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West Dereham Parish Council Minutes September

October 2012




Present:  Mrs Claire Cann – Chairman, Mrs Pam Bullas, Mr Mark Dawson, Ms Paula Kellingray, Mrs Ruth Marsters, Mrs Pam Walker.

12 members of the public

Nigel Manning, Managing Director of Glazewing

Paul Norris, Glazewing Health, Safety & Environment Manager

Andy Wallace,Norfolk County Council HighwayEngineer

Jane Edwards, Police Community Support Officer

Papers presented to Councillors: Clerks timesheet, expenditure spreadsheet, Glazewing Report, copy of letter from Nigel Manning dated 17/08/12, pages from Norfolk Link ‘Paths for Communities’, Better Broadband for Norfolk Information Sheet 7.

The owners of Glazewing are invited to attend a Parish Council meeting each six months; on this occasion Nigel Manning, Glazewing Managing Director and Paul Norris, Glazewing Health, Safety & Environment Manager were present before the start of the Parish Council meeting to give a report and answer questions. Also in attendance at the meeting was Andy Wallace Norfolk County Council Highway Engineer for the area and Fiona Walker Personal Assistant to Elizabeth Truss MP.

Nigel Manning informed the meeting that Glazewing is still awaiting approval from Norfolk County Council for a planting scheme which is intended to screen the skips located by the river inStation Road. The Parish Council has not seen the details of the scheme but the meeting was advised the relevant planning application can be found on the Norfolk County Council website.

Paul Norris informed the meeting that two incidents had been reported to Glazewing during the past month. One incident of fly tipping of tyres took place on August 3rd. Paul Norris said Glazewing would not give further information to members of the public regarding the perpetrator but would co-operate with the Police to help identify those fly tipping.

The Parish Council sent a further letter to Glazewing dated 12th August requesting information regarding the number of vehicles travelling to and fromStation Road in the early hours. Although the letter answered other points raised it did not give any indication of the number of vehicles travelling to and from the Glazewing skip store outside the actual site. Nigel Manning stated that vehicle movement is not monitored and therefore numbers are not known. He could not say what vehicles leave the site on a regular basis.

The meeting was then opened to the floor.

Comment was made that 11 vehicles had been heard alongStation Roadone night at around5amand such continual practise is disturbing residents sleep. Vehicles are noisy and buildings vibrate as heavy loads pass. The Chairman expressed her view that Glazewing ought to be investigating the extent of the problem with early morning traffic as it is affecting people’s lives. Nigel Manning responded to this by repeating that Glazewing operate from a permitted site with a 7 day week, 24 hour license. The Chairman said that none the less, if Glazewing was able to tell from its vehicles’ tacographs which ones were exceeding the 20mph speed limit, it must be able to determine the number of vehicles going to and from the skip store during unsociable hours.

Nigel Manning went on to say that the present economic climate is affecting business and that Glazewing could not afford to put in a new access road to theirStation Roadsite even if land were available to purchase.

Residents feel that problems caused by heavy traffic could be reduced if vehicles all kept to the suggested voluntary speed limit of 20mph alongStation Road. More signage requesting drivers to be considerate could help and a request was made that Highways be asked to provide such signs. It was also suggested a statutory speed limit of 20 or even 10mph should be implemented.

The Clerk will approach Highways to discuss these possibilities.

Concern was also raised with the amount of debris which falls from vehicles travelling throughWest Derehamand it was suggested Glazewing could deter customers from arriving with unsafe loads if they made a point of not accepting such loads.

Mark Dawson confirmed that the carbon dioxide recovery rate stated on the Glazewing monthly report is actually an avoidance of carbon dioxide production rather than a recovery rate from operations.

The Chairman concluded this first part of the meeting by asking Fiona Walker to report back to Elizabeth Truss MP and emphasise the Parish Council’s extreme concern that no progress is being made to provide a new access road to the Glazewing site inWest Dereham. The present road is not suitable for the amount and size of traffic using it.

Further discussion ensued regarding how speeding vehicles can be dealt with and it was noted research had taken place some time ago regarding whether it would be feasible to train volunteers in the village to use the Speedwatch Community Camera. Due to some villagers expressing fear of reprisals this idea was not taken up. Jane Edwards, Police Community Support Officer for the parish offered to request that the Police traffic team visit the parish. She asked for residents to inform her of times and locations when it would be best for the traffic team to visit.

The next part of the meeting was given over to discussion regarding imminent maintenance work to be conducted onStation Road.

The Highway Engineer has met with Glazewing to plan a programme of recycling work on the road to take place over possibly three weekends in October 2012.

Recycling will entail pulverising the present road surface and mixing in ash to produce a good base for new tarmac. This should result in an improved surface which will hopefully reduce traffic noise. Once the work has been completed less money will need to be spent on maintenance ofStation Roadin the future. The road will need to be ‘closed’ for the duration of the work and discussion is taking place with Glazewing as to how this may be achieved and what diversions will need to be put in place. Traffic may need to useBasil Road.

Detail of the scheme is yet to be finalised and this includes consideration of the future camber of the road and whether curbing or further wooden bollards may be included. Residents stated that roadside verges are being eroded as large vehicles continually drive over them and there was concern raised that the road may be widened when the maintenance work is undertaken.

Glazewing were asked if they could operate from a different depot for the operations of the works but they declined as other sites have no environmental license and can only site lorries.

The Chairman requested that residents and the Parish Council should be kept informed of the schedule for the planned road works and it is possible the project manager for the works will attend the October meeting of the Parish Council.

Discussion took place regarding the possibility of implementing a statutory 20mph speed limit alongStation Road. There is government guidance regarding setting of speed limits and therefore this is not a straightforward matter and there would also be cost implications.

It was noted that businesses in other villages provide signage asking drivers to abide to a 20mph voluntary speed limit and that highways may be able to erect ‘THINK’ signs. Glazewing could be approached again to improve on the measures they currently adopt to try to stop drivers who use theStation Roadsite from speeding.

Other matters raised with the Highway Engineer were the recent flooding experienced alongChurch Road(this matter is being resolved) and questions regarding the ownership of roadside ditches and who should maintain them. Unless roadside ditches are constructed specifically for the drainage of the highway, the maintenance of the ditch is normally the responsibility of the adjoining landowner.

  1. 1.    Apologies for Absence accepted from:

Tom Foy.

Ruth Marsters who having been present for the first session left the meeting at this point as she was unwell.

2.    Declarations of Interest.

Pam Walker declared an interest in item 7. as she is an allotment holder and in item 11.1 (planning).

3. Approval of the Minutes.

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on02/08/12were agreed as a true record of the meeting.

4. Matters arising from previous meetings.

  • The Parish Council has received a letter from Country Grounds Maintenance (CGM) in response to concerns raised regarding vehicles speeding when travelling to and from Hill House Farm.

The letter contained the following statement:

“It is our company policy that our vehicles are not driven in an unsafe or negligent manner and vehicles are tracked by a professional system which enables the office to be alerted to any speeding, location of vehicles.  Alerts are received by email communication from the system immediately and members of staff who are responsible will receive a disciplinary from their line manager in accordance with our disciplinary procedures.”

It was noted that it is not alwaysCGMvehicles that are speeding but drivers in private cars   that are going to Hill House Farm.

5. Reports

5.1 Chairman’s Report:

  • The base of the village sign opposite the old school is to be repaired in the next week.
  • The Chairman, Pam Bullas and Pam Walker attended a course entitled ‘Grave Matters’ on August 15th.  Four Councillors and the Clerk have now attended this course, organised by the Norfolk Association of Local Councils, in preparation for the proposed extension ofWestDerehamCemetery and all have found it to be extremely informative.
  • Notification has been received that planning permission has been granted for an extension to an agricultural store at Hill House Farm,Bath Road, WestDereham 12/00939/F.

The planning report states that Hill House Farm has a number of uses including landscape business on the site. The predominant land use is agricultural and planning permission has been granted on the understanding that the extended building is considered only to be part of the agricultural holding.

5.2 Clerk’s Report

  • Councillors were presented with copies of pages from Norfolk Link magazine giving information on Paths for Communities which is a funding scheme set up to develop and enhance the network of Public Rights of Way in England. More information can be found at www.naturalengland.org.uk/p4c
  • Confirmation has been received that Mazars LLP will continue to be the Parish Council’s external auditor for five years from 2012/13.
  • Hayley Kurt (Borough Council of King’sLynnandWest Norfolk) will attend the October meeting of the Parish Council to explain changes to the refuse collection in the borough.
  • Norfolk County Council has released news that a fund has been created to enhance community facilities or create new ones. More information can be found at www.norfolk.gov.uk/News/NCC111132

5.3 Police Report:

  • The Safer Neighbourhood Team has reported an increase in bike thefts locally and is promoting vigilance concerning oil theft.
  • A drop in anti-social behaviour is expected coinciding with the end of the school holidays.
  • The next Police Surgery in West Derehamwill be held in the Village Hall on September 15th 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

5.4 Village Hall Report:

  • A new storage compound for bins has been constructed near the gate to prevent the dust cart from driving across the gravel and creating huge ruts in the car park.
  • A list of activities planned for the Village Hall has been distributed in the monthly village leaflet drop.
  • The official opening of West Dereham Village Hall is to take place on September 29th 2012 atnoon.

5.6 Broadband Update

Better Broadband for Norfolk Information Sheet 7 was presented to Councillors.

Norfolk County Council is still in discussion with potential private sector partners who will help deliver the Better Broadband project inNorfolk.

6. Accounts

Financial position update:

The Parish Council bank balance will stand at £10971.56 once the following payments have been made.

6.1 Payments agreed in accordance with the budget:

Clerk’s salary (August)                                                                                         £241.80

Country Grounds Maintenance (GGM) – grounds maintenance                                        £256.20

EFSPrinting                                                                                                                                                                                  £6.00

6.1 Replacement of allotment gate

It was agreed to purchase two gates to replace the gate recently stolen from the allotments at an estimated cost of £180.00.

6.2 Maintenance of the hedge at the southern boundary ofWestDerehamCemetery

It was agreed to accept the quote from Country Grounds Maintenance to undertake maintenance work to the hedge at the Cemetery.

6.3 Future extension ofWest Derehamcemetery

It was agreed to accept the quote from Country Grounds Maintenance to prepare, power harrow and level the extension land. 2000 daffodil bulbs will be supplied and planted and grass seed will be sown together with poppy seeds. Further consideration will be given to planting ornamental trees at a future date.

  1. 7.       Review of the Farm Tenancy Agreement and the Garden Allotment Agreements for the allotment land at Hilgay Road, West Dereham.
  • One year remains of the current three year Farm Tenancy Agreement relating to the farmland atHilgay Road. The current tenant is aware that he is to be given notice to quit the land as the Parish Council must have the option to seek tenders in addition to that from the existing tenant.
  • The recent incident concerning over spraying at the allotments was discussed and it was noted the Farm Tenancy Agreement does state in schedule 8 that good husbandry must be followed. In considering whether the standard of husbandry achieved by the tenant is reasonable regard will be had for the extent to which:  (g) the storage, use and disposal of fuel oils, effluents, manures, slurries, inorganic fertilisers and pesticides complies with the DEFRA Codes of Good Agricultural Practise for the protection of water, soil and air and (h) any chemicals used on the farm minimise damage to wildlife and are handled and applied in accordance with the COSSH Regulations and the Food and Environment Act Pesticides Codes.

The Health & Safety Executive has been passed information as requested and will be investigating the incident. Allotment holders have been informed of this and will be notified when further information regarding the investigation has been heard. It was suggested all parties affected should be invited to a meeting.

West Dereham Parish Council would like to avoid over spraying of the allotments and will thus look at the contract again and take professional advice. The Parish Council would welcome suggestions from the allotment holders and seeks to be a good landlord to all tenants.

The meeting was briefly suspended to allow input from a member of the public:

An allotment holder suggested that a border around the allotments would provide a buffer between the allotments and the farmland that might help to prevent future over spray. She also suggested that communication between all parties is vital and that provision of a notice board at the allotments might assist this. The tenant farmer could be asked to post notice of when spraying of the farmland would occur.

Further debate took place regarding whether the area of the farm tenancy land could be filled with allotments as it was mooted that if land is available the Parish Council should provide allotments within twelve months of a request being made. The Parish Council also has a responsibility to maximise income and it is felt a farm tenancy may be surer income than garden allotments. Legal advice will be sought and consideration will be given to including a sum of money in the precept to cover any legal advice should it be needed.

The Chairman concluded discussion by reading out an e-mail received from the tenant farmer giving his apologies for the over spraying incident.

  1. 8.         Mapping of West Dereham Cemetery

Quotes have been received from two professional surveyors to produce a map of the grave positions in the Cemetery. An amateur volunteer who has mapped other local cemeteries has also offered her services and is willing to visit the Parish Council to explain how she could map the Cemetery. Ann Howarth will be invited to meet members of the Parish Council and this matter will be an agenda item again for the October meeting of the Parish Council.

  1. 9.         Location of Parish Council meetings

A proposal had been made that meetings of the Parish Council should take place in the Abbey Room at West Dereham Village Hall rather than in the Main Hall to aid hearing. It was considered that the Abbey Room is too small and could deter members of the public if they had to enter the Abbey Room once a meeting had begun. A decision was made to continue to hold Parish Council meetings in the Main Hall, but using the lapel and hand held microphones.

The Village Hall Committee will be asked to consider the purchase of further microphones for the system.

  1. 10.     Correspondence

10.1NorfolkLink etc.

10.2 Notification ofSuffolkPreservation Society Annual Conference 2012

10.3 Norfolk County Council Active Norfolk poster

  1. 11.     Planning

Pam Walker left the meeting for item 11.

Application for consultation:

Rear single and two storey extension to dwelling at Fiddler’s Roof, The Row,West Dereham12/01259/F.


  1. 12.     No further reports made.


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