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Stoke Ferry Annual Parish Meeting

May 2013


Minutes of Stoke Ferry Annual Parish Meeting held in the Community Centre

At 7.15pm on Wednesday 15 May 2013

Those Attending              Mrs M Leamon, Mr J Nicholas-Letch, Mr T Ryves, Mrs D Clements, Mrs J Hull, Mr M Hand, Mrs S Lintern,  Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), Borough Councillor C Sampson, 5 members of the public.

1. Apologies                       No apologies

2. Minutes of Last Meeting

Mrs Clements proposed acceptance of the last Annual Parish Meeting Minutes seconded by Mr Ryves.  Adopted Unanimously

3. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

4. Reports

4.1 Playing Field Report

Trudy Mann gave a brief outline about the playing fields, the land was donated in 1968 by a Mr Waters and equipment placed on the field, some probably still there.  It is self funding, the parish councils pays for the grass cutting and sometimes help with the annual insurance.  There are 7/8 committee members who will be Trustees.  In 2004 a grant was obtained which was used to add more equipment.  An inspection of the equipment has been carried out.   Emma Yardy informed the meeting that some of the equipment was a low/medium risk to children.  There is a two phase plan for the area to make it safe, repair and maintain the equipment, to replace the perimeter fence would cost £1400.  Fitness equipment was the preferred type which would cost about £15,000 for about 6 items.  The buildings need replacing they are now very outdated.  It would cost in the region of £30,000 to replace with an Arcon building.  Some parents do help with repairs.  The swing (3) are too close to the poles one therefore needs to be removed.  Trudy Mann reported the main outgoings every year are insurance, electricity, water, repairs.  The only income is from the Football Team £150, but there are several fund raising events in the pipeline.  It was hope the parish council would give some help with projects.

Mr Nicholas-Letch asked what the cost of the annul insurance was - £850 for the current year.  The cost of the Inspection was £150 this year but would normally be £70.   Mr Hand asked if there was a chance of obtaining Lottery funding.  Perhaps the Playing Fields Association could help with funding etc.

4.2 Stoke Ferry Community Car Scheme

Mr Nicholas-Letch advised that the scheme had been running for 8 months, 1600 passenger miles had been covered to King’s Lynn, Marham, Downham Market, Boughton, vicinities within a 17 mile radius of Stoke Ferry.  There have been calls from Boughton Surgery requesting assistance for people from other villages.  The scheme is working well, with £300 being received in donations of which £75 was from the Christmas Tree.  A Newsletter will be coming out shortly.  More drivers are needed.  Mrs Lintern asked if a log of passengers is kept.  Mr Nicholas-Letch advised every journey/passenger is logged, every passenger receives a receipt for money paid.

4.3 Village Hall Committee Report

The Clerk read a report from the Village Hall Committee stating how disappointed they were that the promised new village hall did not materialise and were hoping for some form of compensation from the Borough Council.  There are many repairs now required on the current village hall.  They are managing to keep their heads above water but will continue with fund raising events.   There will be a Yard Sale in the village on Sunday 14 July.

4.4 Stoke Ferry Common Room

Mr Nicholas-Letch read a report from the Chairman of the Stoke Ferry Common Room, the Club opened in January 2012 originally set up for 11-14 year olds, there are six volunteers who have all been CRB checked.  There are currently 35 members on role.  The age limit has now been increased to 15 year olds.  Currently open twice a month, but could open more if there were more volunteers.  Various activities take place on club nights.

4.5 Youth Club Report

Mandy Leamon gave a report on the Youth Club for the younger children which runs once a week during term time, there are now 56 children on the register, between 40-50 attend every week, there are some teenagers helping.  New toys have been purchased, every birthday is celebrated, theme nights are held, end of term fun nights, mini fetes, plenty of activities.

4.6 Little Oaks

No report submitted

4.7 Volunteer Credits

Mr Nicholas-Letch advised of the West Norfolk Time Credits Programme which are a form of community currency that has been introduced to encourage local people to take an active role in their community. Time credits are a way of ‘thanking’ people for any time they choose to give at selected activities, projects and events.  There are several ways of spending your credits.

5. Any Other Business

No matters raised

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.05pm.

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