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February 2013




Present:  Mrs Claire Cann – Chairman, Mrs Pam Bullas, Mr Mark Dawson, Ms Paula Kellingray, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mrs Pam Walker. 10 members of the public; Mr Richard Rockcliffe –CountyCouncillor

Prior to the meeting Karen O’Kane, Better Broadband for Norfolk Project Leader, gave an update regarding broadband provision for the County.

The contract for broadband provision was allocated to BT on June 29th 2012. State Aid was agreed on November 21st 2012 and approval is now awaited from the Government to allow the contract with BT to be signed.Norfolk should be the first County to sign the contract. The contract will provide fibre-optic connections in Kings Lynn,Yarmouth andNorwich with the majority of other provision being fibre to cabinet.

West Derehamwill be provided with a fibre to cabinet service with the probable ability for fibre to property installation if companies or individuals are willing to pay for this service.

Internet providers will be sub-contracted to provide services with current exchanges to be bypassed. New cabinets will be located adjacent to existing cabinets to provide a speed of 80 meg. from the cabinet. The speed will get slower however as the distance from the cabinet increases. Therefore there may be some fibre to premises inNorfolkrather than fibre to cabinet. Isolated properties may need a satellite connection.

The project hoped to provide half the properties inNorfolkwith up to 50 meg. with all receiving at least 2 meg.

A design for theNorfolknetwork has already been compiled but is subject to survey and will be rolled out in phases.

The project should be completed by September 2015. This is a later date than originally anticipated due to waiting for state aid to be agreed.

Karen O’Kane felt thatWest Derehamis within the scope of the project but could not say how the project will be rolled out (other than it will be done in the most efficient way) or when it will reachWest Dereham. She did however offer to attend a future Parish Council meeting when more is known.

Papers presented to Councillors: Expenditure spreadsheet, Glazewing Report.

1.    Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Tom Foy who has been deployed to Afghanistan

2.    Declarations of Interest made:

Mark Dawson declared an interest in item 8.2.

3. Approval of the Minutes.

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on01/11/12were agreed as a true record of the meeting. Minor typing errors were corrected.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings.

  • A suggestion was made at the November meeting of the Parish Council that the Village Hall should be submitted for a Mayor’s Design Award. Information will be passed to Councillors by the Clerk.

5. Reports

5.1               Chairman’s Report:

  • It was noted that leaflets regarding the new arrangements for household waste collection have been delivered around the parish.

5.2    Clerk’s Report

  • An advert has been compiled and the vacancy for Clerk to the Parish Council will be posted as soon as possible.

5.3               Police Report (given by PCSO Sophie Watson):

  • There have been fourteen calls to the Police in the last two months, none of which related to anti-social behaviour.
  • It was noted thieves are targeting caravans and trailers together with the more usual items such as metal and oil.
  • It was noted the post box inBasil Roadappears to have been stolen and a report was made that a resident has had chickens killed.

5.4               Village Hall Report

  • Work to repair the floor in the kitchen and Abbey Room is to be undertaken in January 2013. It is envisaged the Hall will be closed for two weeks while the work is completed.
  • It was noted that outside lighting for the Village Hall has now been placed on a ‘back burner’ and leaflets delivered around the village reminds users of the Hall to carry a torch.

5.5          Broadband Update given before the meeting.

5.6    Glazewing Report

  • The Glazewing Report for the month was read out by the Chairman. It was noted that once again the Glazewing Report has claimed that no complaints have been received by the company from residents of the parish. This is known to be incorrect. Reports continue not to tally with what residents are saying and residents were again reminded to copy any complaints made to Glazewing to the Clerk of the Parish Council.
  • The Parish Council has received a copy of the landscaping scheme which has been agreed by Norfolk County Council (NCC) as a condition of planning permission C/2/2011/2024 as requested.
  • Glazewing has responded to the request from the Parish Council to furnish the numbers of vehicles, connected with their business, travelling up and down Station Roadduring unsocial hours by stating that information from tacographs cannot be supplied as this would contravene data protection. The Parish Council will reply asking that the information regarding the number of vehicles be forwarded as it is felt this should be achievable without identifying individual drivers. All correspondence will be copied to Elizabeth Truss MP and VOSA will be approached regarding the information requested.
  • The Highway Engineer has informed the Parish Council that Station Roaddoes not meet the criteria for a 20mph limit. The criteria is generally where the limit would be self-enforcing and outside a specific danger site such as a school.
  • Complaints have been made regarding the road surfacing work recently undertaken alongStation Road. The diversion route put in place alongBasil Roadwhile resurfacing was undertaken was inappropriate and resulted in numerous calamities. A low loader tipped over alongBasil Roadand road side verges have been destroyed.  Vehicles alongBasil Roadwere not controlled and two way traffic resulted in large vehicles needing to reverse. The resurfacing was to take place over two weekends but residents were surprised when the work actually took place on week days. It is not known if the roadworks are completed or whether remedial work is still to be undertaken. The camber of the road appears to have been altered and surface water now runs towards houses.

Residents feel Highways have appeared to jump to the tune of Glazewing and commercial interests rather than listening to the concerns of residents of the village. A letter will be sent to Highways and Elizabeth Truss MP and the Highway Engineer and Highway Area Manager will be asked to visitWest Dereham.

Some debate took place regarding the possible route of a new access road to the Glazewing site inStation Road. As she had previously offered to research the matter Miss Truss will be asked whether she has received any news of land ownership in relation to a new access route.

6. Accounts

Financial position update:

The Parish Council bank balance stood at £11181.93 on19/11/12

6.1 Payments agreed in accordance with the budget:

Clerk’s salary (November)                                                                                    £110.20

CGM– village grounds maintenance x2                                                                                                      £215.80

CGM– Hall grounds maintenance                                                                                                   £44.40

EFSPrinting                                                                                                                                                                               £52.80

Farmbits (allotment gates)                                                                                                                                              £185.33

Post Office – PAYE                                                                                                                                                                  £45.10

Paul Norton (Cem. Fencing)                                                                                                                          £2520.00

6.1  2013 precept request.

It was agreed there would be increase in the 2013 precept request which will remain at £7660 the same as 2012.

7.        Correspondence

7.1          Home Start – poster to display on notice board

7.2          Parish Council Planning Update – Councillors to be provided with dates for training session.

7.3          Norfolk RCC Signpost magazine

7.4         NCCfootpaths e-mail – copied to Councillors

7.5          PAYE Realtime

7.6          Consultation regarding Hockwold & Methwold Community School Academy Status

7.7          Police & Crime Commissioner information including Police precept consultation meeting date  -17/01/136.30pm Jubilee House, Wymondham.

8.         Planning

8.1 Demolition of existing bungalow and associated ancillary buildings and the construction of one detached dwelling and garage at Homefields, Basil Road, West Dereham 12/1720/F

The meeting was adjourned to allow members of the public to comment on application 12/1720/F:

Concerns were raised regarding the size and design of the proposed building not being in keeping with neighbouring properties, access would be dangerous as there is not enough turning space, the plans indicate encroachment of the footpath which runs adjacent to the property, neighbouring property would be overlooked and mature trees are to be felled.

It was agreed the Parish Council would pass these concerns to the Borough Council.

Cllr Mark Dawson left the meeting while item 8.2 was considered.

8.2 Erection of lean to carport style garage to give covered parking for 2 cars and erection of timber storage building in rear garden at Ivy House,Bath Road, WestDereham 12/01741/F

No objection

9.         Further Reports/Items for the next agenda:

9.1 A request will be made for direction signs for West Dereham Hall to be erected on the A134.

9.2 Cemetery fees will be reviewed at the February meeting of the Parish Council.

9.3 Elizabeth Truss MP will be invited to attend a future Parish Council meeting.


  • A request was made for planting of fruit and nut trees in the hedge alongBrooks Laneat the Allotments. However, it was felt that trees would need pruning to stop them impeding the bridleway and the land is currently managed by the tenant farmer and thus unavailable for planting. It is possible the situation can be reviewed when the Farm Business Tenancy comes up for renewal in 2013.
  • It was noted that flyers have been posted to all households in the parish on two occasions asking for interest in the provision of activities for youngsters in the village. No responses have been received.
  • A pot hole byNo. 8 Church Roadwill be reported to Highways.
  • Further comment was made regarding the destruction of roadside verges in the parish due to vehicles which are too large for the roads being driven over the verges.
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