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Boughton Surgery newsletter

April 2013

Remedial Work Planned for Surgery

All General Practices are required to register with the Care Quality Commission by 1st April 2013. As such we need to have remedial work performed at the surgery. This work should start on 2nd April 2013 over a two week period.

We apologise to patients for any disruption to services that may occur. We would ask anyone wishing to attend “Open Surgery” during these times to telephone before attending where possible. It may also be necessary to change some of the booked appointments.

We are also aware that there are a number of potholes in the car park and necessary works to repair these will commence in the Spring


Summary Care Records & Sharing Patient Information

The Summary Care Record holds information regarding current medications and any sensitivities (allergic reaction) to any drugs only. This information when available on the NHS Spine can be viewed by other NHS agencies i.e Out Of Hours GP’s, certain A&E Departments, GP Practices in other areas of the UK.

In line with NHS Norfolk, data from patients records has been uploaded onto the NHS Spine (unless the practice has received a signed form for a patient to be excluded from this process).

Further details are available at the surgery and if any patient has any queries or concerns then we would ask them to discuss this matter with our reception staff.

We will be offering more information about the Sharing of Records in the near future and details will be available on the practice website:

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