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Northwold Parish Council Meeting December

March 2013




Present: Mrs R Crisp, Miss A Muir, Mr M Peake, Mrs S Jackson, Mrs S Leet, Mr F Eglington, Mr A Collins, Mrs V Lynch. 2 members of the public

1.    Apologies for absence: Mrs S Jackson

2.    No Declarations of Interest made.

3.    Mr Adrian Jenkinson was co-opted as a member of the Council.

All relevant forms were duly completed.

4. The minutes of the meeting held on 06/11/12 were agreed as a true record.

5.  Matters arising from previous meetings:

  • The Chairman and Mr Collins have met with the stone mason who is to undertake work on the War Memorial in the New Year (date given of25/03/13). The money to clean the memorial and to add granite plaques clearly listing the names on the Memorial has been donated by a villager who was also invited to meet the stone mason. The plaques are to be added to the Memorial below the lettering and will reflect what is written above. This is felt to be a more lasting course of action than re-lettering.

The paving slabs around the Memorial are also to be cleaned.

  • The Primary School is to plant trees to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee during the forthcoming week.
  • The Chairman has been asked by Northwold Sports & Social Club whether the Parish Council can arrange for a dome shaped bottle bank to be installed at the Recreation Ground.

Some discussion took place regarding the possibility of receiving recycling credits from a bottle bank and this will be researched.

The Sports & Social Club Agreement was also debated and a decision was made that the Parish Council will not assist the Sports & Social Club in any way until the Agreement regarding lease of the Sports & Social Club building is signed.

It is reported that no-one is willing to stand as a Trustee for the Sports & Social Club and therefore there is no-one to sign the lease.

  • Mr. Jenkinson  has researched the cost of a roller for the Recreation Ground and has found the cheapest to be in the region of £995 plus VAT. It is possible there may be grant funding to help with purchase of equipment to assist sport facility provision and this will be investigated. If a roller were to be purchased Mr. Jenkinson offered to store it.

The Football Club and Cricket Club has stated that they are willing to undertake work at the Recreation Ground in the Spring to try to control the Chafer bugs. However, the Parish Council has been verbally approached for a donation of £1000 to assist with treatment.

Discussion took place regarding how much the Parish Council should donate towards maintenance of the pitch at the Recreation Ground. It was felt this should depend on how much the facility is used by residents of Northwold and that those that use the field should contribute. It was again decided that no assistance should be made until the Agreement with the Sports & Social Club has been signed.

The Sports & Social Club, Football Club and Cricket Club will be informed of this decision.

It was also noted that any request to the Parish Council for assistance should be made in writing.

  • It was agreed to go ahead and fix seats to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in the previously agreed locations. Dog bins purchased will also be fixed in place by a local builder who has quoted an acceptable price, as considered at the November meeting of the Parish Council. Mrs. S Leet offered to research the cost of plaques for the seats and was given the go ahead to purchase at a reasonable price.
  • Miss A Muir has a contact willing to assist the Parish Council with a view of making use of the CAN website as a website for Northwold Parish Council. Miss Muir offered to progress this project.
  • Mrs Ann Howarth was thanked for her help with managingNorthwoldCemeteryon behalf of the Parish Council. It was noted Mr A Collins is prepared to stand in for Mrs Howarth while she is on holiday.
  • A funeral is to take place later in the week and the family has offered to tidy the area around the grave and re-gravel the Cemetery path before the funeral. This gesture was accepted by the Parish Council with appreciation.

6.  Reports

6.1          Chairman’s Report

  • The footpath at Common Drove is impassable and the water at the bridge is thought to be dangerously high. Highways and the Environment Agency have been informed but both will be approached again. It was reported that dredging of the river is taking place but the area has been flooded and thus dredging has been halted until conditions improve.
  • Each year the Parish Council decorates a Christmas Tree at the Church. The tree costs £16.00 with decorations being supplied by Councillors. It was agreed to purchase decorations for next year at a reasonable price in the sales after Christmas. Mr. Jenkinson offered to do this.

6.2    The Clerk’s Report

  • One application has been received so far for the post of Clerk to the Parish Council.  A date will be set to interview the candidate. The Chairman, Mr Collins and Miss Muir will sit on the interview panel.

6.3   No further update relating to Manor House.

7. Sports & Social Club agreement

Discussed under item 5.


8.  The following payments were agreed:

Village Hall Committee (Dec.12 hire)                                                         £12.00

Village Hall Committee (2013 hire)                                                           £144.00

Clerk’s salary                                                                                                    £72.00

K & M Lighting                                                                                        £53.76

E.on (street lighting)                                                                                              £153.59

CGM(grass cutting)                                                                   £296.17

Christmas Tree                                                                                                                     £16.00

Glasdon (dog waste bins)                                                                                       £1060.74

Royal British legion (poppy wreath)                                                           £17.00

9.  Correspondence:

9.1 Norfolk Gritting Routes leaflet

9.2NorfolkAgeUK– Campaign for Later Life inNorfolk

9.3 Norfolk County Council – Notification regarding Public Enquiry relating to Land at The Willows Business Park, Saddlebow, King’s Lynn: Proposed Energy from Waste Facility

10.  Planning applications received for consultation

10.1        Construction of one dwelling with integral garage at land to the North of 24      High Street, Northwold 12/01713/F

No objections raised

10.2        Amended design for 2 storey extension and detached garage at Ferndale 62     West End, Northwold 12/01794/F                                                                                                                   No objections raised

10.3       Advertisement application: Four non-illuminated sponsorship signs at  roundabout – Methwold Road (B1112)/Stoke Road, Whittington Hill,    Whittington 12/10763/A

No objections raised

11 Further reports/items for the next agenda

11.1 It was agreed no meeting would be held in January (unless deemed necessary nearer the time) as the first Monday in the month is a bank holiday.

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