River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Northwold Parish Council - February

May 2013



Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mr M Peake, Mr A Collins, Mrs S Jackson, Mrs S Leet, Miss A Muir, Mr A Jenkinson.  2 members of the public

1.  Apologies for absence: Mrs V Lynch, Mr F Eglington, PCSO Esther Bortz.

2.  No Declarations of Interest made.

3.  The minutes of the meeting held on 04/12/12 were agreed as a true record.

No meeting held in January 2013.

4. Matters Arising from previous meetings

  • Some discussion took place regarding the removal of the bottle bank from the Village Hall car park. The decision to remove the bank was taken by the Village Hall Committee following complaints made regarding the unacceptable noise when bottles were deposited in the bank, particularly at unsociable times.

Debate is now taking place as to whether a different type of bank could be provided at the Village Hall or whether a bank should be relocated at the Recreation Ground. A suggestion was made that banks could be provided at both locations. As the bank at the Recreation Ground would be managed by the Parish Council this matter will be an agenda item for the March meeting of the Parish Council.

  • It was suggested that the possibility of obtaining grant funding to assist with treatment of the chafer bugs at the Recreation Ground should be investigated.
  • The Parish Council is looking at either utilising the CAN website or establishing a website of its own. An estimated cost for provision of a website was given as £1245 plus VAT. Further research will be undertaken regarding provision of a website for the Parish Council and this matter will be an agenda item for the March meeting of the Parish Council.

5.  Reports

5.1 Chairman’s Report

  • Tree planting at the Primary School to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee went well.
  • There have been several incidents of vandalism in the village recently. Coping stones have been pushed from walls and stones need to be replaced on the village sign opposite the Church. The Safer Neighbourhood Team will be made aware of incidents.
  • The new dog bin in Hovells Lane is being well used and is in need of emptying.

5.2    The Clerk’s Report

  • It was reported that the planned renovation of the War Memorial will cost more than originally anticipated. However, the Parish Council has already received a very generous donation towards this work and the benefactor is happy to increase the donation as necessary. The donation has been made in memory of the lady’s husband and in recognition of this the Parish Council agreed a plaque in his memory will be erected at the memorial if the benefactor wishes to accept this gesture.
  • Plaques to attach to the benches sited in the parish to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee have been passed to Mr. A Jenkinson.

5.3  No further information available regarding Manor House

6.  Agreement with Northwold Sports & Social Club for hire of the Club building

A Deed of Appointment of Trustees for Northwold Sports & Social Club has been passed to the Parish Council, together with a copy of a Constitution for the Club dated 14/12/12. The Trustees will now be asked to sign the agreement with the Parish Council relating to use of the Sports & Social Club building at Northwold Playing Field.


7. The following payments were agreed:

MHB Services (street lighting maintenance)                                            £53.76

E.on Energy (street light electric)                                                                 £143.51

E.on Energy (street lighting electric)                                                           £153.59

Clerk Salary (Dec./Jan.)                                                                                     £133.20

Northwold Care Group – car scheme                                                           £106.90

A Muir (J Breheny)                                                                                              £120.00

Post Office (PAYE)                                                                                                 £70.20

AnglianWater                                                                                                          £23.45

CGM                                                                                                                           £296.17

Amey (street lighting)                                                                                       £143.28

7.1    Precept request for 2013

Due to changes in the Council Tax benefit scheme the number of properties in the parish falling into Band D for the purposes of Council Tax collection will fall. This reduction in the tax base would mean Band D tax payers would be contributing more to the precept in 2013 than in 2012 even if the Parish Council requests the same precept figure. The Government has passed a grant to the Borough Council which is being offered to Parish Councils to give the Council the ability to request a lower precept (enabling the Band D figure to remain the same as last year). With this in mind the Parish Council resolved to accept the grant and lower the precept request accordingly.

8. Correspondence

8.1 NorfolkCounty Council Delivering Local Highway Improvements in Partnership with Town and Parish Councils

8.2 Anglian Water  - request to complete survey (to be passed to Sports & Social Club)

8.3 Warm and Well in Norfolk information leaflet to display

9. Planning:

Applications for consideration

9.1          Proposed new chalet bungalow adjacent 27 Church Lane, Whittington 12/02095/F


9.2          The erection of an external teaching space and 2 small canopy extensions at NorthwoldMixedSchool 13/00118/F


9.3          Detached single storey building providing accommodation comprising sports hall, games room, store, 2 no. classrooms, office and ancillary areas at SheridanSchool, Northwold 13/00083/F


9.4          Single storey rear extension to dwelling at 1 St. Andrews Close, Northwold 12/02079/F


Notice of decision:

Permission refused for provision of a new tied dwelling for use as a site manager and maintenance residence and a new shop/reception unit at Camping Site, Grange Farm, Whittington 12/01896/F

Notification also received that a planning application to construct a dwelling with integral garage at land to the North of 24 High Street, Northwold has been withdrawn.

10. Further reports:

10.1 It was felt SheridanSchool should be approached regarding the use of Northwold Playing Field as a review of how the area is used and by whom should be undertaken. The Football Club has verbally stated that members would be willing to undertake maintenance work to the surface of the Playing Field but would like financial support to purchase grass seed.

10.2 Mr. A Jenkinson has offered to look at the Annual Play Equipment Inspection Report and will undertake maintenance recommended including replacement of rotten timbers on the slide mound.

10.3 Drains by Inghams Lane should flow into the nearby ditch but the drain is thought to be blocked. Highways will be approached about this.

10.4 Review of the Parish Council bank mandate will be an agenda item for the March meeting of the Parish Council.

10.5 It was reported that a fir tree is blocking passage at Riverside.

10.6 A street light is out opposite Manor House.

10.7 It was noted that the school sign opposite the shop is redundant and thus could be removed.

10.8 Parking by the entrance to Hovells Lane is considered to be causing an obstruction. This concern will be passed to the Safer Neighbourhood Team. It was suggested a letter could be sent to the owners of a vehicle which is continually parked on the road.

Resolution taken to exclude the public to consider appointment of new clerk:

It was agreed to appoint Mrs Mandy Maguire as Clerk/RFO to Northwold Parish Council as from March 1st 2013. The position will be paid at a set salary point.

The contract for the clerk will be ratified at the March meeting of the Parish Council.

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