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Stoke Ferry Parish Council January

February 2013

Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in The Community Centre

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 16 January 2013

Before the meeting commenced the Chairman read out a statement referring to the resignation of Cllr Lee McCarthy and commented thereon.

1. Those Attending: Cllr R Bivon (Chair), Cllr T Ryves, Cllr Mrs D Clements, Cllr Mrs M Leamon, Cllr Mrs S Lintern, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), 3 Members of the Public

2. Apologies: Cllr Mrs Buckley-Stevens, Cllr J Nicholas-Letch and Borough Councillor C Sampson

3. Minutes: Cllr Ryves was not happy with the wording under Receipt/Acceptance of Finance/Administration/Personnel Committee Meeting Minutes, Cllr Bivon asked Cllr Ryves to submit to all councillors, for consideration, the wording he thought should be inserted. Cllr Bivon will not sign the minutes until this has been carried out.

4. Matters Arising:

a) Cllr Mrs Clements advised the meeting that the proceeds from the Tree of Life was a total of £150. Half would be going to the East Anglian Air Ambulance and half to the Stoke Ferry Community Car Scheme. The donation to the Car Scheme has already been given to the Co-ordinator, the Air Ambulance money will go through the parish council accounts. A letter of thanks to be sent to Cllr Clements granddaughters for donating the tree together with the amount of money raised.

b) Cllr Mrs Leamon asked if the Clerk had checked the insurance excess payable should any substantial repairs be required to the bus shelter. The Clerk advised she had not as yet done so but would before the next meeting.

5. Declaration of Interest: No declarations of interest given

6. Approval of Budget/Precept Request for 2013/2014:

Considerable discussion took place regarding the various items of expenditure outlined in the Budget, together with the changes brought in by the Government relating to Council Tax. Cllr Ryves felt the sum allocated for the Cemetery should be reduced and the Contingency Fund be increased. Cllrs Mrs Clements and Mrs Leamon were not happy with this suggestion. Cllr Mrs Clements advised that the Parish Council has an obligation to carry out safety checks on the Memorials in the Cemetery therefore if the sum is decreased this will not be done. The Clerk also pointed out that urgent works are required to the front hedge to the Cemetery, enclosed with paperwork was a quotation from CGM giving possible solutions for this. This quotation was not discussed. The Clerk recommended a Precept of £12,792.50.

Cllr Ryves proposed reducing the Additional Works to the Cemetery Budget to £2000 and increasing the Contingency Fund to £1750, seconded by Cllr Mrs Lintern. 3 Votes for, 1 Against, 1 Abstention. Carried

Cllr Ryves proposed a total Precept of £15,152.50 (including the £1360 from the Government) be requested, seconded by Cllr Mrs Leamon. 4 Votes for 1 Against Carried

7. Complaints Procedure Document: In the absence of Cllr Nicholas-Letch this item was deferred until the next meeting.

8. Proposed Parish Council Website: Cllr Bivon had been in contact with Lovell Fuller who currently runs the Stoke Ferry Wordpress Website. Sue Lake from NorfolkALC has offered to host a free website. It was agreed that an easy to use website was required, a meeting to be held to discuss this issue.

9. Playing Fields: Cllr Mrs Leamon asked if the Parish Council would consider paying for the Insurance and the Health and Safety Checks for the Equipment in the playing fields. Further discussion took place on this matter. The Clerk advised that before this could be agreed or not the Playing Fields Committee need to submit written quotations for these two items. Cllr Bivon advised he would contact the Charities Commission to enquire of the current position with regards to the playing fields and report back to the next meeting.

10. Litter Pick Day: It was agreed at the last meeting that the Cemetery/Open Space Committee would make arrangements for this event, a meeting will be arranged.

11. Planning Applications:

Supported by the Parish Council

Conservation Area Consent and Planning Application for alterations and extension to dwelling including removal of existing extensions at Sunset Cottage, Wretton Road

12. Approval of Payments:

E-on - DD - £47.52 - Lighting - December

James Bradfield School - £15.44 - Hire of Hall - December

Mrs C Hardy - £324.55- Salary/Expenses - December

Stoke Ferry Community Car Scheme - £94.14 - Expenses - November

East Anglian Air Ambulance - £75.00 - Donation

Cllr Mrs Clements proposed approval for payment seconded by Cllr Mrs Lintern

13. Correspondence:

NCC second round of funding now available through NCC Community Construction Fund

Norfolk Police - cancellations of public consultation event for Thursday 17 January 2013

Planning Inquiry Administration Services - Norfolk County Council Minerals and Waste Site Specific Allocations Local Plans

14. Any Other Business:

Cllr Ryves requested that a Personnel Committee meeting be arranged to resolve matters also that he was not happy with the response from Cllr Mrs Clements to his letter. The Clerk advised that due to the resignation of Cllr McCarthy as a parish councillor the vacancy on this committee will need to be discussed at the next meeting. This matter will be placed on the Agenda.

There were no matters forthcoming from the Public

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10pm

15. Date of Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 13 February 2013 at 7.30pm.

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