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Wretton Parish Council Minutes - September

October 2012




Present– Cllr David Llewellyn - Chairman, Cllr Mick Peake, Cllr Mandy Peake, Cllr L Beatty, Cllr John Wyett, Cllr Martyn Cann Cllr John Reeve. Borough Councillor Mr. Colin Sampson

3 members of the public

1.            Apologies for Absence received from:

Police Safer Neighbourhood Team.

2.            No Declarations of Interest made.

3.            The Minutes of the meeting held on 25/06/12 were agreed as a true record.

4.            Matters Arising from previous meetings

  • Bus shelter

It was noted that the village bus shelter has been repaired and painted by Cllrs Mandy Peake, Mick Peake and John Wyett. This has been undertaken at no cost to the Parish Council and thanks were voiced for those volunteers who undertook the work.

  • Lydia’sLane/Green Lane

Thanks were also voiced forCllrMickPeakand Cllr Martyn Cann who have undertaken cutting and clearing of village footpaths, again at no cost to the Parish Council.

  • Grounds Maintenance

The grounds maintenance contractors will be asked to supply a schedule for future grass cutting in the parish. It will also be established how frequently the Green, the Play Area and the Churchyard have been mown this season before any further payment for the service will be made.

  • Pot holes

Pot holes alongFen Roadhave been repaired.

  • Lime House Drove

An e-mail has been received from Andy Wallace, Norfolk County Council, Highway Engineer updating on Lime House;

“Works are ordered to fill the hole to relieve the flood; I am awaiting a reply on what signage could be erected. I have drafted a letter……………….., I will copy you in on the letter. I know this has dragged on but I am keen to resolve before the winter sets in.”

The Parish Council has requested that signs be erected at either end of Lime House Drove stating that the lane is a restricted byway and that there should be no authorised traffic.

It was noted that severe flooding has been occurring in the road by Lime House Drove and water has been lying on top of the drain which appears blocked. The speed that traffic travels around the bend here makes the area very hazardous if water is lying on the road. The Police were made aware of the problem when it was wet and as a result Highways did erect flood warning signs. Concerns regarding the maintenance issues associated with Lime House Drove will be passed to the Highway Engineer once again.

5.            Chairman’s Report

The Chairman had nothing further to report; issues having been dealt with under item 4.

Clerk’s Report

  • Safer Neighbourhood Team

Apologies for non-attendance at the meeting had been received from the Safer Neighbourhood Team Police Liaison Officer for Wretton. PCSO Jane Edwards has recently taken up this role and hopes to attend future meetings if she is on the corresponding shift.

6.            Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.

Cheques for approval of payment

SJ Scarrott (July/August)                                                              £126.08

CGM                                                                             to be confirmed

J Wyett (cement)                                                             £10.00

Sound Wave Marketing (website hosting)                      £72.00

Financial position @ 31/07/12

Community Account Balance     £2642.41

Business Saver Account (1)            £686.75

Business Saver Account (2)        £12264.92

Business Saver Account (3)               £0.36

Councillors were presented with income and expenditure spreadsheets  showing expenditure against the budget.

At the suggestion of the Internal Auditor the Parish Council assets have been re-valued at £1.00 per item as they are ‘community assets’ which will not be sold and therefore have a nominal value only. Councillors agreed to accept this value but further guidance was sought on the best practise to follow regarding the valuation of assets.

The External Auditor has now advised that new assets should be listed on an asset list at purchase value but it is acceptable to list ‘community assets’ held by the Parish Council as having a nominal value of £1.00.

6.1 Allocation and investment of reserve money

The External Auditor has contacted the Clerk to enquire how the reserve money held by the Parish Council is to be allocated. It is suggested some of this money could be used to support restoration/development of the Church if it to be used more as a community building. The Diocese Advisory Committee is reported to have given the green light for planned work at the Church.

A suggestion has been made that the Parish Council could consider providing signage of footpaths in the village. This will be an agenda item for the November meeting of the Parish Council.

Currently the Parish Council receives only 0.15% interest on reserve money held.  Cllr. J Wyett offered to research the possibility of obtaining higher interest and consideration will be given to investing £12000 to give a better return than at present. This matter will be an agenda item again at the November Parish Council meeting.

7.            Correspondence

7.1 NRCC Play Area Inspection Course to be held 15th October 2012.

7.2NorfolkLink etc. Copies of pages relating to ‘Paths for Communities’ (P4C) presented to Councillors (information to be considered at November meeting of the Parish Council).

7.3 Better Broadband forNorfolkInformation Sheet 7.

7.4 County Council’s £3.5m fund to boost construction and communities in Norfolk– www.norfolk.gov.uk/News/NCC111132

7.5 In January 2010 Norfolk County Council agreed a policy for part night lighting in some streets inNorfolk. Lights will be turned off betweenmidnightand5amand work will begin in the next 12 months to implement this change in Jane Forby Close.

The meeting was briefly suspended to allow Borough Councillor Colin Sampson to voice some  possible implications which have raised concern regarding switching lights off and to ask for the Council’s opinion regarding the part night lighting policy.

Discussion took place before a vote was taken for those in favour of the part night lighting policy. Four Councillors were in favour of the proposal and three against.

It was noted Wretton is designated as a rural dark area and past consultation with residents has indicated this designation is accepted.

However, Councillors did feel a review of the part night lighting policy would perhaps be welcomed following implementation. A suggestion was made that information regarding this matter should be made available on the Parish Council website, on the notice boards and possibly in a leaflet drop.

8.            No planning applications received for consultation.

9.            Reports from Councillors/items for the next agenda

9.1 It was noted lead stolen from the roof of the Church has been recovered locally but that some is still missing. The Church is considering not replacing the lead on the roof but using a substitute of less value.

9.2 It was reported that a noxious smell appears to be emanating from the dyke alongFen Road. This matter has been reported to both the Environment Agency and Anglia Water in the past and the Environment Agency will be contacted again. It was also noted that a smell had also been detected alongChequers Road.

9.3 Street name plate signs are needed for both ends of Low Road, Wretton.


  • Concern was voiced that the date of the previous meeting of the Parish Council had not been made known to the public. Agendas for meetings must be displayed three clear days before the meeting and notices had been posted on the two Parish Council notice boards before this deadline. However, the normal meeting date of the first Monday of alternate months had been changed and therefore some members of the public had not been aware that the meeting on July 25th was taking place. A list of meeting dates will be posted in the two Parish Council notice boards and on the Parish Council website.
  • It was noted Jane Forby land along Lime House Drove is gradually being cleared.

A request was made for information regarding the Jane Forby Charity, including a map of the land owned by the Charity, to be made available.

It was noted the Parish Council can nominate two persons to act as Trustees of the Charity and this matter will be an agenda item for the November meeting of the Parish Council.

  • Concern was raised regarding noise emanating from the direction of Wissington Sugar Factory particularly during Sunday nights.
  • The Project Manager for the Bio-Energy Plant at Wissington Sugar Factory has offered to visit local Parish Councils and this offer may be accepted for a future meeting date.

Next meeting to be held on Monday November 5th @ 7.30pm**.**

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