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West Dereham Parish Council

April 2013




Present:  Mrs Claire Cann – Chairman, Mrs Pam Bullas, Mr Mark Dawson, Ms Paula Kellingray, Mrs Pam Walker.

8 members of the public; PCSO Sophie Watson

Papers presented to Councillors: Expenditure spreadsheet, Glazewing Report, Analysis of burial fees, correspondence re. co-option.

  1. 1.    Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Tom Foy who is deployed in Afghanistan.

2.    No Declarations of Interest made.

  1. 3.    Co-option of a new councillor.

The vacancy on the Parish Council having been advertised two expressions of interest had been received. A secret ballot was taken and with a majority of 4 to 1 Mrs Claire Page was co-opted on to West Dereham Parish Council.

4. Approval of the Minutes.

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 07/02/13 were agreed as a true record of the meeting.

5. Matters arising from previous meetings.

  • A suggested meeting with the Highways Department regarding the condition of Station Road will be set for an evening once the nights are lighter. The Highway Engineer is not available to attend a Saturday meeting as was initially hoped for.

6. Reports

6.1 Chairman’s Report:

  • The Council received three applicants for the post of Clerk. One of the applicants withdrew before interview and no appointment has yet been made as the Council needs to reconsider the Clerk’s salary and expenses. It was decided one of the applicants may be approached again with a view to negotiating an appropriate salary that the Council would be able to pay.

6.2 Clerk’s Report

  • The Clerk had nothing to report.

6.3 Police Report:

  • Glass bottles have been smashed and left by the roadside between Lodge Farm House and Abbey View in Station Road. Rubbish has also been thrown into gardens along Station Road.
  • PCSO Sophie Watson reported that seven calls from West Dereham had been received by the Police since the last Parish Council meeting. Two of these had been about mini motos.

Anyone witnessing any anti-social behaviour should phone the Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101 when the activity is taking place.

  • There is still need to be vigilant as oil thefts and burglaries have taken place in neighbouring villages.
  • The next Safer Neighbourhoods Action Panel (SNAP) meeting will take place on March 20th @ 8pm at Watlington Village Hall.

It is likely the current priorities around tackling anti-social behaviour in Watlington and Stoke Ferry will be changed at that time.

6.4 Village Hall Report:

  • Private bookings for the Village Hall are coming in on average of two a month.
  • A previous quiz night proved popular and another is planned for March 9th.
  • Various entertainment nights are planned with a charity fish and chip supper in aid of leukaemia research booked for March 22nd.

6.5 Broadband Update

The Better Broadband Project is expected to be rolled out across Norfolk towards the end of 2013 and it is assumed no further news is likely until the autumn.

6.6 Glazewing Report

  • The Clerk will follow up comments made in the Glazewing Report regarding a request made by the Parish Council for information from tacographs. The Parish Council is not interested in personal data but has asked for figures giving the number of Glazewing vehicles travelling along Station Road during unsocial hours.
  • The Clerk is to approach Glazewing with the suggestion that Glazewing vehicles could be made more easily identifiable if large numbers could be put on the sides of the cabs of their vehicles.
  • Glazewing representatives have been asked to attend the April meeting of the Parish Council and Fiona Walker (aide to Elizabeth Truss MP) will also be invited to attend.

7. Accounts

The Parish Council will hold £4836.52 once the following payments have been made:

Payments agreed in accordance with the budget:

Clerk’s salary (Feb.)                                                                                            £345.48

Country Grounds Maintenance (grounds maintenance)                                                           £107.90

Country Grounds Maintenance (trimming of leylandi hedge at allotments)                       £780.00

EFS (printing)                                                                                                      £22.56

Hall hire                                                                                                                                                                                    £255.00

The quote for trimming the hedge at the allotments will be checked before payment is made.

7.1 Revision of West Dereham Cemetery Fees

It was agreed that the fees for the Cemetery should be increased to bring them more in line with those charged by other local councils which are considerably higher.

After some consideration the following fees were agreed:

Fees for burial of a still born infant or a child under 12 were abolished.

Parishioner                                        Non-Parishioner

Burial of an adult (over 12)             £165                                                    £350

Purchase of grave                                               £110                                                    £220

Internment of ashes                       £75                                                                        £200

Erection of headstone                     £95                                                                       £170

Additional inscription to headstone   £35                                                                             £35

The new fees will be implemented immediately.

The Parish Council is reviewing the rules of the Cemetery as the current rules are very basic and more detail and clarification is needed, again in line with other local councils.

7.2 It was agreed the bank mandate will be updated with cheque signatories to be Claire Cann, Pam Bullas and Pam Walker.

7.3 It was agreed to engage Barry Fox as Internal Auditor for 2012/3.

8. West Dereham Allotments

A meeting was held on 23/02/13 between members of the Parish Council, Allotment holders and the current tenant farmer at West Dereham Allotments.

The meeting was held to discuss possible suggestions for how safeguards in the Allotment Farm Business Tenancy might be improved following the unfortunate over spraying incident that occurred in 2012 and to consider the possible provision of more allotment plots.

Much discussion took place at the meeting.

At present there are vacancies at the Allotments and the Parish Council wishes to maximise its income but is aware of its duty to provide allotments.

The present Farm Business Tenancy was drawn up three years ago and the lease is due to be renewed this year.

The Parish Council has now received new guidance from the National Association of Local Councils which indicates that the allotment land should not be tied up for 3 years. The land should be let for 729 days only and for grazing and mowing only with no crops to be grown as this in itself would create a Farm Business Tenancy. There are also other issues to consider and further legal advice will be sought from the Norfolk Association of Local Councils before any decisions regarding the future of the land is made.

9.  Correspondence

9.1 Notification of NorfolkALC “Café Cluster” – Costessey Community Centre March 15th2-4pm.

9.2 BCKLWN Inter Village Sports

9.3 Letter from parishioner regarding water drainage along Bath Road. The concerns raised in the letter will be passed to Highways who will be asked to inspect the road and to advise the Parish Council.

10.  No Planning applications received for consultation.

11.     Further reports/items for the next agenda.

11.1 It was noted sites are being sought near the Church in West Dereham where archaeological test pits might be dug.


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