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Boughton news for April

April 2013

Boughton Parish Footpath Signs

You may have noticed that the main footpath indicators around the village have recently been refurbished, and you’d be right! For some time now the issue of the condition of the signs has been of concern to the Parish Council as although they were receiving annual preservative treatments, at least one was badly rotting and on the lean and the others were getting very tired.

We have Parish Councillors, together with parishioner Ollie Robinson to thank for their sterling efforts in re-furbishing the signs and bringing them to a standard that will proudly point you along our relatively well used village footpaths for many years to come.

For those of you who use the footpath between Cavenham Corner and the Church you will also have noticed two modest new signs erected next to the footpath indicators directing you to the above locations. They sit very well with the village streetscape and were also erected by the above team recently. These were sourced by Councillor Golly Cooper at no cost to the Parish.

It is good to see the community spirit alive and well in Boughton, coming together for the good of the village. We hope you will continue to use the footpaths regularly, enjoying our beautiful countryside and keep alive a tradition that goes back hundreds of years.


Boughton Village Caravan Coastal Walk

On Sunday 17th February Mark and Sue Pogmore hosted the annual Boughton Village Caravan coastal walk.  This year around 30 of us gathered at ‘The Hero’ public house at Burnham Overy Staithe to commence our 6 mile walk at 10:00am.

After the long cold winter we have so far had the appearance of a cloud free sky and sunshine was very welcome.  We had an extremely pleasant walk through the surrounding countryside and salt marshes, although the latter provided a challenge as there were numerous deep puddles and muddy tracks hindering our progress.  However, the youth of Boughton seemed to cope much better than the older fraternity and unsurprisingly seemed to enjoy getting wet and muddy!!

A short refreshment stop halfway round recharged our energy stores to assist us for the return leg to ‘The Hero’ for a well deserved lunchtime drink and dinner.

Thanks as usual to Mark and Sue for arranging the event and to all of those who joined us. We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

The Boughton Village Caravan

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