River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Northwold Parish Council

December 2012




Present: Mrs R Crisp, Mr M Peake, Miss A Muir, Mrs S Jackson, Mrs S Leet, Mr F Eglington 3 members of the public

1.    Apologies for absence:

Mr A Collins, Mrs V Lynch,

2.    No Declarations of Interest made.

3. The minutes of the meeting held on 04/09/12 were agreed as a true record.

4.  Matters arising from previous meetings:

  • Concern was raised that no maintenance seems to be undertaken on the bridge along Common Drove. It is believed this is the responsibility of the Highway Department.
  • Mrs. S Leet has offered to donate trees to be planted at the Primary School to commemorate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. The Chairman will liaise with the school regarding the planting of around 10 to 15 small ornamental trees.
  • Gravel has been purchased using income from Constables Charity which residents of Little London Lane have used to repair pot holes in the lane.

5.  Reports

5.1          Chairman’s Report

  • A quote for grounds maintenance ofNorthwoldCemeteryhas been submitted and this will be considered in due course once further quotes for grounds maintenance work for 2013 have been obtained.
  • It has been deemed adequate risk assessment has been undertaken for the proposed archery session to be held on the Playing Field.
  • Two seats to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee have been ordered. It was agreed to forward payment in advance for the seats and enquiries will be made regarding engaging a local tradesman to cement the seats in place. Three dog waste bins will be ordered once someone has been found to fit the bins in place.
  • The Chairman has again requested an invoice from the Village Hall for use of the hall for Parish Council meetings for the year.
  • A further letter has been received from Northwold Sports & Social Club regarding the proposed lease for use of the building at the Playing Field. The Club has offered to meet members of the Parish Council to try to sort out differences between the two parties which need to be sorted out before the agreement is signed. It was agreed to meet at the Social Club on October 15th at7.30pm. It will be requested that at least 50% of the Sports & Social Club Committee attend the meeting to ensure any decisions are agreed by a majority. It would also be expected that the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Sports & Social Club would attend the meeting. Concern was voiced regarding the number of non Northwold residents who should sit on the Sports & Social Club Committee.
  • Northwold Cricket Club and Northwold Football Club are prepared to undertake work to treat the chafer bugs at the Recreation Ground. They have requested financial assistance of £700 from the Parish Council. It was agreed the Parish Council would be minded to favourably consider this contribution but would need to know the total cost of treatment and for the agreement with the Sports & Social Club to be settled before any grant would be made.

5.2               The Clerk’s Report

  • The Highways Rangers will be visiting the parish on
  • The Parish Council will need to consider the 2013 precept request over the forthcoming months.
  • The External Audit has been completed and the “Notice of conclusion” of the audit will now be displayed.
  • A donation of £2500 has been made for restoration work to be undertaken on the Village War Memorial. A further meeting is to be arranged with the stone mason who will advise on work needed.

5.3               CAN Update

The meeting was briefly suspended to allow an update from the Chairman of CAN

  • An Extraordinary General Meeting of CAN has been booked to be held at Northwold Sports & Social Club on October 25th at7.30pm. It was noted that although However, it was noted no acknowledgement has been received from Northwold Sports and Social regarding use of the building.

5.4               Manor House

  • It was noted compulsory purchase of the Manor House is progressing. A notice to that effect has been posted on the gate of the property.

6. Sports & Social Club agreement

Dealt with under item 5.


  • Mr. A Jenkinson has received some response via the CAN website to his petition for a reduction in the speed limit on the A134 through Northwold between Pooley Farm and thePriorySchool. Mr Jenkinson is set to undertake a door to door campaign to hopefully get more signatures for his petition.
  • It was noted that the picture placed on the back of the notice board at Whittington looks good.
  • Comment was made that there are not enough street lights alongSchool Lane. There are currently four light posts alongSchool Lane. This matter has been raised before and it was decided that the cost to provide further lights would be too great. More lights are not generally favoured at the present time and it is more usual for lights to be cut. However, an up to date quote for the provision of extra lighting will be sought as a guide for possible future consideration.
  • Mr. A Jenkinson expanded on the plans to treat the chafer bugs. He reported that treatment would be needed over three years at a cost of around £1500 for the chemical. Volunteers have offered to undertake the work to spread the chemical.

7.  The following payments were agreed:

Village Hall Committee                                                                  £12.00

Clerk’s salary                                                                       £86.84

Post Office PAYE                                                                                £89.56

K & M Lighting                                                                     £53.76

Bench Joinery                                                                   £550.00

E.on (street lighting)                                                                      £158.72

Mazars (External Auditor)                                   £162.00

CGM(grass cutting)                                           £296.17

Soccer goal net                                                   £55.60

Mr Bennett (gravel from Constables Charity)    £140.00

Councillors were presented with a current internal statement and budget update.

8.  Correspondence:

8.1 Change of bin service – information to Parish Councils

8.2 Donation request fromNorfolk&Suffolk4x4 Response.

9. No Planning applications received for consultation

9.1 Notice of decision

2 Storey extension at rear with loft conversion at 79West End, Northwold 12/01308/F

10.   Further reports/items for the next agenda

10.1 Comment was made about the degree of flooding occurring atRiverside. The water level is high and the banks are being eroded. It was queried whether the Environment Agency are aware of this and whether anything is being done regarding the amount of water.

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