River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Northwold Parish Council- March

May 2013



Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mr A Collins, Mrs S Jackson, Mrs S Leet, Miss A Muir, Mr A Jenkinson

Mrs V Lynch


2 members of the public

1.  Apologies for absence

Mr M Peake, Mr F Eglington

Mrs Crisp welcomed the new Parish Clerk Mrs Mandy Maguire.

Mrs Crisp was please to announce that she had received a signed copy of the agreement with the Sports and Social club.

2.  No Declarations of Interest made.

3.  The minutes of the meeting held on 04/12/12, having been previously circulated, were

agreed as a true record.

4. Matters Arising from previous meetings

  • Mrs J Rabett had given a cheque to the Parish Council for £2,500 for the renovation of the war memorial. Councillors would like the Clerk to send a letter of thanks to Mrs Rabett for her very generous donation. Mr Collins has emailed the contractor to ask for an exact date and time for the work to start and will meet with him weather permitting.
  • A letter had been received from Mr Elliott asking for a modest donation to clear the drainage ditch running alongside Inghams Lane. A large pond is created which occasionally threatens to flood Mr Elliots property. The Clerk to send a letter to Highways and forward the letter back to Mr Elliott.
  • Mr Collins reported that the fir tree at Riverside had been taken down but not taken away, discussion took place that it should be put into the owners garden. If permission was given by the owner then Mrs Leet would be happy to remove it
  • A street light opposite Manor House is still not working, the clerk to report.

5.  Reports

5.1 Chairman’s Report

  • Mrs Crisp had tried to contact Mr Allingham about flooding on his farm and finding its way to the Northwold stream, she  had left several messages but received no reply.
  • Mr Collins has been negotiating with the Environment  Agency regarding the flooded footpath, it was not possible to cross Riverside and Commons Road which is a public right of way. The clerk to write to the Environment Agency
  • Mrs Crisp had received a request from Mrs V Hutchby concerning the upkeep of the church yard and asking for a contribution of £200. All Councillors agreed.
  • Mrs Freemantle had asked for the money some time ago to purchase and place a bench in the cemetery with the money left from the Produce Show. Councillors queried whether anything had happened with the Produce show as an article had been placed in the local magazine asking for it to be taken over. All Councillors in agreement.
  • The two Council benches ,one in Whittington and one in Northwold would be installed by Mr Breheny. It was discussed that the bench for Northwold would be installed the other side of the phone box.

  • The Council had received a lot of phone calls about the dog bins, all dog bins had been reported and emptied. Mrs Crisp had got the bin at Hovell Lane emptied.
  • Mr Roberts has the parts for the village sign and will replace.

5.2    The Clerk’s Report

  • Mrs Scarrott had reported the street light opposite Manor House
  • Mrs Scarrott had contacted the Safer Neighbourhood team about parking at Hovells Lane. 2 cars had just been left at Hovels Lane at different times. The clerk to write a letter, Mr Collins to email the clerk the address.
  • Mr Peake had reported that there would be good news concerning The Old Manor House but he couldn’t say anymore at this time.

6.  Agreement with Northwold Sports & Social Club for hire of the Club building

The agreement has been signed by the Trustees. A discussion took place on the recreation ground, the cricketers will do the work but would like financial help with buying the seeds and the soil. Mr Jenkinson estimated that 60-70 tons of soil would be needed plus grass seed and would cost approximately £700. The Council could not afford to pay the whole amount but the money from CAN could be used. Miss Muir suggested paying half the amount. The Councillors discussed how much the football club paid to use Methwold and the facilities that were available. It was discussed that the Council’s contribution could be used as payment for using the field and then be reviewed at a later date. It was suggested to make a donation now so as not to miss the grass cutting season. It was agreed that £350 would be contributed and that Councillors would appreciate if they could view the quotes that were received.


Mrs Howarth presented an application to have an addition on one of the headstones which the clerk signed for receipt of the £20 payment.

Mrs Howarth asked if it would be possible to have a box put on the gate at the cemetery, which showed a plan of the graves. People ring Mrs Howarth and ask where the graves are situated, it would be useful if they could view the plan when they visit the graveside. Mr Jenkinson reported that the Sixth Form had made a notice board previously, if Mrs Howarth identifies the size needed, then they could be approached to make another one to house the plan.

Mrs Lynch had asked Mr Chease about the notice boards but wasn’t sure what the Council wanted. Little London notice board was held together with string. Mrs Lynch to mention the notice boards to Mr Chease.

A member of the public suggested that the Parish Council should not be so pleased that the Sports and Social club agreement had been signed, as it was the Parish Councils fault that it had taken so long and that he was disappointed with the Parish Council.  Mrs Crisp clarified that they were pleased that it had been signed as it had been ongoing for quite a while. Mrs Muir went through the legal side several months ago and the Council had been waiting for the Sports and Social club to find a Trustee. A meeting had taken place which Mr Lavender attended, Mrs Lynch referred to the notes of that meeting. The Council had done everything they could to move things along. Mrs Crisp clarified that a letter would be sent to the Sports and Social club with the contribution. It was agreed that the Council will support the Sports and Social club but it is the Sports and Social clubs responsibility to maintain the ground.

The member of the public agreed that it was a good idea to get on with the work at the recreation ground.

7. The Clerk read out the balance as at 5.3.13, £21,067.84

The following payments were agreed:

K & M  Lighting Services                                                   £53.76

Methwold Parish Council (photocopying)                            £6.00

E.on Energy (street lighting electric)                                                           £297.10

Clerk Salary (February)                                                    £308.62

The Green Balance UK (bench plaque)                                                         £31.20

Northwold Village Hall                                                                                        £12.00

7.1    Cheque signatories

It was stated that Mrs Lynch and Mrs Crisp were signatories and that Mr Collins agreed to be a signatory. The clerk gave Mr Collins the form for him to complete.

8. Correspondence

8.1 Parish Partnerships- Mrs Crisp, Mr Collins and Mrs Maguire would be attending

8.2 Climate Change seminar

8.3 Best in West Norfolk village games- to give to Sports and Social club

8.4 Initial Training for Clerks and Councillors

8.5 Parish Matters

8.6 Quote for grass cutting from The Old Parsonage Cutting services

The quote was discussed, it would be £250 per cut every 10-16 days between April and October 2013. The quote from Mr Oakley was discussed, it would be £215.77 per day every 10 days,  plus an annual cost of £34.23. The Council recognised that he would take care but that he was too expensive.

Mrs Crisp queried whether there is a map to show what graves the Council are responsible for, the clerk to talk to Mrs Scarrott.

A discussion took place on whether the cemetery could be cut by someone else. Mrs Crisp went through the quote from CGM. The member of public asked if they should leave the room whilst it was being discussed,  Mrs Crisp confirmed that he could stay as he had already heard what was being discussed. It was clarified that CGM’s contract is for 1 year.

Mr Jenkinson declared an interest as a family member works for CGM and apologised for not declaring it earlier.

The Councillors instructed the clerk to send a specification to the Old Parsonage for them to quote for the full works and asked the clerk to calculate the full cost of CGM’s quote and email it to Councillors. Councillors would then liaise over email and make a decision on the contractor due to the time restraints. All Councillors agreed.

9. Planning:


9.1          Proposed new chalet bungalow adjacent 27 Church Lane, Whittington 12/02095/F -                       application withdrawn

10. Further reports:

10.1 Website, Mrs Muir had managed to get a cheaper quote £699 plus VAT.

Mr Jenkinson would ask his son in law for a quote, he approximated that it would cost £200 to set up and £95 per year service fee, it would depend on what was needed. If his son in law cannot get to the next meeting then he will submit a quote.

The clerk informed the Council that NALC provide websites for Parish Council’s, the clerk was asked to get more details.

10.2 A discussion took place on acquiring a bottle bank to site at the Sports and Social Club. If it is done through the Parish Council it is free and they will receive money for recycling. A bell shape would be needed with a heavy base for safety reasons. The clerk was asked to look into it, if it is free then all Councillors agreed that they should go ahead with obtaining a bottle bank. Mr Collins proposed that the Sports and Social club should receive the money from the glass.

10.3 Mr Jenkinson reported that he had telephoned Highways regarding the A134 as there had been another accident, a total of 3 accidents. Mr Wallace had reported to Mr Allen who would go to the police for their report. Mr Jenkinson was expecting an update today but hadn’t received one. A discussion took place over the time it is taking police to respond to accidents, over 30 minutes and 26 minutes for an ambulance. Mr Jenkins has over a 100 people who have signed his petition, he will try to get more signatures over Easter and then forward them to Elizabeth Truss.

10.4 Mrs Lynch reported that the path from Church Lane to the River is not the Parish Councils responsibility to maintain. It is cut once a month in the growing season.

10.5 Mr Collins reported on Ingham Lane, they did not have planning permission and have put a more substantial shed up. It was clarified that you do not need permission to put a shed up.

Resolution taken to exclude the public to consider appointment of new clerk:

A discussion took place on the clerks contract, it was agreed that the clerks hours would be extended to 7 hours per week, 52 x 7.hours on salary point 19, this would be reviewed in 3 months time. The cost of training is to be split between Parish Councils, as the clerk is the clerk for several Parish Councils. Time to travel to meetings will be paid but no mileage, Councillors will put up the notices. The clerk would like to take out a pension and councillors advised the clerk to look into a pension. All Councillors agreed.

The date for the Annual Parish Meeting was set for the 7th May at 7pm. Mr Collins and Mr Jenkinson sent their apologies. The clerk to find out how much notice they need to give parishioners.

The Northwold and Whittington Life, it was clarified that information needs to be in by the 18th of the previous month.

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