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Wereham Parish Council - January

March 2013


Draft Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 7.30pm in Wereham village hall

Present: Chairman Cllr P Norris, Vice chair Cllr G Koopowitz, Cllr D Deighton, Cllr G Key, Cllr K Newell, Cllr J Bruce.

1. Apologies: Cllr C Humphries

2. Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on 13th November 2012 were discussed and agreed to be a true record. Proposer: Cllr G Key. 2nd: Cllr K Newell.

3. Declarations of interest:

Members are invited to declare personal prejudicial interests in items on the agenda. It is a requirement that declarations from a member include the nature of the interest and whether it is personal or prejudicial.

Cllr J Bruce declared a business interest in matters concerning CGM.

4. Chairman's / Councillor’s updates

Two members of the Village hall committee attended the meeting to present an update on the funding. Below is a report given by Victoria Gray.

To enable the committee to qualify for funding with the Lottery, Wren and the Norfolk Community Construction fund, we are actioning the following:

1 – Revising our Trust Deed. The Parish Council are the holding Trustees; this won’t change when the trust deed is renewed.

2 – Adding the current 8 committee members to the Trust Deed to become Trustees on the Management Committee of Wereham Village Hall.

3- Registering as a charity.

We'd Like to recommend that at least 1 of the Parish Councillors become a trustee. As the holding Trustees, it would be in your benefit to do so. I’ve discussed with Graeme Key, who’s confirmed his interest. I The work required to support a Lottery application combined with the 3-stage 18-month process that the Lottery takes to respond, means that we need to keep the village hall going for at least another 3 years.

To enable us to do this we're -

1- Identifying and resolving health and safety issues

2- Pending builder’s feedback on remedial work required on the church road side of the building where wood rot has been identified.

3 – Continuing to fund raise to pay for the average annual running costs of £3k.

The village hall committee requested that there is an allowance made in the precept budget for the funding of the structural engineer reports. Suggested figure of 56p per household per month for 10mths based on 260 households.

Salt/grit bins have now been positioned and filled with salt/grit.

Over the Christmas period a brick arch collapsed at the Old Post Office. Karl Gay Building Control surveyor has been to the site and assessed the problem, temporary warning site restriction tapes and appropriate warning notices have been put in place, the owners have been contacted and some temporary supports have been put in place.

Both Pam Lynn (Conservation Officer) and Karl Gay met with representatives from Maxey Grounds (Estate agents) and First Commercial (Bank?) on 11th January 2013 to explain the issues/liabilities in respect of public safety and the implications of the building being listed in its entirety, they requested and got verbal agreement that the owners will:

  • Get a structural engineer to assess the problem and produce a programme for more permanent remedial/repair works sufficient to ensure that the structural stability of the building is re-established and maintained.
  • Put up Heras fencing across the site entrance and add more Warning Notices, particularly on the street side.
  • Keep all parties are kept informed of progress/time scales.

All parties are aware that Karl Gay and Pam Lynn will continue to monitor the site and if the situation gets works or the owners don’t act quickly, Building Control will go to the Magistrates to obtain consent to carry out the work in default and recharge costs.

In November CGM carried out an inspection of the Oak tree at the Recreation ground, several recommendations were made to remove the dead wood and severe the Ivy. Council agreed to obtain three quotes to carry out the recommended work, Quotes will be discussed at the next meeting of the Council.

Proposer: Cllr P Norris. 2nd: Cllr G Koopowitz.

Council have received two quotes for grounds maintenance and grass cutting for this year 2013. Both quotes were discussed and Council agreed by show of hands (5 Councillors for and one Councillor unable to vote due to a declared interest), that the maintenance work shall be awarded to Holly landscapes this year. Council agreed that the quality of work is very important.

Proposer: Cllr G Koopowitz. 2Nd: Cllr G Key

CGM have provided a quote for the additional labour costs to complete the rubber matting repairs at the play area. Council agreed to accept this quote providing that CGM give a written guarantee that the repairs will last.

Council discussed parish precept requirement for 2013/14. It was also discussed whether or not to increase the requirement to allow for the village hall committees request to help fund the structural engineers cost but was decided that this needs to be investigated further and the views of the Parishioners needs to be considered.

The precept requested this year will be £11000. The Parish will also receive a Council tax support grant of £960.00.

Proposer: Cllr P Norris, 2nd: Cllr J Bruce.

By show of hands all Councillors were in agreement with this proposal.

Norfolk County Council wishes to continue to work closely with Town and Parish Councils. This year £100,000 of the 2013/14 highway improvement budget as been made available to work in partnership with Parish and Town Councils, to share the cost of delivering small improvements to the areas. The Parish Council are welcome to submit proposals for areas requiring improvement.

Cllr P Norris, following several requests from Parishioners, has proposed the Council submit a bid for an improved crossing at the Church Road A134 and The Row crossroads.

Proposer: Cllr P Norris. 2Nd: Cllr G Key.

Cllr Norris will submit proposal and seek advice from the Highways engineer.

5. Correspondence

Letter received from parishioner discussing dogs on the playing field and the precept.

Letter received from a parishioner with concerns regarding salt spreading and if the person spreading the salt would be liable should an accident occur. Highways have been consulted and said that no liability will occur if used correctly and for the purpose intended.

Also, suggestion that the trees/conifers on the north boundary of the cemetery need trimming back. Cllr K Newell will look at the trees.

Norfolk awareness scam 2013 will be launched 1st February 2013. Workshops are available to attend.

G4 and Fincham diary 2013 is available from the Clerk.

Notes from Wissey Catchment workshop 15th November 2012.

Norfolk minerals site specific allocations Local Development (LDD) and waste Site Specific Allocations LDD: notification of submission and availability of documents for inspection.

Level 2 Youth Work Award: course is available to anyone over 18yrs working in a voluntary capacity with young people.

Council tax base 2013/14 information.

Quality Parish Scheme update.

Norfolk link.

Letter of introduction from Jane Scarrott: Parish Liaison Officer for the Norfolk Association of Local Councils.

Letter received from CGM. They are continually looking at ways in which they can improve service to clients, therefore they are allocating a key account manager to the Parish to deal with our contract.

Norfolk Gardens Trust is happy to advertise your village Open Garden scheme.

Norfolk RCC cold weather alert: Stay warm and well.

6. Planning applications

Consent is granted for the display of advertisements on roundabout College Road.

Permission is granted for the construction of of detached garage/studio at High House Lynn Road.

Payments for approval/Resolutions

Clerk £ 355.14

E.on £ 31.14

E.on £ 32.18

CGM maintenance £ 812.52

Holly Landscapes £ 120.00

Hodson office supplies £ 38.38

All payments were approved for payment, Proposer: Cllr P Norris

2nd: Cllr G Koopowitz.

Matters requiring attention

Issues brought to the attention of the Council, No decisions will be made by the Council; matters will be put forward to the next meeting of the Parish Council for discussion.

Cllr P Norris gave thanks to Mr D Lockwood for erecting a new bridle path finger board on Lammas Lane.

Borough Councillor C Sampson suggested that the Council does ban dogs from the playing field.

Cllr K Newell suggested the rangers be asked to clear the pavement outside Park house, where there are branches and leaves.

Cllr J Bruce reported to highways the verges on Wretton Row are being eroded by large farm vehicles using the road. Cllr Bruce will discuss with Andy Wallace Highways.

Public comments/ question time:

No decisions will be made by the Council; matters will be put forward to the next meeting of the Parish Council for discussion.

Members of the public reported that the leaves have not been cleared from Church Road, the Rangers have been asked to do this.

Meeting closed 9.15pm

Next meeting of the Council will be on 12th March 2013 at 7.30pm.

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