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Lette from Les Lawrence

January 2013

Dear Editor,

You made two, what I consider, interesting observations, in your Editorial in the December Issue of the Village Pump. You first made reference to Ivor Hook’s articles and I share your enthusiasm for the quality of his writing, I have always found them very descriptive.

There is another aspect which I think is of interest, namely that Ivor Hook has been contributing to the Village Pump for a number of years and I have yet to find out who he is, in fact he for all I know he may well be a she, in any event the person in my view is irrelevant, it’s the content of the submission which is important.

I use to enjoy reading the articles written by, and I think I have got this correct, ‘A Grumpy Old Man’ and again I never did know who he was, and saw no reason to find out. This leads me to wonder if all contributors to the Village Pump should write under a Pseudonym with only you Mr Editor knowing the writers name and address, this may well lead to more readers expressing their opinions which I would have thought would be welcomed.

The other observation you, Mr Editor made, was reference to the Stoke Ferry Windmill, which as you pointed out first appeared in the Mail On Sunday, then in the Village Pump.

I would have liked the revered to have happened, firstly in the Village Pump, then in the Mail On Sunday, in other words the National Paper stole a march on us, here was a story in our back yard yet it was a National Paper that drew our attention to it.

All of this supports your comments Mr Editor, when you ask for more local features to be submitted to the Village Pump, this is very much needed, how you will achieve this is another matter, but even so it’s a subject which I consider should be top of our agenda, the subject is important, the contributor, in this case myself, isn’t.

Les Lawrence


Or as I would prefer,


(name and address supplied)

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