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Stoke Ferry PC Minutes November 2012

November 2012


Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in The Community Centre At 7.30pm on Wednesday 21 November 2012

Those Attending****:**** Cllr R Bivon (Chair), Cllr L McCarthy (Vice-Chair), Cllr T Ryves, Cllr Mrs D Clements, Cllr Mrs M Leamon, Cllr J Nicholas-Letch, Cllr Mrs S Lintern, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), 4 Members of the Public

1. Apologies:Borough Councillor C Sampson

2. Minutes:Cllr McCarthy proposed acceptance of the minutes seconded by Cllr Mrs Leamon

3. Matters Arising:No matters arising

Receipt of Cemetery Committee Meeting Notes of 24 October:

The notes as presented were agreed and signed. Cllr Nicholas-Letch advised the meeting that he had discussed with other members the possibility of a Quiet Area near the Garden of Remembrance. He would take photos and present a design and costings as soon as possible. This was approved by all present.

Verbal Report of Cemetery Committee on Amended Quotations:

Cllr Ryves outlined the discussion which took place prior to this meeting, the three amended quotations for a small extension to the access road were considered, CGM £1540.00 plus VAT, Kew Grass care £1600.00 plus VAT and Norse Commercial Services Ltd £2948.50 plus VAT. The Committee recommended accepting the quotation of CGM Ltd, a start date had to be discussed.

Cllr Nicholas-Letch advised he had received several complimentary comments on the general appearance of the Cemetery.

Appointment of Additional Councillor on the Cemetery Committee:

Cllr Ryves felt that those who had received the training relating to cemeteries should serve on that committee, there were five members on the Finance etc Committee and 4 on the Cemetery Committee, he felt this would even up the membership. Cllr Nicholas-Letch pointed out that at the last meeting of the parish council it was agreed by all present that there should be 4 members per committee apart from planning, and that this was minuted - the minutes agreed and signed as stated above. He also pointed out that Standing Orders allow for a substitute member to be asked to attend in the case the committee is inquorate for a particular meeting. Cllr Ryves felt he would rather stand down from this committee and Cllr Nicholas-Letch (who had attended the training to take his place.

Cllr Mrs Clements proposed that Cllr Ryves be replaced by Cllr Nicholas-Letch on the Cemetery Committee, seconded by Cllr Mrs Leamon. Agreed by all present

**Disclosable Personal Interest:**The Clerk advised that due to a change in legislation under the Localism Act and the new Codes of Conduct it now means that councillors who live in the parish have a Disclosable Personal Interest therefore unable to take part in any discussions relating to the Budget or Precept. Councillors will now have to apply for Dispensation which can be granted by the Proper Officer i.e. Parish Clerk. Therefore all members wishing to take part in such discussions must request dispensation from the Clerk as soon as possible.

Remembrance Sunday:Cllr McCarthy felt the event was fairly well attended approximately 40-50 people attended, slightly less than last year. Cllr Mrs Clements laid the wreath, she also made a poppy posy which was laid on the war grave in The Cemetery.

**Refuse Collection Changes 2013:**The Clerk and two parish councillors had attended a meeting earlier in the month, which set out the changes to take place in April 2013. All households should by now have received a leaflet from the Borough Council setting out these changes. The Borough Council are still investigating the possibility of more items which would be suitable for recycling, it is hoped this will be completed within a couple of years.

**Bank Mandate:**The Clerk advised that Barclays Bank had approved the changes to the signatories on the current account cheques - Cllrs Bivon and McCarthy are now signatories together with Cllr Mrs Leamon.

Christmas Tree: A letter had been received from the granddaughters of a parish councillor offering to purchase a Christmas Tree for the village - requesting that it be a Tree of Life to celebrate the lives of nearest and dearest. Any monies raised from the purchase of cards would be shared between two charities, the Air Ambulance and one in the village. Cllr Nicholas-Letch advised he had been able to obtain a tree similar in size to last year’s costing £30 which will be available by the end of next week. Agreed by all present

Christmas Carols: Cllr Bivon had met with the Village Hall Committee discussing the possibility of Carols on the afternoon of Sunday 9 December on The Hill at approximately 4.00pm to coincide with turning on the lights on the Christmas tree. It was agreed that Kit Hesketh-Harvey be asked if the Church/Electrics could be used at this time. A leaflet drop to take place about three days beforehand. Those who are willing to help to continue discussions at the end of the meeting. Cllr Bivon will ask Mr Ed Taylor if he is available play his guitar. Cllr Mrs Clements will arrange for a notice to be put in the Lynn News.

Village Hall Easter Event: It was agreed to discuss the type of event to take place for Easter, possibly in January.

General Administration Issues: Cllr Bivon referred to the misunderstanding with last months Minutes in the Lynn News. The Clerk explained that because of staff changes there had been a problem, she had sorted the matter out and Lynn News will publish what they feel would be of interest according to the space they have available, as originally agreed.

Village Liaison Meeting Update: Cllr Mrs Lintern advised there had only been one complaint, the annual check on chimneys has been carried out the results will be known in approximately a months time, there had been a diesel leak which is being sorted out, there may be some additional noise while this takes place. Dukes Head sale finalised. No problems encountered on The Hill.

Childrens Play Area Update: Cllr Bivon advised that there are grants available for providing play equipment etc, it is too late to submit an application for the first round, the second round applications need to be in in January. NCC require estimates for equipment required, also a children’s survey. Cllr Mrs Leamon has various catalogues and will meet children to find out what they would like. Cllr Bivon suggested the parish council look to see if funds can be made available in the budget for help with maintenance of equipment.

4. Planning:

Supported by the Parish: Application for fitting of Juliet Balconies to 3 No first floor windows at 2 Mill Houses Boughton Road

Application Withdrawn: Removal of condition 1 attached to planning permission 2/85/3931/D to allow the property to be occupied by persons not employed in agriculture at The Hamlet Greatmans Way.  Approved by The Borough:

Installation of one small (15m) wind turbine at Boughton Farm Boughton Road

Proposed 32 No Fishing pegs along River bank and proposed 2 No temporary Boat moorings along with retrospective approval for upgrading existing road surfacing and kerbs at Bridge Road

5. Payments for Approval:

Downham Market British Legion - £35.00 - Wreath and Donation

Westcotec Ltd - £141.10 - Lighting Maintenance - October and November

CGM Ltd - £149.45 - Grounds Maintenance - October

Mrs C Hardy - £345.37 - Salary/Expenses - October

James Bradfield School - £30.88 - Hire of Hall - October

E-on - DD - £47.52 - Lighting - October

Nigel Ford - £60.00 - Renovating Milestone near Bonnetts

Stoke Ferry Community Car Scheme - £101.20 - Expenses April - October

Statement of Account as at 31 October 2012 - Balance in Bank - Community Account £214.65, Business Saver Account £12,364.37 - a total of £12,579.02.

Cllr McCarthy proposed approval for payment seconded by Cllr Bivon

6. Correspondence:

Email from Keith White, Vion re congestion in Furlong Road/Furlong Drove on Monday - cars parking both sides of the road preventing any traffic to get through. To be passed on to Highways and the Police

BCKLWN - Nick Daubney advising date of Public Inquiry relating to the proposed Incinerator

BCKLWN - Requesting nominations for the Mayors Design Awards

BCKLWN - Regeneration Department - advising of Planning Training Days in February 2013

Norfolk Police - Advising date of public consultation regarding the Precept for 2013/2014

7. Any Other Business:

  • Cllr Bivon would like a report at each meeting relating to the Community Car Share Scheme.
  • Cllr Bivon reminded councillors about the training day on Tuesday 11 December
  • Cllr Mrs Leamon reported a light out in Greatmans Way - the Clerk will report to Westcotec
  • Cllr Mrs Lintern reported there had been a car theft from The Moorings
  • Cllr McCarthy will ask Sgt Hermita if he would consider a face book entry for police issues in the area
  • Cllr Mrs Clements reported overgrown bushes in the vicinity of the Old Toll House
  • Cllr Nicholas-Letch had made contact with the Norfolk Branch for Rural England in relation to the Neighbourhood Plan - possibility of arranging a visit.
  • Cllr Mrs Leamon reported the Trade Waste Bin from the Fish Shop is left out and blocking the pavement - the Clerk will write to them

Public Any Other Business:

  • Increase in the amount of dog fouling around the village - the Clerk will report to the Waste & Recycling Officer
  • Bush by 42 Buckenham Drive growing over footpath - the Clerk will write to occupier
  • Light by the Fish Shop reported out - the Clerk will report to Westcotec
  • Thanks to Cllr McCarthy for the Remembrance Day speech

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10pm

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 19 December 2012 commencing at 7.30pm

Declaration of Interest: - If you wish to declare an interest in any item please do so at the Commencement of the Meeting



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