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Wretton Parish Council

April 2013




Present– Cllr David Llewellyn - Chairman, Cllr Mick Peake, Cllr Mandy Peake, Cllr L Beatty,  Cllr Martin Cann, Cllr John Reeve.

Borough Councillor Colin Sampson

2 members of the public.

1.Apologies for Absence:
Cllr Mick Peake,
2.No Declarations of Interest made.
3.The Minutes of the meeting held on 07/01/13 were agreed as a true record.
 Matters Arising from previous meetings
  • · Lime House Drove
It was agreed the Clerk would approach the Clerk of Stoke Ferry Parish Council regarding placing signs at both ends of Lime House Drove stating that unauthorised vehicles are not permitted along Lime House Drove.
  • Lydia’s Lane/Green Lane
Norfolk County Council will be asked for an update regarding the considered encroachment of Lydia’s Lane. The hedge at Field Cottage, adjacent to the lane, is being removed.
  • · Footpaths at All Saints Place
Freebridge Housing Association has still not removed the hedge at All Saints Place which is obscuring the footpath as was requested. However both the Clerk and Councillor Sampson have now been informed that this should be undertaken imminently.
  • · Footpath between Clover Club and Wretton village name plate
The footpath between the Clover Club and the Wretton village name plate sign still needs to be sided out. It will be checked whether the Highways Rangers have been working in the village recently and whether this work can be undertaken on their next visit.
  • · Potholes
Potholes in Church Road and by Fendick’s Cottage will be reported to Highways.
5.5.1 The Chairman had nothing to report
5.2 The Clerk’s Report
The Clerk had nothing to report other than to confirm the 2013 precept request will mean that householders in Wretton should not see an increase in the parish contribution of their Council Tax.
Changes to the Council Tax benefit system will alter the parish tax base and to compensate for this grant funding will be paid via the Borough Council so parishioners will not see an increase in their parish precept contribution. However, due to the way the precept contributions are calculated the Parish Council will receive a gross precept figure which will be around £100 less than was originally requested.
6.Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Cheques for approval of payment

SJ Scarrott (Jane/Feb)                                                     £109.58
CGM                                                                              to be confirmed
K & M Lighting  (x2)                                                         £33.38
PAYE IR                                                                          £42.15
Financial position @
Community Account Balance          £1461.03               
Business Saver Account (1)            £686.92                           
Business Saver Account (2)        £12266.42                
Business Saver Account (3)                £0.36     
6.1 It was agreed to engage Barry Fox as the Internal Auditor for 2013.
Mr Fox has undertaken the Internal Audit for Wretton Parish Council for several years but has not indicated that he will no longer offer his services after 2013.
6.2 The Parish Council has a contract for grounds maintenance with Country Grounds Maintenance for 2013/14. However, more accountability will be expected from the contractors in the forthcoming season as the Parish Council wishes to know when grass is cut in the parish so a record of payment for work undertaken can be compiled. It was suggested the Chairman and Clerk should visit the contractors to review the contract for the forthcoming season.
7.1 Warmer West Norfolk – posters/leaflets publicising the scheme.
7.2 Norfolk Association of Local Councils Climate Change Seminar flyer and Highways Parish Partnerships Seminar flyer.
7.3 NorfolkCounty Council – Delivering Local Highway Improvements in Partnership with Town and Parish Councils – extension of the scheme.
8.Planning applications:
Notice of Decision
Refusal of application for an extension for time for the implementation of planning reference 09/02164/F: Two detached dwellings and garages at land South of Oak Farm, Chequers Road, Wretton 12/01914/EXF.
Reason for refusal:
The Development Plan seeks to resist new development in the smaller village and hamlet settlements (as defined by Policy CS02 of the LDF Core Strategy) where this would not meet local needs nor maintain the vitality of these communities. Furthermore the National Planning Policy Framework states that to promote sustainable development in rural areas, housing should be located where it will enhance or maintain the vitality of rural communities. In terms of local need, this application would not provide and has not identified a requirement for affordable housing, whilst the application site lies within a rural hamlet that is distant from community facilities. Consequently this proposal would conflict with the aims of sustainable development, and is contrary to Policies CS02, CS06, CS08 & CS09 of the LDF Core Strategy and the provisions of the National Planning Policy Framework.
A Parish Council Planning Meeting was held on 18/02/13 to consider application 13/000097/F PVCu conservatory to rear elevation, 9 All Saints Place, West Dereham Road, Wretton.
The Parish Council decided to make no observations.
9.Further Reports
  • A resident has reported mud on Field Lane which has not been cleared from the road by the farmer who has created it. Farmers do have a responsibility to clean any mud they have created off the road by the end of the day. It is believed Highways have been in contact with land owners regarding this complaint not long ago but the Highway Technician will be informed again that the problem persists.
  • Concern was also voiced again that road verges are being eroded due to large vehicles running over the grass. This is a widespread problem as modern farm vehicles are too large for the narrow country roads.
  • A car windscreen has appeared lying in the West Dereham Road.
  • The Jubilee Bench on Wretton Green is in need of maintenance. Cllr Beatty offered assistance.


  • Some debate took place regarding Stoke Ferry Common and whether the Common should be part of Wretton. Enquiries will be made.
  • A resident is still hearing noise at night which she believes emanates from Wissington Sugar Factory. The factory will be made aware of this.
  • A request was made for information regarding the sale of a piece of land by the Parish Council some years ago. The Chairman offered to pass on the information requested.
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