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Boughton Parish Council Annual meeting

April 2013

Boughton Parish Council.  Councillors are summoned to the Annual Parish Meeting on Friday 15th Feb. 2013 at 7.00pm in the Church for the purpose of transacting the following business. Items Raised by Parishioners.

1.      Open Annual Meeting.                                            F.Reid.

2.      Apologies

3.      Anglian Water. New mains installation. A134.

Implications for Boughton.                                     T.Roberts.

Close Annual Meeting.

Meeting Closes.

Council look forward to welcoming you to this meeting.

Date held:15th February 2013Venue:All Saints, Boughton
Dave Horkan (DHO)ClerkApologies: 
Frank Reid (FRE)Councillor/Chairman  
Mark Pogmore (MPO)CouncillorChair:Frank Reid
Peter Agate (PAG)CouncillorDistribution:BCC
David Cooper (DCO)Councillor  
Geoff Proctor (GPR)Councillor  
Public Members9 number  

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| | --- | --- | --- | --- | | 1. | Open Annual Meeting |   |   | |   | FRE opened the Annual Meeting with explanation of it’s purpose as an electorate populated agenda as was discussed at our audit, 2012.

The meeting would be opened prior the scheduled Parish Council Meeting, items discussed then closed with the PC meeting to follow thereafter. | FRE | 15/2/13 | |   |   |   |   | | 2. | Apologies |   |

| |   |


|   |   | |   |   |   |   | | 3. | Anglian Water Main – New Main Installation |   |   | |   | Tom Roberts had requested information on the current works installing a new water main out with the village boundaries but titles as Boughton Water Main. FRE explained that this installation was required due to under capacity existing infrastructure which feeds the vilaage leading to low presuure. It is hoped this will end the inconsistent pressure issues experienced.

|   |   | |   |   |   |   | | 4. | Late agenda items |   |   | |   | FRE explained that he had received a late issue of items as legally, they should be issued to Council before 3 clear working days prior to the meeting date to allow council necessary time to investigate and prepare.

Some question was raised about this date and the fact was agreed that no time limit had been raised in the request, this will be addressed for future Annual meetings. Council agreed to table the items on the proviso that they would not make decision today nor approve any expenditure regard their substance. It was therefore further agreed to limit the time allocated to 10 minutes.

M Payne (member of the public) explained that he had issue with the “over-heavy” cutting of the hedge alongside the fen, MPO took this issue and explained that the hedge was in fact scrub and was cut back in conjunction with Natural England following advise from the Highways Authority regarding the encroachment onto highway and the insurance liability this may incur.

It was agreed that future trimmings would now be more modest but the recommendation distance would be adhered to.

In order to protect council expenditure, this was completed FOC by local contractor W Chapman.

Question was then raised regard the benefit received for these actions, this was not offered, sought nor received by the third party.

The 2nd point raised regards the storage of sugar beet on land adjacent to the fen by others and should this continue on what may be common land, acquired ownership may be implied.

Council confirmed that they did not have to hand any information with regard the ownership of this parcel of land.

M Payne retorted that he had researched and had information from the Land Registry that this land was not in ownership of the third party.

PAG requested then if this information stated that it was in ownership of BPC, this was not available nor clear and council confirmed little possible action in therefore dealing with this prior to proof of ownership.

3rd Point raised was regard to the restoration of the area local to the recent drain repair.

MPO stated that a management plan was in place and would be based on budgetary restraints and importance regard other issues.

Following the time allotted draw down, DHO requested this matter be closed and progress to the BPC meeting, agreed.

Prior to close, FRE and MPO echoed that there are working parties scheduled for the fen and regular meetings to discuss matters at hand, M Payne was therefore invited to attend either although no commitment was received.

M Payne requested how report of actions would be progressed, FRE stated this would be available in the fen report as is available at each BPC meeting.

In closing, an additional member of the public did champion all the good work that has been completed to date on this area and thanked all involved.

Meeting Closed |





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Date and Venue of Next Meetings: February  2014 (TBC)  All saints Church Boughton

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