koopowitz (arrived 7.50pm), Borough Cllr C Sampson

Members of the public: 9

1.  Village hall committee update

Victoria and Helen gave a brief update on the village hall matters.

Update from Village Hall Committee since last Parish Council meeting in January –

  • Structural re-inspection has shown a slight movement since the last report, but no remedial work required. As recommended, we’ll continue with regular inspections.
  • We’ve passed the 5 yearly electrical inspection & annual PAT testing.
  • We’ve applied for funding for remedial work to the floor and flat roof.
  • Members of the committee have been on Governance & Project Planning @ the NRCC.
  • We’ve appointed Health & Safety, Maintenance & Fund-raising Representatives to enable progress in between our monthly meetings.
  • We’re in the process of visiting new build village halls to gain feedback from their experience, types of build & eco options.
  • New tables & chairs are arriving Thursday.
  • AGM booked for 9th April 6pm, open to all over the age of 18.
  • We are now Trustee’s & are in the process of registering with the Charity Commission using the 1961 Trust Deed.
  • We still require approval from the PC for the new Trust Deed.
  • We’ve provisionally booked a pre-meet Q&A session with John Gudgeon from PT Ryan on the 30th of April @ 7.30pm
  • What we need from the Parish Council –

Confirmation today that at least 2 members of the Parish Council can attend the Q&A session. Preferably 2 members that will be able to sign the new Trust Deed. Councillor's Cllr P Norris, Cllr K Newell and Cllr C Humphries will attend on 30th April 2013 .

2.  Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on 15th January 2013 were discussed and agreed to be a true record. Proposer: Cllr G Key, 2nd: Cllr K Newell

3.  Declarations of interest:

Members are invited to declare personal prejudicial interests in items on the agenda. It is a requirement that declarations from a member include the nature of the interest and whether it is personal or prejudicial.

Cllr P Norris and Cllr J Bruce declared an interest in decisions relating to the appointment of a contractor to carry out work to the oak tree.

4. Chairman's / Councillor’s updates

Cllr P Norris has discussed proposals with Andy Wallace Highways to install pedestrian control railings at Church Road A134/ The Row crossroads. Council are awaiting proposed costings for the project.

5. Correspondence

Norfolk Accident Rescue Service requests a donation. Council declined in line with their previously agreed decision that the Council do not make donations.

Norfolk link.

Norfolk County Council’s local flood risk management strategy.

Norfolk village games.

Letter received from Tim Glover at CGM expressing disappointment at not being awarded the maintenance contract for Wereham this year.

Letter received from a parishioner in response to the Council discussing banning of dogs from the playing field.

Temporary road closure affecting Cavenham Road from junction with Church Road northwards to junction with School Lane because of tree cutting around overhead power lines. 20th March from 08.30hrs to 16.00hrs.

Wren funding opportunity – forwarded to village hall committee.

Correspondence will be circulated to all Councillors.

6. Planning applications

  1. Demolition of existing back additions and erection of new single storey rear extension at Salmo Flegg Green. Council have no objections.
  2. Alterations and repairs in association with approved conversion to residential at the Manor house. No objections.
  3. Construction of building as residential annexe at High house, Lynn Road. 6 out of 7 Councillor's expressed objections to this application.

7. Payments for approval/Resolutions

Clerk                     £ 414.78

E.on February    £ 32.18

E.on March           £ 29.06

CGM                      £ 336.00

All payments were agreed. Proposer: Cllr K Newell, 2nd: Cllr D Deighton.

8. Matters requiring attention.

  1. Councillor’s all signed a disclosable personal interest-application form for dispensation on matters regarding precept and budget setting.
  2. The grass bank around the village pond needs some remedial maintenance repair work where the rain has washed away the top soil. A quote has been received from Holly Landscape for £75 + vat, to fill area with top soil. Holly will also trim trees to head height at the same time free of charge.

Council agreed to appoint Holly Landscapes to complete the work. Proposer: Cllr P Norris, 2nd Cllr G Key.

More long term repairs may be needed in the near future as the concrete drums are leaning into the pond.

  1. Council discussed the ownership of the playing field. Cllr P Norris proposed that a formal agreement is made between parties. Council agreed to seek advice from Norfolk Association of Local Councils before action is taken.
  2. In response to the letter received from a parishioner stating their disappointment that dogs would be excluded from the playing field the Council discussed the issue and there are other places to walk dogs in the village It was agreed that the parish Council will erect signs to request that dogs not be allowed onto the playing field as this is an area designated for play and recreation for both children and adults and it is hazards to their health should dogs foul this area.

It was discussed to erect dog fouling signs for play area and the purchase of dog waste bins (Fido 25 dog waste bin from Glasdon UK £92.95 + vat without post. With post £137.75 + vat. The cost of emptying the bins is £1.20 + vat per week for each bin). Council agreed not to purchase a dog waste bin at this time but will purchase a sign to state no dogs allowed on the playing field. Proposer Cllr P Norris, 2nd Cllr K Newell.

5. Council have received two quotes for maintenance work to be carried out to the oak tree at the play area. It was agreed to accept the quote of £275.00 from Campbell and Son. Cllr P Norris agreed to remove the dead wood from the field. Proposer Cllr G Koopowitz, 2nd Cllr G Key.

6. Tom Tree CGM Landscapes has emailed confirmation that CGM are happy to complete the repairs to the rubber matting at an extra cost of £100.00 and the work will be expected to last at least 12mnths. Council agreed that they are satisfied with this and confirm that CGM can complete the works. Proposer: Cllr G koopowitz, 2nd: Cllr G Key.

7. The leaves from church and various dwellings on the pavements (middle and West End) beside Church Road, this will be reviewed with the Highways Rangers.

8. Cllr D Deighton discussed the problems with the BT exchange in Stoke Ferry, it is at capacity and requires upgrading to ensure better broadband services.

Cllr C Sampson received some information on this from Norfolk County Council and the Better Broadband for Norfolk scheme has been set up and will be implemented late 2013 and should be complete by 2015. However the Council is unable to state which areas will be covered.

The Parish Council would like to urge members of the public and local businesses to write to their County Councillors to express the need for better broadband in Wereham.

Clerk to write to Group 4 to urge public to write to CountyCouncillors.

9. Discuss dates for the Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual Parish Council meeting. Proposed date 14th May 2013, all agreed start at 7.00pm.

10. Council have formed a subcommittee of Cllr P Norris, Cllr G koopowitz, Cllr D Dieghton and Cllr K Newell to discuss issues such as Clerks salary.

9. Matters requiring attention to be brought forward to next meeting of the Council.

No decisions will be made by the Council; matters will be put forward to the next meeting of the Parish Council for discussion.

Cllr P Norris informed Council of the presence of mole hills at the playing field and cemetery.

Cllr P Norris proposed that the Council have a more formal arrangement for organising burials, 2nd Cllr G Key.

Cllr J Bruce requested that highways clear the mud from the road from The Row up towards Wretton.

Cllr K Newell queried that the wall outside the cottages in the Manor house has not yet been completed, Cllr P Norris confirmed that this is in hand and will be completed when the weather has improved.

Cllr C Humphries has received a letter from the residents of Woodstock Farm, thanking the Council for their support with the recent planning application and requested that the Council continue to support their application once resubmitted.

The drains outside the Manor house still need attention because of standing water. Report to highways.

The pavements from the A134/Church Road West End junction are covered with debris. Report to highways.

10.  Public comments/ question time:

No decisions will be made by the Council; matters will be put forward to the next meeting of the Parish Council for discussion.

Members of the public expressed their disappointment with the Councils decision to exclude dogs from the playing field as it is rarely used as a football pitch and the children have a separate play area. They expressed their concern with people who have mobility problems and cannot exercise their dogs any where else.

Suggested that Council put a notice in Group 4 to ask people to pick up after their dogs or risk losing the use of the field.

Member of the public reported a van which is parking on the newly seeded grass verge at The Springs, causing damage to the grass.

At the Springs there is an old fence and conifer trees which have been left, this area appears unfinished.

Suggestions to contact other Parishes who use the Stoke Ferry exchange to ask them to write to CountyCouncillors to request upgrade.

At the T-Junction on the corner near New Barn ( North end of The Row), the drain floods during heavy rainfall.

Various drainage issues and pot holes were reported to the Council.

Meeting closed 9.15pm

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