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Village Liaison Meeting - October

January 2013

Vion UK- Favor Parker

Stoke Ferry Feed Mill


Wednesday 25th October 2012


Mrs. Pat Holton (Village Representative)

Mrs. Sue Linton (Parish Council)

Mr.RayThompson(Editor Village Pump)

Mr.Richard Patrick(Vion Stoke Ferry)

Mr. Dick Jacklin (Vion Stoke Ferry)

1.  Apologies:      Mr.Lionel Halls, Mr. Keith White, Mrs. Daphne Clements

2.   Minutes of the previous meeting (18th July 2012) and matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed.

3.  Complaints received since the last meeting.  No complaints received.

4.   Noise: No complaints received.

5.  Odour Dust & Particulates:  No complaints received.

Mr. Jacklin stated that the company was having its annual particulate testing done.

6.   Transport.

No complaints had been received locally but Mr. Jacklin stated that the company had received a complaint from a resident in Diss of a speeding vehicle and this was being investigated.

Mrs. Linton commented on the speed of vehicles alongFurlong Roadand particularly at the junction withLynn Road.

7.  Buildings.

Mrs. Holton asked about progress with the Dukes and Mr. Jacklin stated that as the sale had been completed all enquiries needed to be addressed to Colin Bailey at Fraser Dawbarn KingsLynnoffice.

8.  Any other Business

Mrs. Holton stated that with regret she was resigning from the committee and provided a letter of resignation.

Mrs. Trudy Mann was nominated but regretted that she was unable  to join the committee.

Mr. Patrick stated that there had been a diesel leak into Redgate drain and that the Environment Agency had been informed. The Company had taken immediate action to implement the clean up operation which is ongoing, and that there would be an temporary increase in building noise from the yard.     .

It was asked if it would be possible to give the new members of the committee a tour of the plant and this is to be arranged prior to the next meeting.

No other business was noted.

Date of next meeting: Wednesday 23rd January 2013

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